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InFORm inFORm Consortium International forest management P P Prof Jim Lynch, OBE Director of Forestry.

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1 inFORm inFORm Consortium International forest management P P Prof Jim Lynch, OBE Director of Forestry

2 inFORm GLOBAL REDD+ MARKET Total $100 bn by 2020 ($12500m pa) (3% from UK through DfID) Environmental services $250m(2%) Inventory/Satellites $125 m(1%) Legal $1250m(10%) Finance $1250m(10%) Countries/Communities$9625(77%)

3 inFORm Opportunities DfID FGMC (Forest Governance, Markets & Climate) Programme DfID /Royal Society PanAfrica Capacity Building Programme EU EuropeAid FAO World Bank Financial Institutions

4 inFORm International Forest Management

5 inFORm Overall Objectives MRVEnvironmentalSocialCarbonLegalFinancialGovernance

6 inFORm Capabilities Policy DevelopmentTechnologiesTrainingMarket DevelopmentSocial & EnvironmentalFinancial Forestry Mang.Leadership

7 inFORm Aims inFORm delivers a full package of services that, when implemented together, have a greater impact and increased efficiency

8 inFORm Goals inFORm will meet the needs of all the relevant components of REDD+ goals and objectives REDD+ intends to reduce poverty in developing countries and address climate change issues

9 inFORm Specific Objectives Establish in- country tools for land use monitoring Build understanding & commitment to forest protection Implement successful systems Analyse impacts on environments & local peoples Introduce financial payment systems for Carbon Wood Tracking System (WTS) Timber Legality Assurance System Assess Impacts of large scale agriculture Develop alternative land user scenarios Develop regulatory frameworks for land ownership Incorporate approaches to best practices

10 inFORm inFORm geographical experience

11 inFORm REDD+ and remote sensing RS is cost efficient & safe for large area mapping RS gives first input for forest mapping and assessment Forest & land classes can be detected by RS: undisturbed, logged etc.

12 inFORm Capabilities Remote Sensing Optical medium and high resolution data from DMC Satellites

13 inFORm Global data availability, continuity and comparability Africa 2010 Africa 2012 Africa 2011

14 inFORm Radar data from TerraSARX and NovaSar Remote sensing is the most cost efficient tool to monitor wide, non- accessible forest areas in order to report changes in forest and land use, protect forest and manage natural resources Capabilities Remote Sensing

15 inFORm Capabilities - Traceability technologies for forest products Helveta’s timber tracking technology, for ground truth data and validation of remote sensed techniques.

16 inFORm Capabilities - Carbon Accounting

17 inFORm Capabilities – social aspects DRIVING FORCES Basic trends in transport, production etc. PRESSURE Human affect on the environment STATE Observable changes of the environment IMPACT Effects of a changed environment RESPONSE Of society to the problem

18 inFORm Capabilities –legal aspects School of law @ University of Surrey Well established research tradition Promotes academic & industrial development Contributes to policy debate in a wide range of disciplines

19 inFORm Capabilities –legal aspects School of law @ University of Surrey Environmental Regulatory Research Group brings together expertise in public and environmental health, human rights and international and European regulatory frameworks

20 inFORm Capabilities - Financial Aspects Z/Yen Group The City of London’s leading commercial think tank promoting societal advance through better finance and technology

21 inFORm Capabilities Product: satellite data DMCii – optical Astrium – RADAR EO of Forests Products: maps & services DMCii (satellites) Astrium (RADAR) Land Use Product: forest inventory, measurement data & survey data Helveta Consultants JB & HH Ground Measurements of Tree Biomass & Timber

22 inFORm Capabilities Product: Reports for countries & agencies on compliance & rights DMCii, Astrium, Helveta, WRI, Surrey, Consultant CL MRV Products: Reports on state of forest health DMCii, Leicester, WRI, Consultants SN, JB, HH, IW Forest Protection Product: Consultancy on life cycle assessment, GIS etc. Universities of Surrey & Leicester Environment, GIS, LCA & Local Communities Product: Payments for Carbon credits & reports on novel finance routes Z-Yen, CAL, DMCii, Consultants RR, SR, CL Financial Services & Carbon Accounting

23 inFORm Consultants Christine Lancaster, CalCarbon Ltd Steve Running, Montana Univ Stephen Nortcliff, Reading Univ Jeff Burley, Oxford, Univ Renton Righelato, Reading Univ Iain Woodhouse, Edinburgh Univ Hubert Hasenauer, BOKU Vienna

24 inFORm International Advisory Board Prof Nigel Poole, CGIAR Prof Tony Simons, ICRAF Dr Gilberto Camara, INPE This will ensure good governance as well as giving advice

25 inFORm Thank you! +44(0)7557 562192

26 inFORm What happens if you cut down too many trees

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