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Introduction to public communications

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1 Introduction to public communications
Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

2 Public communications
Process of informing people about an organisation and its activities Basic form: Producing and distributing regular reports Also, efforts to: Get media coverage Influence policymakers’ decisions Maintain good corporate reputation in eyes of stakeholders: government, donors, partners, clients, other publics… Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

3 Other names for public communications
Public awareness (NGOs, government institutions) Public relations (private sector) Communication publique (French) Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

4 Aim of public communications
To maintain and improve understanding and cooperation… between the organisation and its most relevant publics General understanding and cooperation And for specific purposes Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

5 Organisational image Project positive image of the organisation
Image = perception of org by various publics Publics in contact with org via personal interaction, media, word of mouth Outside perception not always accurate Perception creates the image Publics see image “reality” Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

6 Why is a positive image useful?
To enhance org’s relationships with outsiders To enhance relations with staff To improve org’s financial prospects and partnerships To improve how well the organisation performs Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

7 Types of health and nutrition organisations
Ministries of health Medical organisations Schools, universities, educational organisations Research institutes Development NGOs Others… Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

8 Improving understanding
Many publics do not understand what the org does Much work is technical or scientific So much public awareness describes work so it is easy to understand Form and purpose of public awareness programme varies from one organisation to the next Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

9 Why public communications?
Org needs government support and funding Public awareness important for fund‑raising and support from government, the community and other important groups Org obliged to inform donors, clients, partners, taxpayers and public Org needs feedback to focus work and stay relevant to clients’ needs Many orgs accused of leaving their work “on the shelf” Public awareness helps outsiders hear about this work Inform (potential) partners of org’s work Strengthens networking and potential for collaboration Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

10 Scientific communication
Marketing Lobbying Advertising Advocacy Communication Public awareness Mobilization Journalism Education Scientific communication Extension Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

11 Other forms of organisational communication (1)
Extension and training Inform and educate people about health and nutrition issues, and gain feedback about work the org should do Lobbying and advocacy Convince government and parliament to change laws Influence public opinion about an issue Fundraising Raise money Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

12 Other forms of organisational communication (2)
Marketing and advertising Persuade people to buy products and services Internal communication Inform staff Ensure staff involvement in decisions Scientific and technical communication Communicate research findings Networking Exchange info and coordinate activities with partners Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

13 This week’s programme 5-day workshop will not turn you into a professional public communications practitioner Degree in public relations = 2-3 years This week: Expose you to the what, why and how of public awareness Learn tricks of the trade of presenting yourself and your organisation to the public Learn from each other’s experience… good and bad Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

14 Organizational communication
Clients Organization Incoming information Peers Policymakers Paul Mundy and Bob Huggan

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