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2 What is Collagen Peptide ?
Collagen peptide is a gelatin hydrosate derived from fish scales and skin. Collagen peptides are produced by the enzymatic hydrolysis of gelatin and does not form a gel, due to its low molecular weight. It can be easily absorbed and digested in the body.

3 Benefits of Collagen Peptide
Supports healthy skin, nails, hair, etc. Joint protection Prevention of osteoporosis.

4 Physiological Functions
Facilitates growth of bones Lowers blood pressure Protects mucous membrane Beauty

5 Amino Acid Composition
Abbreviation No. of amino acid Residues per 1000 Total residues Glycine Alanine GLY ALA 341.0 120.0 Valine VAL 19.2 Leucine LEU 21.4 Isoleucine ILE 9.2 Serine SER 34.8 Threonine THR 30.2 Aspartic acid ASP 42.7 Glutamic acid GLU 57.1 Cystine CYS 0.0

6 Amino Acid Composition
Abbreviation Amino acid residues per 1000 total residues Methionine MET 9.6 Lysine LYS 26.9 Hydroxylysine HYL 5.9 Arginine ARG 54.1 Histidine HIS 4.4 Phenylalanine PHE 14.4 Tyrosine TYR 2.4 Tryptophane TRP - Proline Hydroxyproline PRO HYP 132.7 74.0 Total 1000.0

7 Amino Collagen – Developing beauty from the inside.
After the age of 20, the amount of collagen in our body starts to decrease. That’s why we need to take care of our skin to remain beautiful.

8 Amino Collagen – Developing beauty from the inside.
By taking 1 sachet of AO Amino Collagen a day, you can complement your meals with collagen (suggested daily dosage : 5000 mg is equivalent to the amount obtained from 2-3 pieces of shark fins) which is difficult to derive from regular meals. AO Amino collagen is basically about developing beauty from inside your body.

9 Why 5000 mg per day ? The benchmark amount necessary for a day is 5000 mg because about one-third of the amount of protein we need per day or 20 gram comprises of collagen in our body. Collagen is metabolized about 4 or more times slower than other proteins. (20gm divide by 4 = 5gm or 5000 mg)

10 Highly absorbable Amino collagen is made from 100% low molecular weight fish collagen, which offers higher levels of absorption than animal-derived collagen.

11 Taking Collagen Alone Is Not Enough
In addition to fish collagen, 4 other ingredients are added to enhance its effectiveness. A superb formula containing : Fish collagen peptides Vitamin C L-Arginine L-Lysine L-Proline

12 Degradation of Collagen
Degradation of collagen is a precondition for the spread of diseases. Collagen degradation occurs whenever the body is infected by infectious agents, cancer, chronic inflammation, etc.

13 How to prevent collagen degradation in the body?
Natural prevention of collagen degradation is done by using enzyme blocking therapy. Lysine is the most effective natural way to block collagen-dissolving enzymes that destroy collagen in your body.

14 Vitamin C and Lysine – Effective Protection of Connective Tissue
Lysine blocks collagen dissolving enzymes and disintegration of the connective tissues. Vitamin C stimulates the production of new collagen and strengthens connective tissues.

15 Proline and Lysine are the building blocks of collagen
Proline component of collagen is often insufficiently produced in the body. Lysine component of collagen is exclusively supplied from the diet. Vitamin C links collagen strands by attaching OH (Hydroxyl) -Groups

16 Collagen Molecules Must Be Built from the Inside Out
Balanced quantities of L-proline, L-lysine and vitamin C are essential for optimum production of collagen molecules. Consuming HT Collagen may not be adequate. Morever most of the collagen dipeptides are destroyed by the gastric and intestinal enzymes.

17 Taking collagen alone is not enough
Fish collagen peptide Vitamin C Arginine ACAI BERRIES Lysine Proline

18 Function of Each Cellular Nutrient
Ingredients Function Fish collagen peptides Building up collagen in the body Vitamin C Necessary for creating collagen. L-Arginine Revitalizes your beautiful skin L-Lysine L-Proline Acai Berries extract Main components of collagen fibres in the body. Anti-oxidants. Prevent destruction of collagen by Collagen Dissolving Enzymes (CDE) produced by body cancer cells

19 Foundation for Natural Beauty
The concept behind Amino Collagen is that beauty is not just skin-deep. It must be created from the inside of your body. It is important to make a foundation for natural beauty inside the body. Beauty is merely external but natural beauty comes from the inside out.



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