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AGM Agenda Welcome and Introductions President’s report Financial Report Bylaw Motion Election of New Board Guest Speaker Mayor Burton Question and Answers.

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1 AGM Agenda Welcome and Introductions President’s report Financial Report Bylaw Motion Election of New Board Guest Speaker Mayor Burton Question and Answers

2 Major Initiatives Community Centre Survey Tree Planting Committee of Adjustment Hospital Lands, School Lands, Centennial square synergies Draft Parks and Rec Master Plan Ward 3 Boundaries Monitor site plans; inform public of consultations

3 Chris Hardy rep on HOLCIM Community Pauline Watson rep on Suncor Community Catherine Painvin rep on Community Policing Martin Stickland rep on Town’s Master Transportation plan Mayor’s roundtable Ward 3 Resident Association meetings JCRA adopted South East Sports Park Monitor Mississauga Recycling Plant Aspen Forest Soccer Fields Clanmore school Sobey’s expansion More JCRA efforts on your behalf

4 A Community Centre for South East Oakville Survey representing 220 residents and 10% of our area showed: 93% agreed a Town Community centre below the QEW in Ward 3 is needed 88% strongly agreed or agreed they would use a Community Centre in Ward 3 The most desired facilities were: fitness centre, gym, pool, senior and youth programs

5 Draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan Released in Nov 2011 Concern is that it calls only for a minor community centre for Southeast Oakville which would NOT include pool, arena or a library depending on the location.

6 South Central Public Land Study will review the following lands: Chisholm, Brantwood, Linbrook, Hospital Lands, Centennial Square, Oakville Arena, Trafalgar Park Town has agreed that the study must be flexible to consider the viability of a major community centre on the lands Resident Associations welcomed to work with Sub Committee overseeing study and public consultation

7 Chisholm/MapleGrove JK- 5 Part of South Central Public Land Study Woodlot AND Playground will remain !

8 Parks and Rec Draft Master Plan Feedback All Ward 3 Resident Associations support a community centre for South East Oakville; location to be determined based on South Central Public Land Study analysis Come out to the Public Consultations when the dates are announced and add your voice to creating a community centre for our part of Oakville

9 Ward Boundaries Town hired Consultant to make recommendations. Initial options now updated and Town seeking feedback JCRA supports 3 Wards either below the QEW or below Upper Middle where it makes sense considering communities of interest, natural boundaries and effective representation.

10 Option 1 : 2 Wards

11 Revised option: 2 wards

12 Original option 3 Wards south Oakville

13 Revised Option 3 wards

14 Ward Boundaries: Town Council will receive a final Consultant report on May 7, 2012 New wards would be effective for the 2014 elections

15 Committee of Adjustment JCRA experiencing greater re development of properties and requests for bylaw variances JCRA does speak at COA on the JCRA community interest in maintaining streetscape, feeling of spaciousness, tree canopy, safety and character of the neighbourhood as a whole. We do not represent individuals

16 Aspen Forest Public Consultation May 2011, Feb 2012, Next Public Meeting April 17 th 2012

17 Site Application to expand Clanmore Montessori School being reviewed by Town. Site Plan meeting for the public to review and discuss concerns to be announced later in April.

18 FORD AND CORNWALL SITE PLAN APPLICATION Public Consultation date not yet announced: Expect late April, early May


20 AQTF Air Quality Task Force – The Southwest GTA Oakville-Clarkson Airshed Action Plan (OCAAP) was released on June 25, 2010 by Dr. David Balsillie – The OCAAP contains 35 recommendations for actions to prevent air pollution as well as decrease emissions by every sector in the community to improve air quality in the overtaxed Oakville-Clarkson Airshed.

21 Air Quality Pilot Project – August 17, 2011 the Oakville Clarkson air shed was selected by MOE to pilot study on improving an airshed – Pilot committee has with representatives of the Oakville/Mississauga community (notably Lee Battiston C4CA and Dr. Boyd Upper) – They have now developed Terms of Reference. Suncor –Petro Canada Lubricants Inc. Annual Air Quality report to the Public liaison committee and Minister of Environment Jan 30, 2012

22 JCRA Tree Planting Great success in 2011. Watch for 2012 date. Trees courtesy of Holcim and Town of Oakville

23 Created by Skorski web design

24 You can click on the RSS feed on our website to get automatic updates of JCRA website information www.

25 Jeff Wigle Treasurer





30 Membership Fees We have over 225 individuals on our email list however only 60 paid 2011 annual dues Time invested in driving membership takes away time to research, discuss and delegate on issues Our primary goal is to ensure the JCRA community is informed, has an opportunity to raise concerns and where appropriate we can speak on behalf of the residents

31 Motion: “To test for one year free membership to residents within our geographical boundaries with strong encouragement to make a donation to support communication and basic operating expenses.” Goal: To expand the number of residents we can inform and get greater levels of involvement

32 2012 BOARD CANDIDATES Ron FiorelliMartin Stickland Janet Haslett-TheallJohn Hillis Catherine PainvinWerner Pischel Jeff WigleScott McColeman Chris HardyNew * Tim Armstrong Pauline Watson Call for any undeclared board candidates

33 Welcome Mayor Burton

34 Why join a Resident Association? You will be more informed Not being informed means changes happen without the benefit of your input Being informed allows you to choose your level of involvement

35 Your support: Please encourage your neighbours to send us an email with their name and address directing us to put them on our membership list. Donations are needed to continue to cover basic operating expenses. A box is at the back awaiting your contribution. Attend a board meeting or send us your views at

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