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Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights The Family Support Network.

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1 Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights The Family Support Network

2 Political Setting-Immigration Various States with anti-immigrant laws Arizona Alabama North Carolina Indiana IMMIGRATION REFORM Senate and House of Representatives= Nothing!

3 Shocking Numbers!  On average, 1,100 families are being separated daily in the U.S.  In the last 5 years, 48,330 people have been deported by the Chicago ICE department, leaving an estimated 80,550 children without a parent (Illinois is contributing with an average of 20-40 people per day).


5 “SECURE COMMUNITIES”  It is in 26 Counties in Illinois surrounding Cook (Cook is not part of it).  Under this program (78%) the people being arrested and deported are not criminals or have minor offences.  This program encourages local police to focus on arresting people who look like immigrants.  Creates distrust with the undocumented community to report crimes (witness of crimes )  Drains local police resources MEET YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL ACTION

6 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! With Police With Immigration Police VS Immigration At Work Prosecutorial Discretion Family Unity Waiver * The contents of this presentation do not constitute legal advice. Consult an immigration attorney for legal advice.

7 With Police  DO tell the police your name BUT NOTHING ELSE  DO tell the police you want to remain silent and want to talk to a lawyer. They should stop questioning you after that.  If POLICE arrests you:  DO ask if you can park your car in a safe place or have a licensed driver take it away, to avoid towing or impoundment fees.  MEMORIZE phone numbers for three family members or friends who you can call.  DON’T LIE. Tell the police you want to reamin silent. DON’T give explanations, excuses, or stories.  DON’T SIGN Any document if you don’t know what it is.  DON’T DISCUSS your citizenship or immigration status with anyone other than your lawyer  DON’T have any objects hanging from your rearview mirror. It may provide a pretext to pull you over WHAT TO DO WHAT NOT TO DO PLAN A HOUSE MEETING WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS/CO-WORKERS ACTION

8 With Immigration PLAN A HOUSE MEETING WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS/CO-WORKERS ACTION  REMAIN SILENT, anything you say can be used against you. Tell the agent you want to speak to a lawyer first! You have the RIGHT to:  Remain Silent, A lawyer, A Hearing, A Bond If Immigration or Police comes to your house:  ASK the officer to slip the warrant under the door or hold it up to the window so you can inspect it  If they try to force the door open: Write down the officers badge number and the licence plate of the police car  DO NOT CARRY FALSE DOCUMENTS, having false documents is a federal offense.  DO NOT SIGN any documents unless you know what it says, you could be signing a voluntary departure form If Immigration (ICE) or the Police come to your house:  DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR- Officers need to have a warrant, signed by a judge with a recent date. WHAT TO DO WHAT NOT DO

9 POLICE VS IMMIGRATION POLICE Court: If you have court or probation and you do not go = Warrant for your ARREST Bond: If you pay 10% of your bond you can go free. IMMIGRATION Court: If you have court or probation and you do not go = Order of Deportation Bond: If you pay 100% of the bond, you can go free. The person who pays must be a U.S. citizen- it’s refundable. ACTION CREATE AN EMERGENCY PLAN! ACTION

10 At The Workplace Immigration must have a warrant signed by a judge or the employer’s permission to enter your workplace. IF IT IS A PUBLIC PLACE, THEY DO NOT NEED A WARRANT ACTION IDENTIFY A LEADER AT YOUR WORKPLACE What NOT to do DO NOT RUN! This may be viewed as an admission that you have something to hide. DO NOT TELL the immigration officer where you were born or your immigration status What to do Stay Calm You have the right to keep silent. You don’t even have to tell the agent your name Tell the officer you ‘want to speak to a lawyer ” If you have questions about wage theft contact: Maritza Avitia 312-233-8756

11 What Is Prosecutorial Discretion? PROSECUTORIAL DISCRETION Someone facing deportation TODAY, or in the FUTURE, if you were to REVISE your individual case to see if you qualify for a SUSPENTION of deportation –because you would fall under the category of people who are LOW PRIORITY for the government. LOW PRIORITY ELIGIBILITY Are you a student? Are you a pregnant women? Are you an elder? (more than 65 years old) Do you have ties with a US citizen Do you have connections with someone in the Armed Forces? GET TRAINED ON HOW TO CREATE PD PORTFOLIOS ACTION

12 “Family Unity Waiver” At this time it is a PROPOSAL for REGULATORY CHANGE = IT IS NOT A LAW WHO BENEFITS Spouses or children of U.S. citizens Those who came to the U.S. without a visa. Who demonstrate “extreme hardship” for the U.S. citizen These waivers can be ask for in the U.S. WHO DOES NOT BENEFIT Immediate family of permanent residents People who have left the country already People who have been deported before OR those who have committed a crime(s) that makes them inadmissible in the U.S. TIP:

13 Family Support Network Hotline 1-855-HELP-MY-Family 1-855-435-7693 What is the Family Support Network Hotline? This 24-hour toll-free hotline offers help to Illinois families facing deportation. The hotline is staffed by trained volunteers who will listen to families and offer referrals to lawyers, social service agencies, pastors, and other community supporters. The hotline is staffed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Korean. To volunteer or find out more, contact Dagmara Lopez at (630) 854-4726. BECOME A HOTLINE VOLUNTEER! ACTION:

14 What to do about FRAUD? If you know of someone who is promoting or giving out bad information or you suspect that someone is taking advantage of others and committing fraud, please REPORT IT! State, city, and county government offices can help you if there is someone, for example notaries who say that they can help you to obtain documentation, REPORT THEM! City: Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection 312 744-6060 County: Cook County State’s Attorney, 312 603-8700 State: Office of the Illinois Attorney General, (800) 386-5438 All calls are confidential; these offices will not use the information that you give to report to ICE.

15 Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights February 29th - Springfield Advocacy Day - All-day For More Information: Contact Artemio Arreola or Stephen Smith BRING A BUS OR VAN... MAKE IT A FIELD TRIP! This is our first advocacy day of the year!

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