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"IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvians Residing abroad"

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1 "IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvians Residing abroad"



4 PRESENTATION The NGO Anna Lindh, an organization dedicated to promote the sustained development in Peru, through programs of social responsibility, along with communication consultant C&H Image Corporation SAC, are pleased to present for the fourth consecutive year the "IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvian Residents abroad" where the presentation of the prize "Peruvian PRIDE 2011“, award that is given to our resident countrymen abroad in merit to their trayectory, effort, sacrifice and social responsibility they practice as immigrants, and to the good representation they show for our Peruvian land abroad with their work and good practice..

5 OBJECTIVES 1.- General Promoting social responsibility of the Peruvian Community residing abroad, by means of awarding the good practices carried out by our countrymen abroad through a special trophy. 2.- Specífics Create communication channels which promote and encourage the integration among Peruvian residents abroad. To Recognize the commendable work of Peruvians abroad by diffusing our culture, and to represent us in the community with responsibility. To Fortify patriotism and cultural identity of Peruvians resident abroad. To Promote and to seek the return to our Country of Peruvians who succeed abroad, showing opportunities for investment in Peru. To Sensitize our countrymen abroad through the patronage of children with different abilities in our Country.

6 CATEGORIES 1- Category: Enterprising Countryman By his effort, undertaking and creativity to have formed his own business or entrepreneurship abroad or in Peru from abroad. 2- Category: Successful Professional By his work and professional contribution to the development of the education, health, science, economy and/or technology for the benefit of his locality, applying his professionalism. 3- Category: Succesful Peruvian Artist By his effort undertaking and creativity in diffusing our culture through music, dance, folclore and to make stand out the Peruvian identity abroad 4- Category: Succesful Peruvian Business or Association By emphasizing in the business sector or in a social organization. In both cases is sought to identify the good social and/or business practices, phylantropic actions and of social responsibility that have been recognized by the community where they reside.

7 HONOR COMITEE For this IV edition counts on itself the conformation of the Honor Committee, made up of 08 winners of the Peruvian Pride 2010 and a countrywoman distinguished as special guest. This jury will have the difficult, but pleasing work, to select the winners of the prize "Peruvian Pride 2011", as well as to support the NGO Anna Lindh to promote and to organize the “IV Encounter of Enterprising and Successful Peruvian Residents abroad". Lima 2011. Said committee is made up of the following countrymen: COMITEE PRESIDENT : - RAUL MARTEL CALDERÓN / Guayaquil –Ecuador MEMBERS: - Victor Maravi / Panamá – Panamá -YOLANDA PALMA / California - Estados Unidos - SOCIEDAD MOABLU / Roma- Italia - SADY PALMA / California - Estados Unidos - GIOVANNA BLANCO ALMANZA / Madrid – España - RUTH APARICIO DE BERNUI / Lima - Perú - EMILIO NAVARRO / Colorado - Estados Unidos - ENRIQUE INFANTE / Columbus Ohio - Estados Unidos

8 PROGRAM 1.- Wednesday October 12, 2011 09:00 a.m. Internal visit to the instalations of Palacio de Gobierno. 04:00 p.m. Verbal meeting in the Department of Foreign Affairs with the General Director for the Rights of Peruvians Exterior Chancellery, Minister Marco Núñez-Melgar. 2.- Thursday October 13, 2011 10:00 a.m. Welcoming event in the Chamber Raúl Porras Barrenechea with the Commission of Foreign Affairs Congress and its President. 06:00 p.m. Verbal meeting on professional experiences abroad with the winners of the Successful Professional category, with university students and the general public in the Department of Social Sciences of the Papal Catholic University of Peru. 3.- Friday October 14, 2011 08:00 a.m. Program "Leave me a memory" with the students with different abilities from the Center of Special Basic Education San Bartolomé in the district of Barrios Altos, Lima 4.- Saturday October 15, 2011 09:00 a.m. Guided visits to the main headquarters of all the sponsoring businesses of the event. 5.- Tuesday October 18, 2011 07:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony, “Prize Peruvian Pride 2011”, formal dinner and closing dance at the JW Marrott Hotel de Lima.


10 Can be done in 2 ways: 1.- AUTO CANDIDACY When the self nominee considers he has been more noticeable in any of the 5 categories. 2.- NOMINATIONS When any person wishes to recomend a business, person and/or institution; considering that it is noticeable in any of our 5 categories. The candidate or nominee of a candidate must re-fill the candidacy form in the event’s web site: with the corresponding data and a brief comentary as to why the candidate merits the award “Peruavian Pride 2011”. Candidacies from 08/ 31/ 2010 to 07 / 31 / 2011 Phase I Candidacy

11 The Representative Comitee of the ONG Anna Lindh, will revise all the auto-candidacies and nominations and will pre-select those of major potential. Said list will be presented in the event’s web siteas candidates of the “Award Peruvian Pride 2011”. The candidates, by country, will have the opportunity of receiving votes on line, of all persons in favor of his candidacy as well as his election to receive the Award Peruvian Pride 2011. The votes in favor serve as endorsement to the Comitee’s evaluation, however they do not determine a final selection. Phase II Candidate Selection

12 The Representative Comitee of the ONG Anna Lindh, will revise the conformity and veracity of the information supplied by the candidates, and with the support of the Honor committee and its President Mr. Victor Arturo Barrientos will select the finalists. With them its availability will be coordinated to attend the Encounter in Lima and a request to purchase tickets as a unique way of confirming its participation. Then the Comitee of the ONG Anna Lindh, will send a virtual diploma only to the finalists who have completed with its commitment of purchasing the tickets, as confirmation to have been elected winner of the prize. Subsequently it will be presented in the event’s Web site, the winners list who will receive the Prize Peruvian Pride 2011 in Lima.

13 Promotion to the integration of enterprising and successful Peruvians abroad, by their good social practices and contribution to the development of the country. Promotion that our prizewinners support the special children of the school San Bartolomé of the Barrios Altos de Lima Fortalecimiento del patriotismo y la identidad cultural de la comunidad peruana residente en el extranjero. Strengthening the patriotism and the cultural identity of the Peruvian community residing abroad. Recognition of the achievements carried out by Peruvians abroad through the delivery of the Prize Peruvian Pride 2008, 2009 y 2010. Difusión en diversos medios de comunicación sobre el evento para promover y concientizar sobre cómo fortalecer la identidad peruana en el exterior. Diffusion in diverse mass media of the event to promote and to make aware on how to fortify the Peruvian identity abroad. Friendship links achievement and social commitment between the ASOCIACION ANNA LINDH and the resident Peruvian community abroad to encourage its participation in future programs of social work, social responsibility and sustainable development in Peru. Achievements obtained in the first three editions

14 Winners IEPREX 2008

15 Winners IIEPREX 2009

16 Winners IIIEPREX 2010

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