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Economics and business school of. Porto, Portugal.

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1 economics and business school of

2 Porto, Portugal

3 Country/Nation Portugal is the most westerly country in continental Europe. Its national borders are the oldest in Europe and were established in the 13th century. Five centuries ago, the Portuguese “started” globalization. The main heritage of that process of maritime expansion is the cultural link with seven Portuguese speaking countries, which account for over 230 million people. Portuguese is the fourth most spoken European language and the sixth most spoken language on the planet.

4 City/Region Porto was founded in the Middle Ages. Late in the 1700s it became the location where the world famous Port wine reaches its stage of maturation - the southbank cellars. Over 1 million inhabitants live in the Metropolitan area of Porto. The city has a dynamic cultural life animated by theatres, museums, art exhibitions, and live concerts.

5 University of Porto 14 Faculties − Faculty of Architecture − Faculty of Fine Arts − Faculty of Sciences − Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences − Faculty of Sport − Faculty of Law − Faculty of Economics − Faculty of Engineering − Faculty of Pharmacy − Faculty of Arts − Faculty of Medicine − Faculty of Dental Medicine − Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences − Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar 1 Business School − EGP – University of Porto Business School 70 Research Units 3 Campuses The University of Porto is the largest university in Portugal and the most prestigious teaching and research institution in the country.

6 University of Porto 29.000 students 35 First cycle courses (BSc) 18 Integrated master courses 139 Second cycle courses(MSc) 49 Third cycle courses (PhD) 400 Lifelong education courses

7 University of Porto 2479 Foreign students (7.7% of total) 77 Different Nationalities 1155 on international mobility programmes 506 in first cycle / Degrees 409 in second cycle / Masters 283 in 3rd cycle /doctorates 126 post-doctoral researchers

8 University of Porto One of the top 200 European Universities. Academic Ranking of World Universities 2009: 1 (Portugal) ; 171 (Europe) ; 402 (World) 2009 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities: 1 (Portugal) ; 140 (Europe) ; 332 (World) Webometrics 2010 (CSIC, Madrid): 1 (Portugal) ; 67 (Europe) ; 214 (World) 2122 Articles indexed in the ISI Web of Science in 2009 22,5% Of the articles produced in Portugal Some of the most relevant Portuguese industry innovations have come from the research centers of the University of Porto

9 economics and business school of


11 School of Economics and Business - University of Porto (FEP.UP) Founded in 1953, FEP.UP aims to be an international reference at the educational level but also in advanced research in Economics, Business and Management. FEP. UP has a high position among the Portuguese schools of Economics and Business.

12 Highly qualified staff, good facilities and equipment plus good relations with the business world are the bases for the high quality training that FEP provides to its students, which is fully acknowledged by the labour market. 132 full-time teachers (77% PhDs) in all main areas of Economics and Management 36 guest lecturers 2979 students: 1785 Undergraduate 1194 Postgraduate

13 20 programmes 2 undergraduate Bachelor in Economics Bachelor in Business Administration 16 masters Master in Economics Master in Economics and Business Administration Master in Environmental Economics and Management Master in Economics and Management of Cities Master in Economics and Management of Innovation Master in International Business Master in Human Resources Management Master in Accounting Master in Finance Master in Finance and Taxation Master in Sales Management Master in Health Care Economics and Management Master in Services Management Master in Marketing Master in Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems Master in Quantitative Methods for Economics and Management 2 PhD Doctoral Programme in Business and Management Studies Doctoral Programme in Economics

14 2010 FEP.UP attracts the best students in the country More than 2400 applications for Master courses and about 100 for Ph.D. The high numbers of national and international applicants reveal the attractiveness of our School. In 2010, FEP.UP has enrolled 881 new students: 372 in Undergraduate programmes 509 in Masters and Doctoral programmes

15 Partner of EGP-UPBS FEP.UP jointly with EGP.UP have created EGP-UPBS – the University of Porto Business School to provide executive education and advanced executive management training. MBA’s Postgraduate Programmes Open Executive Education Customised Programmes Business Services

16 Foreign Students and Mobility Programmes The School of Economics and Business has mobility programmes with major Universities in Europe, America and in Portuguese speaking Countries. 118 students on international mobility OUT 208 Foreign students at the School of Economics and Business in 2010/11 32 In 1st Cycle / Degree (BSc) 51 In 2nd Cycle / Masters (MSc) 14 In 3rd Cycle / Doctorate (PhD) 111 students on mobility IN

17 Research and Development 2 Research Units CEF.UP LIAAD 2 Units classified as “Very Good” 2 Units classified as “Very Good”: CEF.UP and LIAAD 45 Scientific articles indexed in the ISI Web of Science in 2009

18 59 RESEARCHERS 52 ASSOCIATES 7 AFFILIATES Research center in Economics and Finance hosted at FEP.UP funded by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) 7 research areas Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics Growth and Technological Change International and Regional Economy Microeconomics and Industrial Organization Financial Economics Business and Accounting Labor, Education and Health Economics Schools of Economic Thought, Methodology and Economic History 2003 - 2010 82 International Articles 56 Working Papers

19 53 members 20 PhD, 27 PhD students, 6 other The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support (LIAAD) is one of the R&D Units funded by FCT, founded in 1988. Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Decision Support Data Mining (DM) for Decision Support Modeling and Optimization for Decision Support Tradition of conducting high quality research in 3 areas 2003 - 2009 88 International Articles ISI 122 Other International Articles 13 BOOKS 30 CHAPTERS IN BOOKS 30 CHAPTERS IN BOOKS

20 School of Economics and Business, University of Porto Rua Dr. Roberto Frias 4200-464 Porto Portugal Telephone: +351 225 571 100 Fax: +351 225 505 050

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