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TRAWING 5 CDO Senior Watch Officer: LT Fisher. Watchbill Who stands duty –TRAWING FIVE HITU & FITU IUTs O3 and below.

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1 TRAWING 5 CDO Senior Watch Officer: LT Fisher

2 Watchbill Who stands duty –TRAWING FIVE HITU & FITU IUTs O3 and below.

3 Basics 1500-1500 Monday through Monday On call with a cell phone Flight suits Can not fly DASWOs belong to you, it is your responsibility to manage them as necessary During a hurricane CDO may stand duty longer than a week.

4 CDO Turnover When: 1500 Monday Where: Upstairs Lounge in TRAWING 5 (Rm 224) What: –CDO Cell Phone and charger –CDO Binder –Hurricane CDO Binder –CDO Log –CDO Keys TW-5 Building Admin closet (DASWO Away Kit) CSO wants to meet all oncoming CDOs

5 Downed Aircraft Security Watch Officer Pooled flight students TW-5 StuCon runs the watchbill and conducts the training (located @ ) Get them a govt vehicle DASWO has a government cell phone and the number is saved in your phone.

6 Daswo Turnover 0800 Monday at TW-5 Student Control On-coming and off-going DAWSOs will attend, get pass down on what the DAWSO watch entails, any current downed aircraft, etc As CDO, you own the DASWOs. Please attend the turnover to push information as needed

7 When is DASWO Required Airfield if it is not manned 24 hours/day Non-Airfield Environment (Farmer Field / Wal-mart) A DASWO is NOT Required if outside of 75 NM radius. (The aircrew and squadron handle this case) See Tab 15 for list of Secure and Unsecure Sites

8 Names to Remember TW-5 –COL Kling(Commodore) –CAPT Murray(Deputy Commodore) –CDR Yost(CSO) NASWF –CAPT Coughlin (Base CO) –CDR Gray (Base XO)

9 Instructions Located @

10 Keep the CSO Informed About A person or family member is the victim of a crime Aircraft mishap Suicide Domestic Violence Arrest Change in ThreatCon PEL See CDO Binder for more examples When in doubt… Call!!!

11 Medical Emergency/Death Call the ECC (Emergency Communication Center) at x7333 (if they did not notify you of the emergency) Notify member’s department head Notify CSO, Deputy Commodore and Commodore as appropriate

12 Red Cross Messages Information to service member of family member sickness or death Ensure service member is informed Inform department head Inform CSO For stash ENSs inform Student Control Additional info in CDO binder

13 Aircraft Mishap Activate Pre-mishap plan COMTRAWINGFIVE/NASWFINST 3750.8F Determine PCS unit of Pilot In Command, CDO is responsible for FITU/HITU aircraft Complete all required tabs, mishap flow chart is on page viii of wing inst, don’t assume anyone already knows anything TW-5 ASO, LCDR Freeman

14 PEL Tab 16 –Squadron FDO sends email to CSO/COMO and others, then calls TW5 CDO. –Then TW5 CDO calls required personnel. (Como, CSO, OPS, Maint) –PEL sheets do not need to be filled out just log who, what, where and when in the log book.

15 Domestic Violence Follow steps in the CDO binder check list Contact Base Security Contact department head Contact CSO Call for additional assistance if needed –Mrs. Decuir (Family Service Center – Sex Assault) –Mr. Rick Bailey (Staff Judge Advocate) –Mr. Fitzpatric (Family Abuse)

16 Arrest Notify the CSO NASWF does not have facilities to detain –Military Personnel will be released to E-7 or above from their command if held at the base –Only those crimes handled by NCIS will possibly merit incarceration (Santa Rosa or Escambia County Jail) If member is held in county jail they can only be released to base police. –If arrest was for DUI, member will be held by civilian authorities for minimum of 8hrs

17 After Hours Calls for the Commodore Do NOT give out phone numbers Take a message, with a good contact number If not available, leave message, and go down chain of command

18 Alarms/Unsecured Doors If the TW-5 Building is found unsecured, the ECC will call the CDO –CDO will secure the building If there is evidence of forced entry or crime –Notify the CSO

19 International Students Treat them like any other student except call the IMSO first and let him coordinate with their country officer. –NETSAFA – LCDR Marlar x7423 Call for Saudi students only. –IMSO – LCDR Troy Sallee x7146/7186 »Cell 850-501-7845

20 Special Incident Reporting (a) The TRAWING FIVE CDO and the TRAWING FIVE Admin Department shall both maintain a serialization log containing, at a minimum, the serialization number, subject, and message date- time group of each message sent. CDOs will compare the CDO log with the Admin log as part of the CDO turnover or after a message is released to confirm the next serial number to be used. OPREP-3P (Pinnacle) Used by any unit to notify the National Command Authority (NCA) and appropriate Naval Commanders of any incident or event where national level interest is indicated, not restricted to reporting operational information (e-g., the foreign flight students defect). Although it is possible, it is not likely that TRAWING FIVE will routinely use this report. OPREP-3PFB (Pinnacle Front Burner) Used to provide NCA and appropriate Naval Commanders notification of any attack or harassment of U.S. Forces. This is not likely to be used by TRAWING FIVE

21 OPREP-3NB (Navy Blue). This report is used to notify the CNO and other Naval Commanders of information concerning incidences of military, political, or press interests which are of high Navy, vice national level, interest (e.g., aircraft mishap, death of a commanding officer, extreme misconduct, significant damage to civilian property, bomb threats (deemed valid), etc.) UNIT SITUATION REPORTS (UNIT SITREPs). Used by any unit commanding officer, officer-in-charge, or other commander to provide operational commanders and higher authority with timely notification of the status of situational events that do not require an OPREP-3. Voice Reports to the Navy Operations Center may be required for UNIT SITREPs. TERRORIST INCIDENT REPORTING GUIDANCE. Terrorist attacks: Reported via OPREP-3 PINNACLE FRONT BURNER. Specific terrorist incidents: (e.g., security perimeter breach and bomb threats) are reported via an OPREP-3 NAVY BLUE TALON message.

22 Possible terrorist related incidents: Reported via a NAVY UNIT SITREP TALON. Examples requiring a TALON report include, but are not limited to: (a) Non-specific threats to DOD interests. (b) Suspected surveillance of DOD facilities and personnel. (c) Elicitation attempts, suspicious questioning, or other suspected intelligence collection activities focused on DOD interests. (d) Tests of security. (e) Unusual repetitive activity. (f) Bomb threats determined to be a hoax. (g) Any other suspicious activity or incident reasonably believed to be related to terrorist activity directed against DOD personnel, property, and activities. SEE COMTRAWINGFIVEINST 3100.1L AND CONTACT JOE VEASELY OR JOAN CHARLES (TW5 ADMIN) 850-748-9272

23 Release of Messages other than Aircraft Mishap If message needs to be released for Wing incident, contact Dennis Fitzpatrick, Wing Admin, contact information is in the TW-5 CDO instruction

24 After Hours Incoming Messages ECC will call with notification CDO should get the following: –Date/time group –Classification –Subject Line Notify CSO as appropriate (from address line) Take immediate action!

25 Destructive Weather COMTRAWINGFIVEINST 3140.2G, Destructive Weather Bill –Enclosure (7) includes instruction on who to call for certain conditions –Instruction is located in CDO Binder –Make sure maintenance is notified!

26 Security Capabilities Secure Phone Secure Fax Base CDO has the key

27 FRIDAY AFTERNOON - Go to TW5 Student Services to get SNA recall x7058

28 Questions/Comments?

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