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28 th -31 st October 2014 Year 6 Camp – Ern Halliday.

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1 28 th -31 st October 2014 Year 6 Camp – Ern Halliday



4  To provide: A range of educational experiences Opportunities for the child to develop independence and self-confidence. Wonderful personal experiences. To have a great deal of FUN.

5  Mr BarrettPrincipal  Mr MummeAssistant Principal  Miss Guglielmana Year 6 Teacher  Miss FordYear 5 Teacher  Mr GriffithsTeacher Assistant  Mrs HoldykTeacher Assistant

6 A bus will be provided to transport us to and from Ern Halliday.  The school car will also be taken and travel with the bus at all times.

7 Ern Halliday Recreation Camp was opened in 1976 by what is now known as the Department of Sport and Recreation. The site was planned and built as a dedicated camp for groups of Western Australians. While the camp has always been popular with groups as an accommodation facility, it has only been in the past decade that the department has developed adventure programs on-site. Ern Halliday offers a range of adventure programs. There is a dedicated team of highly-qualified outdoor instructors who deliver and facilitate these adventure programs, together with a facilities and cleaning team who maintain and upkeep the camp buildings and grounds.

8  Is one of 7 camp schools run by the Department of Education  Ensures all staff and booked excursions are compliant with DET policies and practices, which match our own.

9 The Ern Halliday Recreation Camp is located on Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys, approximately 1.5km north of the Hillarys Marina. If walking from Hillarys Marina, an underpass connects the camp to Whitfords Beach and an extensive network of dual use pathways.

10  Dormitory  Kitchen/Dining  Indoor stadium  Outdoor netball/basketball courts  Recreation oval  Man-made Cave

11 Camp Jobs

12 Itinerary

13 Children to be at school by 8.00am Depart School at 9.00am Morning tea at Ern Halliday camp site (brought from home) First rotation of activities at 10.30-12.00 Lunch at 12.00-1.00 Second rotation of activities 1.00-2.30 Unpack and move into dormitories Dinner 6.00pm Evening activities Tuesday 28 th

14 7:00am Wake up 8:00am Breakfast Dorm Inspection First rotation of activities 9.00-10.30 Morning Tea 10.30-11.00 Second rotation of activities 1.00-12.30 Lunch 12.30-1.30 Afternoon rotation of activities 1.30-3.00 6:00pm Dinner Evening activities

15 6.00am Wake up and breakfast Pack Up and Clean Up Morning activities 9.00-10.30 Morning Tea Leave camp site Lunch Return to SMG by 3.00pm

16 Each child is allowed to take a bag or suit case which will travel in the bus’ luggage compartment. Morning tea for the first day.

17 Pillow slip/Pillow Sleeping bag X1 Bed Sheet Toiletries Sun Hat Water Bottle Pens/Pencils/Notebook Pyjamas Towel – bath Thongs for showers Slip on Shoes for after shower Sneakers/runners for daytime Socks Appropriate day clothes (no spaghetti straps, or skirts/dresses) Enough underwear

18 Can Take But Not Essential

19 Radios MP3 Players/ipods Mobile Phones Electronic Games CD Players Chewing Gum No food (including snacks/lollies etc.)

20 The class teacher is to be given ALL medication in something sealed and clearly labelled. (snap lock lunch bags are ideal). Motion sickness tablets and Panadol will only be given with parental written permission and dosage.

21 Martin will ring the school twice a day between 8:30am / 9:00am and 2:30pm / 3:00 pm. Parents, you can sign up for daily SMS updates to your mobile We will contact parents, if the need arises, on the numbers provided. Please ensure your phones are always turned on.

22 The Education Act requires the student to be either at school or on camp for the week. Supervision and an appropriate program will be provided in another class for those not attending camp.


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