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WWI 1917 By Miu Yamamoto and Ai Kano. IN THE WEST.

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1 WWI 1917 By Miu Yamamoto and Ai Kano


3 Attack in Champagne 20 Decmeber 1914-17 March 1917 Massive French attack in Champagne under Nivelle First significant attack by Allies against Germans (since Race to the Sea) Achieve nothing except mutiny in French army Loss of 90,000 French and German casualties Sorted out by Pétain

4 The Third Battle of Ypres First Battle: Fought for the town, Ypres Victory of allies, although losses were heavy Second Battle: Germany used poison gas Third Battle: Passchendaele Muddy condition The British (324,000) against Germans (200,000) Advance of only 4 miles

5 Battle of Cambrai Demonstrated that tanks might cause trench warfare 381 British tanks threatened the German line But lack of problems prevented success of British Cambrai became the model for the successful allied attacks of 1918 :Battle_of_cambrai_4_-_German_Counter- Offensive.png

6 Meanwhile… Italians were heavily defeated by the Germans and Austrians at Caporetto (October) Defeat led to allied supreme war counsel New French Premier, Clemenceau (a great war leader) Lloyd George, British Prime Minister supported French


8 December 1917 Russia withdrew from the war (December 1917) Revolutions inside Russia, the Bolsheviks wanted peace Entire weight of German forces on the West Britain captured Baghdad and Jerusalem from the Turks (giving control of vast oil supplies)


10 April 1917 Causes German U-boat campaign (Lusitania) Germany persuading-> Mexico The USA made an important contribution to the allied victory USA supplied Britain and France End of 1917, only one American division in action Mid-1918, half a million men involved Psychological boost to the Allies

11 The End

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