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FUSD Local Assessment System for Elementary Schools

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1 FUSD Local Assessment System for Elementary Schools 2008-09
Ben Atitya, Administrative Analyst, Carlos Ramirez, Technical Assistant, Gloria Alamillo, Computer User Systems Tech, Jim Bertram, Testing Technician,

2 AGENDA Welcome and Introductions FUSD Local Assessments
GLAS Procedures Ordering Materials Packaging Delivery and Pick-up Scanning and Scoring What’s New? FYI

3 Aligned Instructional System Taught Curriculum
Written Curriculum Aligned Instructional System TEACHING LEARNING Taught Curriculum Assessed Curriculum

Purposes Measure student learning on the assessed standards; Allow teachers to reflect on their teaching of assessed standards; Enable teachers to target students for appropriate instructional interventions; Monitor the delivery and pacing of the curriculum; and Provide overall GLAS results in a manner similar to CST results.

District Writing sample Kindergarten Assessment of Individual Growth (KAIG) District Writing Sample Grade Level Assessment of Standards (GLAS) MATH ENGLISH Language Development English Language Development Assessment (ELDA)


7 ORDERING MATERIALS REA orders test materials two weeks before the testing window REA needs a list of bilingual Spanish classrooms. Please school name and room number to Carlos Ramirez For additional materials, please complete GLAS material request form online at

8 PACKAGING Test materials are packaged in this manner:
Test Coordinator package Classroom package Open boxes in numerical order to check contents.

9 PACKAGING Test Coordinator’s package contains An inventory sheet
Box labels for returning material Copies of class rosters Extra administration guidelines Extra grade 1 ELA & Math scripts Blank answer sheets (20 per subject) Extra test booklets (5 per grade) Extra SIS forms (20)

10 Classroom packages contain
PACKAGING Classroom packages contain an inventory sheet administration guide If 1st grade, ELA & Math scripts a class roster pre-identified answer sheets, and test booklets for the class

11 DELIVERY AND PICKUP Deliveries are unusually made on the Wednesday (or Thursday) BEFORE the testing window Materials are delivered to the main office

12 DELIVERY AND PICKUP Pickups are usually made on the Tuesday (or Wednesday) AFTER the testing window Please store the materials in a centrally located area for easy access Call Jim ( ) for other delivery or pick-up arrangements

13 Scorable Materials and Non-scorable materials must be packaged…
SCANNING AND SCORING Scorable Materials and Non-scorable materials must be packaged… … separately.

14 Scorable Materials Scorable Scorable Box 2 of 2 Box 1 of 2
Class rosters and Answer Sheets marked absent should be at the top of box 1 Verify that all the hand-bubbled answer sheets are marked completely and correctly Hand-bubble an answer sheet for students not listed on the rosters that enrolled at your school Hand-bubble a new answer sheet and destroy the pre-printed answer sheet for students that need to have their pre-printed answer sheet changed. Scorable Materials Box 1 of 2 Scorable Box of 2 Scorable Class Rosters & Other MTH Gr. 1 Booklets MTH Hand-bubbled MTH Gr. 2 Booklets MTH Gr. 3-6 Ans. Sheets

15 SCANNING AND SCORING NON-Scorable Materials
Include all Administration Guidelines Enclose all unused BLANK answer sheets Return ALL test booklets by grade level Use provided return labels to mark the boxes

16 SCANNING AND SCORING Scanning Efficiency Grades 1 and 2
Box test booklets by subject and grade Insert SIS forms after the cover, face up Remove extra scratch paper from math booklets ELA/Math answer sheets cannot be used as a slip sheet On hand-bubbled SIS, make sure to fill in student’s name, id, birthdate, and test number

17 SCANNING AND SCORING Scanning Efficiency Grades 3-6 Answer Sheets
Stack by subject No Post-it notes (if necessary to use a Post-it, please put those answer sheets on top of stack) Have teachers make sure no answer sheets are left in test booklets

18 SCANNING AND SCORING Scoring Timeline
Following the “Scanning Efficiency” steps at the site results in same day scoring and equals next day reporting for grades 3-6. Grades 1-2 booklets will take one to three days to process

19 What’s New?

20 New for 2008-09 2008-09 Test Calendar 2008-09 Test Processing Dates
KAIG ELDA Booklets GLAS Math Matrix for Grades 1 - 6 Response Analysis Teacher’s Edition

21 FYI If you need additional test materials, complete the GLAS material request form online If you have questions about delivery and pick-up, call Jim ( ) If you have questions about packaging, call Gloria ( ) If you have questions about scanning, call Carlos ( ) or Jim ( ) For other questions call Ben ( )

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