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Cofinanced by the European Commission. THE NEW CAP From January 2015 More targeted and adaptable than ever  Large choice of optional schemes and measures.

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1 Cofinanced by the European Commission

2 THE NEW CAP From January 2015 More targeted and adaptable than ever  Large choice of optional schemes and measures  Transfers between pillars


4 Active Farmer Minimum agricultural activity: precondition for direct payments (to be defined by each Member State) So excluded:  Landowners not actively involved in farming  Airports  Golf clubs, etc.

5 Greening Reward farmers for public goods provided to society: Maintaining landscapes and biodiversity Climate change mitigation Food securityHow?  New “green” payment  Compulsory cross–compliance  Agri-environment-climate & other rural development measures

6 Producer Organisations Strengthening of competences:  All sectors  Collective bargaining (milk, beef meat, olive oil, cereals, arable crops)  Supply contracts  Temporary collective measures Cooperation support (rural development)

7 Risk Management Crisis Reserve (400 million €/year) Temporary collective measures (CMO) Risk management tools (rural development)  Extended support for insurance and mutual funds  New income stabilisation tool

8 Knowledge & innovation Extended Farm Advisory System  Training, business development  Green payments  Water Framework and Pesticides directives New EIP AGRI - European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability Increased support to Knowledge transfer and Innovation (rural development)

9 Direct Payments Compulsory schemes Basic Payment Green Payment Young Farmers Optional schemes Natural Constraints Areas Coupled Support Redistributive Payment Alternative scheme (optional) Small Farmers Replaces all other payments

10 Direct Payments Compulsory schemes for all Member States Young Farmers farmers under 40 setting up for the first time Green Payment maintenance of permanent grasslands ecological focus areas crop diversification Basic Payment for all active farmers

11 Direct Payments Basic Payment Precondition for all other schemes Subject to cross-compliance  Simplified list of requirements  Water Framework directive  Sustainable Use of Pesticides directive

12 Direct Payments Green Payment Compulsory for all farmers 3 compulsory agricultural practices:  Maintenance of permanent grassland  Ecological focus area  Crop diversification Ceiling: up to 30% of national envelope

13 Direct Payments Young Farmers New Direct Payment Farmers up to 40 setting up for the 1 st time Shared support with rural development (start–up aid)

14 Direct Payments Optional Schemes for Member States

15 Optional Direct Payments Areas of Natural Constraints New Direct Payment Mountain Areas (or equivalent) to be defined by each Member State Ceiling: up to 5% of national envelope Compatible with rural development support

16 Optional Direct Payments Coupled Support Only vulnerable crops Important crops for economic, social or environmental reasons Objective: maintain current production levels

17 Optional Direct Payments Redistributive Payment Targeted support to small and medium farms First 30 hectares / or national average size Maximum 65% of national average payment Ceiling: 30% of national envelope

18 Common Market Organisation New safeguard clauses Emergency measures Crisis Reserve: 400 mill.€/year deducted from direct payments – returned if unused Revision More responsive & efficient Public Intervention Private Storage

19 Common Market Organisation End of production restrictions Vine planting: authorisations (+ 1% yearly) Milk quotas 1 April 2015 Vine planting rights 31 December 2015 Sugar quota regime 30 September 2017

20 Common Market Organisation Milk package: collective bargaining  supply contracts inter-branch organisations  temporary collectives measures  now also possible for:  beef meat  olive oil  cereals and other arable crops Producer & Inter–branch Organisations: extended to all sectors

21 Common Market Organisation School Fruit scheme: 150 million €/year School Milk scheme also extended

22 Rural Development “Greening”: Minimum 30% of RD budget for ‘agri–environment-climate’ and other measures Minimum 5% of RD budget for LEADER. Complementarity with other European Structural Funds Budget transfer possible between 1 st & 2 nd pillars

23 Knowledge transfer & innovation Competitiveness Sustainable management of forests Restoring, preserving & enhancing ecosystems Economic development in rural areas Resource efficiency Low carbon economy Food chain organisation Rural Development 6 priorities

24 Rural Development Innovation & knowledge transfer  Farm Advisory Services  EIP AGRI  Knowledge transfer measure Young farmers, Small farmers  Start–up aid  Investments

25 Rural Development Food chain organisation  Support for setting–up producer groups  Cooperation Risk Management Tools  Grants for insurances, mutual funds  Income stabilisation tool Quality and competitiveness  Participation in quality schemes  Investments, training, promotion, innovation …

26 The list of tools is long. It’s up to mountain rural actors to make the most out of these opportunities!

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