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Web Analytics that Inform Career Services John Horn, M.A. Associate Director, Career Development Career Services | University of British

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2 Web Analytics that Inform Career Services John Horn, M.A. Associate Director, Career Development Career Services | University of British Columbia @hornjohnhorn |

3 Today’s Agenda Learning Outcomes + Three Things It starts with a story… Understanding Web Analytics Career Services Case Studies Next steps

4 Learning Objectives By the end of this workshop, you will be able to… List and explain some basic concepts and terminology of web analytics Identify the value of web analytics and how they inform business (and career services) Assess how you will apply web analytics to your practice Begin your brainstorm of a web analytics strategy

5 Three Things 1. Nerds Are Awesome! 2. Numbers Don’t Lie. 3. Part of Your Business.

6 Crowdsourcing Activity! Who uses web analytics? How do you use them?

7 1. A Three-Part Tale

8 UBC Degree List of Options Career The Myth

9 The Reality Student Leadership Volunteering Service Learning Networking Post-graduate Job Mentorship Academic Courses Studying Abroad Part-time Job(s)

10 Relaxed Positive Uncertainty

11 History Grad School Academic Opportunities Instructor John's Plan

12 John's Reality Bishop’s Orientation Week Volunteering Academic Articles & Conferences Friends & Colleagues My career in Student Affairs Appearance on The Hour History Degrees Consulting in Rwanda Hire a Student Program Traveling Passion for Writing & Performing Capacity for risk-taking Ridiculous part-time jobs

13 Happenstance

14 Once upon a time, during a CERIC conference call…

15 2. Web Analytics

16 What are web analytics? Collection, analysis and reporting of web usage by customers Digital media and marketing: 24% of overall marketing budgets 28% of firms switching from traditional to digital channels 86% of companies plan to increase budgets for social and search engine optimization Research by Econsultancy and ExactTarget, 2011

17 Go from here. Courtesy milos_milosevic

18 “A Target Rich Environment” To here. Courtesy Bogdun_Sudhitu

19 What do we use them for? Without analytics, it’s subjective Measurement  Optimization Optimization targets and process: – Site content and media offerings – Site navigation and internal search – The “checkout” process Inform strategic goals

20 Okko_Pyykko from Flickr Look closer.

21 Some Amazing Research Kimberley Rawes, Erin McInnis, Michelle Sargent Web Analytics Association: Chris McFadden, White Paper (2005); edited by Ned Kumar (2010) “Top Ten Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Your Online Visitors,” by Rick Tansun (2005) “Top Ten Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Your Online Visitors,” “Human dynamics revealed through web analytics,” by Goncalves and Ramasco (2008) “A practical evaluation of web analytics,” by Phippen, Sheppard and Furnell (2004)

22 Some Terminology Pageviews (Unique and Returning) Visitors Average Time on Page Bounce Rate Referring Sites Entry/Exit

23 Don’t Panic

24 What can they tell you? How people find you How long they stay What they look at Where they go when they leave

25 What tools can you use? Google Analytics StatCounter Orbis MailChimp Hootsuite eLogic SiteMeter

26 How do you use them? Motivate – communicate organizational objectives in a way that is relevant and actionable to everyone Manage – provide strategic context and encourage collaboration on the milestones critical to organizational goals Monitor – track progress via Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) explicitly linked to objectives; proactively resolve problems and seize opportunities Measure – drill deeper to identify the root of issues and test assumptions in the strategy “Alignment-Centric Performance Management” (Becker, 2005)

27 Analysts’ Skill Set? analytical and detail-oriented human psychology marketing and brand building business technology information architecture HTML and website development user behaviour and habits Hurol Inan, Measuring the Success of your Website, 2002.

28 Know Your Audience Career Practitioners Marketing and Communications Front line staff Managers and Directors Faculty Members

29 Courtesy of Schoko-Riegel and Flickr Creative Commons


31 3. Some Case Studies

32 281,707 + 23,898 + Enriched Educational Experiences (E3s)

33 Jan.1, 2011 – Jan. 1, 2012 | 281,707 pageviews* wcidwmm?** | 23,898 pageviews *Most web traffic in Vice President Students Portfolio **What Can I Do With My Major?


35 More than just traffic Avg. Time on Page: 00:00:32 Bounce Rate: 27% %Exit: 12.11%


37 Degree-specific Pageviews Psychology (5,600 views) International Relations (5,100 views) Economics (3,300 views) Political Science (2,900 views) Sociology (2,800 views) Visual Art (2,500 views) Asian Languages and Culture (2,500 views) English (2,400 views) Anthropology (2,200 views) Creative Writing (2,100 views)


39 An idea!

40 UBC Degree List of Options Career The Myth

41 The Reality Student Leadership Volunteering Service Learning Networking Post-graduate Job Mentorship Academic Courses Studying Abroad Working on Campus

42 Our Pitch!


44 The Case for Action Second-most traffic on Gap-analysis: What is presented online? How does it reflect academic learning? How do we advise and teach? How do we connect campus partners?


46 Courtesy spettacolopuro Big Splash!

47 Current Status. Next Steps. Moving forward… Executing a project plan Meaningful feedback loop Integrating Academic Learning & Enriched Educational Experiences

48 More Online Business Newsletters Social Media Channels Resume Resource Library 13,624 unique visitors Avg. time on site: 00:04:14 Other units’ pages

49 But we're just one career centre…

50 Memorial University Jennifer Browne Director, Career Development and Experiential Learning By reviewing Google Analytics and getting student feedback we redesigned the landing page of our website Use Orbis data to cross reference with Banner to determine who is using our services, which ones and who is not Since moving more services under Orbis we are getting greater uptake from students and accurate stats

51 CERIC Norman Valdez IT and Media Specialist Identifying what areas of our site receive the most traffic – which allows us to dedicate resources accordingly and better understand our audience and their needs. We also use the analytics as a measurement of our promotional efforts. Tracking social media analytics allows us to know how resonant our messages are, what gets the community talking, what gets shared, etc.

52 4. Next Steps

53 Courtesy leeroy09481 Focus Your Targets

54 John’s Recommendations Inventory of your web analytics Nerds are awesome! Find one! StatsCounter is easier than Google Know what you want to capture Give meaning to what you find Use it!

55 Next Steps. Take a deep breath! Resource this presentation CERIC’s Networks Know what to measure Find a nerd

56 5. Wrap It Up

57 Three Things 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________

58 More Resources Additional Reference or Readings Ballardvale Research (2004) Market View – Emetrics Conference: Santa Barbara, 2004 Ballardvale Research (2004a) Market Trends – Web analytics: History and Future Becker, Jonathan (2005) Why Metrics-Centric Performance Management Solutions Fall Short Burby, Jason (2004) Three Reasons Why Analytics Fail Companies Eisenberg, Bryan (2004) Web analytics for Retailers GrokDotCom (2005) Help Yourself to a KPI! Harris Interactive, et al (2005) eSpending Report: 2004 Keller, David and James, Josh (2003) The Power of Where in Web Analytics Lenzen, Roman (2004) Customer Analytics: It’s About Behavior Maguire, James (2004) Web analytics, Who’s Mining the Store McGann, Rob (2005) Study: Consumers Delete Cookies at Surprising Rate Millward Brown (2004) Marketing & Media Snapshot: 2004 Obrey, Thomas (2004) You Have Web Site Traffic, Now What? Peterson, Eric (2004) Web Analytics Demystified Sapir, Daniel (2004) Online Analytics and Business Performance Management Sterne, Jim (2002) Web Metrics – Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success Sterne, Jim (2009) Web analytics Conference agenda Sterne, Jim (2004a) Web Channel Performance Management: Aligning web site vision and strategy with goals and tactics (Note: this may take awhile to download) Sterne, Jim (2004b) 10 Steps to Measuring Web Site Success Content originally contributed by Chris McFadden, White Paper, April 2005. Edited by Ned Kumar (2010). Content © 2010 Web Analytics Association

59 Ask. Questions. Frequently.

60 Thanks! Let’s chat.

61 Be more accurate:

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