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SRI Back from the Future Time-traveling AIs and privacy Brad Templeton Electronic Frontier Foundation (& Foresight Institute)

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1 SRI Back from the Future Time-traveling AIs and privacy Brad Templeton Electronic Frontier Foundation (& Foresight Institute)

2 SRI Value of Privacy Threats to Privacy –Now –Near –Future AI and Time Travel

3 SRI Privacy is Freedom – the Heisenberg problem A Watched Populace never boils Surveillance doesnt chill all freedom, but why give up any important freedom? Anonymous communication the foundation of free societies Privacy is what you take away from someone when you want to torture them. Stasi -> Stagnation

4 SRI Blinded me with bad science Look hard enough, in a big enough sea of data Youll probably find whatever youre looking for Seattle firefighter learned this Scientists barely know this, ordinary people and juries dont.

5 SRI Shy people need privacy Can't function the same as extroverts Should we just force them into personality mod? Homosexuals of the 60s might not have minded only government knowing

6 SRI Why be a privacy Zealot? You don't care about your privacy until after it's invaded –Theyll trade it for a chance to win an iPod You must protect other's privacy to protect yours There really is a slope -- "we accept this, why not more? You must not walk even near the edge of the police state

7 SRI Pushbutton police state Build the apparatus of a police state it will be used. Whether we live in a police state becomes a question of policy, not of implementation The sanity check of tanks in the streets is gone

8 SRI EFF vs. AT&T President orders NSA to do wiretaps The phone companies do the dirty work Boxes installed in secret rooms at major switching centers Suspicion of data mining everybodys call records

9 SRI RFID They wont burn it out Going in your passport Going into clothes, shoes, wallet, glasses, car keys, under your skin. Readable much further away than specified Not very secure when cheap

10 SRI CALEA We must become the instruments of our own surveillance So few legal wiretaps, so few for real crimes Innovation killer

11 SRI Airport privacy invaders Automated Targetting System CAPPS and CAPPS II Clear Card TIA

12 SRI Capability for Nanosurveillance Cheap, ubiquitous sensors Micro power supplies Cheap, ubiquitous networks Undetectable communications In private as well as public hands

13 SRI Whats coming very soon Electronic noses that can sense minute traces of chemicals, drugs Cheap DNA detectors and sequencers Cheap cameras, digital recording and bandwidth Low power electronics Sound transducers

14 SRI More coming soon Face recognition Speech recognition Speaker recognition The scalability of surveillance

15 SRI What will they use it for Drug testing 24/7 Sobriety, cholesterol testing 24/7 Your toilet betrays you Health insurance pricing Neighbourhood security – cameras owned by your neighbours Plain old-fashioned espionage

16 SRI Whats coming later Smart dust Mesh networking with UWB Artificial insects and microbes Focus light without lenses

17 SRI AI Privacy Invasion Understanding natural language documents in bulk Face and person recognition Speech recognition Facial expression and body language recognition Patterns of network activity

18 SRI Scalability is the Key Always been possible to follow people It didn't scale Computers have scaled a lot of it AI can scale the rest

19 SRI Time Travel We don't have good AI today We will have more of it in the future We do have cheap storage today We're recording what goes on AI systems will be able to scan the past Are you now or have you ever been...

20 SRI Sins of the Future Are visited in the Past We know what to look out for today We keep private what could hurt us We don't know what will be the sins of the future What we consider bad today they may not care about

21 SRI What to do? Consider privacy invasive uses of what we design today Consider its use in other regimes and future regimes Be a bit paranoid, even with things you don't think you have to protect -- yet.

22 SRI Theyll abuse it Hey, its not like they would tap people without warrants Echelon program and international cooperation The scalability of good and evil

23 SRI Views of the future Privacy is dead, get over it. European Privacy Laws Children raised without privacy The transparent society Privacy must die

24 SRI The Transparent Society

25 SRI Three competing forces Freedom to observe, record, share and publish information Desire for security Need for privacy

26 SRI Not always a tradeoff Its not necessary security vs. privacy For each problem, we must find the strengthened cockpit door. Its not always so obvious, it may be more work, but its worth it. The boogeymen: Terrorists, kiddie pornographers, music pirates

27 SRI Can we stop the surveillance? Not with laws Perhaps with tech Perhaps with convention

28 SRI Extreme Suggestions Watch everybody Watch the profiled Rewire the brains of the profiled Rewire everybody! Hope prosperity discourages attack? Will prosperity (destroying ideology) trigger the attack?

29 SRI Is surveillance that effective? Not even in china or prison camps Oppressed always win, at least in the small But its always abused And what we build is used in less enlightened places

30 SRI You can't stop terrorism with enhanced security You can't win a "war on terrorism", not with technology, not with surveillance

31 SRI The more you ban privacy, the more people will want it And the more people will help them The blind eye Deliberate noise

32 SRI We've always used social convention This is not like trying to command the tide not to come in. Human behaviour is much more fungible than gravity.

33 SRI Live Free or Die If privacy is freedom it's worth defending

34 SRI Thank you

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