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QIAGEN 2009 QIAgility ─ Pure Precision Andrea Tesoriero

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1 QIAGEN 2009 QIAgility ─ Pure Precision Andrea Tesoriero
Application Specialist QIAGEN 2009

2 You Have More Important Things To Do….
2007 2009 First we automated manual spin column preps… Now we are able to automate all manual pipetting in the lab… Now QIAGEN takes the next step and enables another convenience shift

3 From Manual to Automation
Eliminating tedious pipetting in the lab! Higher Precision and more time every day for… Preparing & designing new experiments Data analysis Literature search Writing scientific articles And much more…

4 Developed For PCR Setup QIAgility Main Advantages
Precision Results achieved exceed the best hand pipetting Versatility Supports all different cycler formats in the market Ease-of-use What-you-see-is-what-you-get software interface Speed Streamlined workflow by

5 High Precision Meets Pipetting Skills Precision Aspects
QIAgility performs all “tricks” an experienced technician uses while pipetting Dynamic liquid level sensing limiting tip immersion Tracking the meniscus in each tube to minimize tip retention Retracting the tip while dispensing Minimizing Tip/Liquid contact Slowing down pipetting speed for viscous liquids Avoiding formation of bubbles in tip Selecting automatically which tip (50µl or 200µl) to select maximizing precision 38 samples per day

6 The Hallmark Of QIAgility Is Its Versatility Versatility Aspects
No matter what real-time instrument you use, QIAgility is compatible The system is pre-configured to work with all PCR tube types and all plate formats, including varieties of 96-well, 384-well and Rotor-Disc Beside any PCR setup the system can perform Set-up of quantification standards (dilution series) Normalization of sample concentration Sample pooling Transfer of samples from one tube format to another Automatic set up for multiple variables Post PCR setup 38 samples per day

7 Versatility QIAgility supports all real-time PCR formats
96-well and 384-well (Incl. all ABI, Bio-Rad, Stratagene, Eppendorf etc. instruments) SmartCycler™ Tubes Roche COBAS™ Rotor-Gene™ 0.2 mL, 0.1 mL and Gene-Disc™ formats LightCycler™ Capillaries 7

8 Versatility 96 and 384-well support
Compatible with plates, tubes, tube racks, cooling blocks etc 8

9 Versatility Unusual formats are also supported
Including: MALDI plates, ELISA plates, reservoir plates, etc, etc 9

10 The Intuitive Software Is Easy To Use Software Features
Ease of Use The software mirrors the actual deck setup Intuitive layout—simple to learn Calculation of reagent needs according to the number of reactions and replicates specified Tip re-use options Import/Export of sample names Pre- and Post-run reports including worktable setup guide Virtual mode aids new protocol testing Wizards for speedy PCR setup and optimization 38 samples per day

11 You Have More Important Things To Do…. QIAgility Means Time Savings
Speed “If you worked once with the QIAgility, you don’t remember how you have managed without…” Staff can be attending to other duties while the QIAgility is running Simple Transfer Actions 1:1 96 samples 17 minutes 6 minutes with tip reuse Transfer Actions with pre-MM 96 samples PCR set-up ~25 minutes 192 samples PCR set-up ~46 minutes Pfaffl TA testimonial: the CAS1200, the hectic robot….. 38 samples per day

12 Unrivaled Pipetting Precision RotorGene Probe RT PCR Kit
Data presented in brochure table 1

13 Exceptional Reproducibility and Accurate Results RotorGene Probe PCR – Template dilutions
Precision QIAgility Setup Details Target: IL1 R2 Sample: Hs gDNA 10 twofold dilutions (30ng – 60pg) 5 replicates Rotorgene 6000 Data presented in brochure figure 1

14 Automated Workflow for Accurate Results RotorGene Probe RT PCR Kit
Precision Manual Setup Details Target: IL1 2RB1 Sample: Leuko RNA Standard row in triplicates 5 tenfold dilutions (10 pg – 100 ng) Rotorgene 6000 QIAgility Data presented in brochure fig 3

15 Worktable setup example
Worktable Positions Master Mix Block Reagent Block Tips Tips or Rotor-Gene Q Loading Block Sample Plate or Rotor-Gene Q Loading Block Reaction Plate 3 4 1 5 6 2 7 8 3 4 1 6 5 2 7 8

16 Life Can Be So Simple…. QIAgility PCR Setup Wizard
Guides you through creating a run file with master mix, standard, Sample and final reaction!

17 Set Up Your Own Run Software Explanation
Just a few simple steps Define Plate/Tube Format Sample Bank (number of samples) Reagents (primer, buffer, taq, etc.) Master Mix (pre-mix, setup) Standards Reactions Add Controls Add Standard Add Samples GO!

18 View the software

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