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The Seal of Biliteracy Merced County Office of Education contacts: Kathy Pon Francisco Romo Paula Smith (209) 381-6649

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1 The Seal of Biliteracy Merced County Office of Education contacts: Kathy Pon Francisco Romo Paula Smith (209) 381-6649

2 The Purpose for the Award: Merced County Office of Education, in partnership with participating districts, will present a Biliteracy Seal for each high school student who demonstrates proficiency in English and another world or “target” language.

3 The Rationale for the Award Participating educators are committed to creating affirming and enriched learning environments that actively impart the value of diversity, and that embrace the cultures and languages of our communities. Students who are literate in multiple languages should be recognized as having a well-rounded education and as having marketable skills.

4 Eligibility to Apply To be eligible to apply for the MCOE Seal of Biliteracy, students must: Have passed both sections of the CAHSEE Have scored Proficient or Advanced on their ELA CSTs at least once during high school AP English grade of C or better, or English cumulative grade of B or better Have gained Proficiency in a language other than English Attend a participating high school

5 Defining the proficiency level Recipients of this award are required to: Express themselves with clarity and efficacy orally and in writing Submit a Language Autobiography that demonstrates the ability to prepare a brief, polished piece of writing in English Provide an on-demand writing sample in the “target” language Respond orally in both English and the“target” language in an interview

6 The Process for a Student Eligibility requirements for applying and earning the Seal  Use Self-Assessment Checklists to determine if at Advanced Low or higher  Conference with World language teacher and/or community member proficient in the “target language” about your level of proficiency Electronically submit SEAL Application by September 5, 2014 Submit Parent Authorization and Language Autobiography by September 12, 2014 Provide an on-demand writing sample the week of October 14-17, 2014 Participate in two interviews on October 25, 2014

7 SEAL Application Serves a critical organizational role Triggers the search for the assessors to match the “target” language needs of students who intend to apply Should follow a check for eligibility – not precede it!! Due September 5th, by 4 PM at MCOE

8 Language Autobiography Parent Authorization  Parent permission to release data, due with Language Autobiography School Verification (of test scores)  Submitted by the high school and/or district Seal Lead, due by 4pm, September 12, 2014 Language Autobiography, returned with Parent Authorization, due September 12, 2014, by 4pm, at MCOE

9 Language Autobiography Organized around 5 questions/prompts Completed by the student in English Designed to capture information about:  Interest and proficiency in“target” language  Authentic connections and real-life use of “target” language  Language comparisons  Multicultural experiences

10 Resources for the Language Autobiography Use of the European Language Portfolio is supported by the 29 organizations of the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) representing 24 languages.  European Language Portfolio  LinguaFolio 5-State Pilot  LinguaFolio 5-State Pilot  LinguaFolio Nebraska  Indiana World Languages site with LinguaFolio links

11 Biliteracy “Seal Event” Interview in English Interview in “target” language This year’s “Seal Event” is scheduled for Saturday, October 25 th

12 Assessment of Proficiency English proficiency determined by: Interview Quality of Language Autobiography “Target” language proficiency determined by: Interview Quality of on-demand writing sample Score to earn the Seal of Biliteracy: Maximum Score is 20 Minimum Score is 16 with no score of one or two

13 Assessment of Students The assessment of a student will be conducted by a two-person team who will: Review the Language Autobiography Conduct the interviews Assess the on-demand writing sample Determine if the Seal will be conferred

14 Role of the World Language Teacher Inform students about the opportunity to earn the Seal of Biliteracy Assist students in determining whether their level of proficiency is sufficient to apply  Use the Language Assessment Guidelines (Advanced Low is the appropriate level for application)  Use the SOLOM Teacher Observation Serve as an assessor Help to inform parents about the Seal of Biliteracy

15 Role of Administrators & Counselors Inform teachers of World Language about the Seal  Provide written documents  Direct teachers to the website:  Inform teachers about the Seal Information Meetings Inform students and parents about the Seal  Keep the level of proficiency in mind Recruit assessors Celebrate the students who have earned the Seal

16 District partnership Partnering Districts will: Return a signed MOU to MCOE Provide one assessor for every eight students Ensure that students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators are informed of the Seal Provide for transcript notation Celebrate students who earn the Seal

17 Getting the word out: Merced COE will inform:  District superintendents  Curriculum and Project Directors at Curriculum Council/Categorical meetings  Maintain a website: District staffs may participate in Seal Information Meetings Merced COE will provide PowerPoint presentations and access to resources via website

18 Next steps Clarifying questions? Observations or comments? Next steps for you? Thanks for coming!

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