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MDC – TRITECH Fire Mobile Orientation For The Kirkland Fire Department

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1 MDC – TRITECH Fire Mobile Orientation For The Kirkland Fire Department
DIAL INTO EXTENSION 3975 IF YOU ON A COK PHONE IF YOU ARE NOT ON A COK PHONE MDC – TRITECH Fire Mobile Orientation For The Kirkland Fire Department

2 Agenda Overview Incident Management
Network Screen Differences between Mobile Rescue and TriTech Mobile Login, Logout Buttons Map Incident Management Assigned Units Hazards Caution Notes Premise Information Transport In Service from Call ?

3 Difference between MobileRescue and Tritech Mobile
Tritech can/has mapping requires less scrolling a link preplan off of call location Shows current status on the top of interface In Tritech On the Air=Out of Quarters

4 Mobile Rescue vs TriTech Buttons

5 Mobile Rescue vs Tritech Information

6 Overview Inform Mobile Client Laptop in apparatus CAD
Inform Mobile Server Inform CAD (Dispatch)

7 Overview Launch the Inform Mobile Client application

8 Overview 2 windows appear:
Small: file synchronization/update Large: Main application If prompted, load updates (Unless you are on a call!) MAXIMIZE the Main window

9 Login Login Verify the Unit ID Click Login NO PASSWORD REQUIRED

10 Login Status changes from “Logged out” to whatever status
unit is in (in CAD)

11 Logout Press “Other buttons” Press “Logout” Logout form loads
If not on an incident/run, unit will log out of Inform Mobile (status at top right changes to “Logged Out”) Login for appears

12 General Indicators Sector “Call” (Home) Status Connectivity
Routing Address GPS

13 Buttons Status Other buttons Query Map Calls Units Info Enroute
On Scene In Qtrs On the Air Other buttons Query Map Calls Units Info


15 Map - Overview Buttons Zoom in Zoom out Center Info Map Tracking
Normal Vehicle Heading Auto Zoom

16 Map - Overview Buttons Views Layers (default on) Overview County
10mi vs. 1mi 3x vs. 1/3x Layers (default on) Building Footprints Parks Railroad Driveways Parcels Water Schools Address Points

17 Map - Info Info Units Incidents LAT/LON Select Make Destination
Show Details Center Map Close

18 Map – Driving Directions / Route (Once the DIRECTIONS button is hit)
InfoBar (bottom of window) Expand Destination Recalculate Clear Route Description Next turn Close Voice Notifications

19 “Suggested” Routing Some issues associated with a small percentage of the routes. The Map on the screen is the most current version; the “routing map” may not track all of the time. Large lots and more rural roads more prone to the problem. Use your experience and your eyes!!! Will be fixed with CAD upgrade in the future. Map layers will continue to be added for better features.

20 Incident Management Incident Screen Blue highlight Assigned units
Incident information Comments Buttons Map It Clear Route PrePlan

21 Incident Management Incident Screen Info Tab Hazmat Caution Priors
Caller Premise Transport

22 Incident Management Transport Transport location
Remembers the last selection

23 Incident Management Available vs On the Air (OTA)
Available has disposition and closes call OTA puts units available with no Disposition (Never use this while on a call!!)

24 Trouble Shooting No Power to the MDC No Connection “Little Yellow Box”
Connectivity Bar “Little Yellow Box” Windows Login Screen – needs password “Seahawk$”…. or restart the computer

25 Protocols When to use the radio
First in on Fire Responses or MVA – Establishing Command Anytime away from the rig – Patient Contact Anytime you can’t reach the MDC Putting your self available – wait until in to normal response area When / how to change status (other than on a call) In Quarters/On the air Through dispatch Who to call when there are problems

26 Switching Rigs You don’t need to swap Mobile Data Computers anymore

27 Remote Desktop Start “Remote Desktop Connection” at one computer per station Type the IP Address from the following table Station Address




31 Title and Content First bullet Second bullet 1st Indent 2nd 3rd 4th

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