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“Knowledge Workforce – A Roadmap”

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1 “Knowledge Workforce – A Roadmap”
Industry Perspective Seema Ajwani – Head HR, Daksh IBM Deepak Dhawan – VP HR, EXL Services Hemant Kochar – CEO, Octave InfoTech

2 HR Issues Availability of manpower Quality of available manpower
Attrition – rampant poaching Burn Out – Convoluted Hours Identity Crisis Rudderless – always on the move Part Time attitude to work Ethics / Work Culture

3 “Knowledge Workforce – A Roadmap”
Global Opportunity Salil Agarwal - Head BPO, IT & Telecom Practice, Eicher Consultancy Services Shyamanuja Das - Associate Editor, Global Outsourcing

4 Opportunity Indian Perspective – Salil Agarwal
International Perspective – Shyamanuja Das

5 “Knowledge Workforce – A Roadmap”
“Workforce Challenges” Usha Albuquerque – Career Counselor Uday Chawla – CEO, Transearch

6 Workforce Challenges Are we prepared to take on the emerging Global BPO Opportunity? Are we fast running out of our available manpower resource? What do we need to do to prepare our manpower for the BPO future? Is there a need to set in place – widely available – self skilling institutes for the BPO aspirants? How do we make BPO specific counseling available to the workforce of the future? Is their a pull factor for a BPO Course and a Certification program?

7 “The Way Ahead” Ravi Pillai – Country Director, City & Guilds
K V Singh – Director, The Gazette, Jaipur Tarit Mohan – General Manager, IMSI India, Dehradun Dr. Cletus Babau – Chairman, SCAD Group of Institutions, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

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