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THE HOTELITY The Perfect Match to Empower Your Hotel Business ©HOSPITALITY SALES SOLUTIONS 2010

2 Company Misson Hotelity is a new Company compost of a professional team of people with improved experience in Hotel Business and Management We are focused to offer you a full package of services with added value to get easier the way to communicate with an unique contact. Our network is able to offer professional services in all hospitality’s segments. Hotelity is born to assist the Hotels to increase quality of their properties and as well their services provided, also we are concentrate to optimize your expenses in management and new projects.


4 The Benefits to Choose us:
Save Hotel Operating Costs Cut Hotel Sales Budget Gain Hotel Sales Tools and Best Practices Gain Hotel Marketing Tools, e-Marketing Gain Hotel Internet Marketing

Did you know that the lag time it takes before a new sales manager can become productive has risen to as long as 12 months? That is a lot of lost revenue. We have the talent to be productive right out of the gate. Furthermore, part of our compensation is based on market share gains and commissions

1. We do all the prospecting and new business development - allowing you to downsize and manage your team more effectively with less hassle. 2. We become your NSO & Marketing Partner but without the "Brand" cost. With vast and targeted Internet Marketing and "ahead-of-the-pack" eCommerce tools, including our own web based super CRM - Sales Process - sales & booking tools. We builds integrated marketing and service delivery programs to retain and build business. Prospects for Group and Incentive business with our 5,000 contact data base - open for your own team as well.

3. We take over a market - say SMERF, insurance, a region - allowing you to downsize, save department costs and gain solid wisdom. 4. You downsize most of your sales team and focus on directing our efforts. The DOS-DOSM takes a market because now there is time to do this well. We fulfill the rest of the department. Save substantially on your budget and gain skills that don't need management, just need the focus that you will give. 5. We become the whole team including the DOSM. Save massive costs. Together we designate an on-property assistant to handle site visits and ensure guest care. The DOS spends time as needed every month on property.

Our Virtual Sales & Marketing Team solves 3 needs for almost any property during the current challenging economic environment. Slash Operating Costs We slash the costs of sales and marketing. Bring Brain Trust. We bring deep, mature skill, contacts, and a raft of Best Practices - a Brain Trust to build revenue by taking market share. Integrate with Best e-Marketing We integrate all the e-Marketing that we know works - for each property at no added investment.

85% Done remotely We work remotely with regular visits to the hotel to cover internal needs, local sales calls, local PR. Because we are remote, we can also work for other hotels at the same time - which what allows your hotel to save money. We partner one hotel with several more so that we can increase effectiveness while slashing the investment for all are partners.

10 The Phiolosphy Hotelity uses hotel market segmentation as a core strategy to increase sales. All markets - audiences - are different. They require different benefits, different attractors, different ways of personal sales. Hotelity can conduct a review of all hotel market segmentation with which a property currently works so as to ensure maximization of effort. We analyze where there is additional opportunity and how to reach that opportunity with the Sales Team and the Marketing. We can recommend hotel sales strategies to increase hotel market segments that are under-performing to generate increased revenue. Hotelity works with the hotel sales staff to ensure they have all the skills and information to target each individual market segment effectively and increase business from each.

11 Hotel Sales SWAT Team - for added hotel sales market penetration - to get business on the books quickly - for hotel ownership transition teams We' re just there as long as we're needed. Then we're out of the way. Even if a hotel sales department is fully staffed, there are times when a hotel is challenged in a market or finds itself losing market share. At that time, we can provide additional sales power. We can prospect. Put us in a room, give us a list and close the door. We'll come out 8 hours later with some new leads and some good potential for your permanent team members to work on.

12 Hotel Sales SWAT Team We can work the current account list for clients who have dropped by the wayside. How many hotels - with turnover and other distractions - feel that they have not kept in touch with past clients who may be able to bring more business. We'll get on the phone and make contact with them and then turn over the good leads to your team. We'll clean up your list and delete names that are no longer with a company to save the time of your team. We're ready to go. Our current client contacts in every market segment. Most of the clients you might have on your list we already know. And we know some that might be new good business for your property.

13 Hotel Sales Prospecting- Telemarketing for hotel sales
We can all work simultaneously from home with a centralized web based database that we upload. Or if we deem it faster and more productive, we can work separate parts of lists. All information is updated. All leads are sent through immediately to the property for follow up and close. All Hot Leads are copied immediately to the Hotel GM. The GM is able to track each lead for production. Every week we produce a full report of calls made, contacts made, amount of leads produced and who is responsible for working them. We like to do a weekly conference call so that the team and Hotel GM are in sync.

14 Our Job is to turn the list into revenue Production
Working with the hotel's lists, we can either plug straight into other sales tool and work the data updates directly so that the list is cleaned and ready for continuous on- property work or return a worked list with annotations in electronic format. We have our own lists that we can work: 5,000 contacts Meeting Planners, Travel Managers, Incentives, Travel Agents. We research the needs of the client as set against our lists and reference/research tools. We can go out and acquire a particular list and back charge the cost. Work it and turn it back to our hotel with a useful set of annotations for a Sales Manager on property to work next year. O

15 Travel Agent Marketing & Sales
For our hotel and resort clients, we operate specific marketing programs that touch the travel agent audience. Travel Agent Marketing Programs - we do travel agent marketing to our own list and to our client's lists. This is hand crafted work using all of our hotel marketing and communication knowledge of most effective practices. - we use data that is highly personalized and targeted with all data merged into each individual that is sent - extensive reporting an analysis: every address who opens, every link clicked, by whom, and how many times. we prefer to link the messaging up web landing pages for reference and for monitoring we link it to dedicated landing pages for further information - under your hotel's name: as in www. With a significant and meaningful benefit. Must have.

16 Hotel Branding, Marketing & Communication assistance
The team consults for all hotel branding and communications strategy, implementation, re- implementation Assist with hotel corporate communication, establishing a hotel corporate culture, hotel branding decisions, and overall corporate strategy. Figure out what the market areas are that will offer a unique revenue advantage and craft an identity that will speak to those audiences. Yes, of course, we will plan to use all the usual tools: PR for target audiences Print advertising for target audiences CRM with all past guests Direct Mail to constituents: Travel Agents, guests, Meeting Planners, wholesalers, users of similar properties and dedicated web pages / sites for the constituents The social media on-line All the user generated web content: forums, blogs, reviews

17 Hotel Branding, Marketing & Communication assistance
But then we also simultaneously look at all the copy and imagery that is seen by more people than any other copy and imagery: GDS Channel and all its split offs IDS Channels and all their split-offs The Third Party Listing Internet Channels The Wholesaler Channels Yahoo Local/Google Local & all mapping references Staff training in what the Brand is and how to communicate its values.

18 Hotel Branding, Marketing & Communication assistance
Strategize and oversee hotel Public Relations in print and on- line– public relations for hotel branding, both locally and globally. Steer due-diligence process of identifying and hiring 3rd party hotel Public Relations representation and manage the hotel PR agencies on an on-going basis. We set the goals and the benchmarks with the hotel's team. Oversee all hotel Advertising and collateral needs for a hotel branding initiative; Pro- actively "Manage the message" in all print, voice and TV mediums in an efficient and cost effective manner. Assist with hotel community affairs and hotel corporate sponsorships/good-will efforts. Develop, communicate and enforce common hotel Brand Standards where appropriate. Review, assist, and develop Hotel Sales & Marketing Plans and insure they are consistent with operational capabilities of hotel.

19 Hotel Branding, Marketing & Communication assistance
Identify and source practical and cost-effective mystery shopper and audit agencies (i.e. LRA, Ritchie, ProHost, etc) and review results on regular basis; Develop action plans to correct any deficiencies noted on these reports. We ourselves have a Shop Call program for the Sales Department

20 E-COMMERCE | GDS | IDS Internet Reputation Management: we manage your on-line presence, write actual reviews, place entries into blogs, forums, journals and then report on all of your presence once a month with recommended actions, issues that need to be addressed. Plus you get your own forum for reviews on This is our way to begin to fight back against TripAdvisor. The hotel's on-line reputation affects 37% of all Web based purchases of hotel rooms. The hotel's reputation there controls your value to the "looker". Consortia and Travel Agent Communication: High value, affordable consortia communication programs. All artwork, landing pages, management and reporting included This is communication direct to the travel agents via their consortia. Landing web page for further reference and measuring (required by Consortia as there can be no links to your own website with a Booking Engine) Marketing, , web landing pages --all work together for ROI

21 E-COMMERCE | GDS | IDS Travel Agent sends to your and our databases with all copy, artwork, and web landing pages for deeper, measurable response. To corporate and leisure, The Americas, UK and Europe. Completely personalized. GDS & IDS audit, re-write for revenue, re-image, and guided push-out This is the most seen collateral that a hotel has and the most used database parts. The Hotel Website - re-write for markets and detailed, real Search Engine Optimization, re-design for markets and for sales follow through and transparency Holistic Revenue Management - this puts all the parts together on-line and in the sales office to drive revenue opportunities and maximize those opportunities through analysis and strategy. "Holistic Revenue Management" - looks at Sales effectiveness and sales goals, combined with audience types, rates associated with those audiences, packages associated with those audiences, negotiated rates for the corp. audience, and combines all that with what rate will the customer buy the hotel at - what is the hotel's Internet Reputation. All the parts fitting together to drive revenue and occupancy to equal RevPAR Rate and rate strategy are directed so as to acquire new business through pairing the right rate with the right audience, and the right

22 E-COMMERCE | GDS | IDS Customer Relationship Management: CRM
CRM - We clean the data, set it up for monthly direct mail, and for the none month anniversary of a stay. Letters are with a hand written greeting, hand written close, and combined with full color artwork on the hotel's letterhead. Mailed. Out of the hotel's hair. Data is always ready and coded for an immediate send by mail or . Instant On-Line Meeting Estimator Tool We recommend linking this tool to your own website so as to capture the quick meetings, to capture the under 30 year old planner who is much happier to do most of the booking process on-line. The results do actually speak for themselves and our research tells us that this is a tool sought after by Meeting Planners. This is a way to get ahead of the pack. American Express is setting it up now for all their meeting hotels.

23 E-COMMERCE | GDS | IDS Website Optimization – Optimizing audience ability and acceptance rate Independent hotels can beat the brands easily here. This is our opportunity. Most hotel websites leave almost of all the of the hotel's markets unattended to, therefore they are not being "brought" to the website by search phrases. Yes, you can bring in: neighboring towns corporations nearby schools nearby niche markets: fly fishing + hotel, good corporate rate free internet + hotel, elegant wedding, informal wedding, group meetings + boardroom. on-line concierge that sells and plans focus on staff - they are what the looker cares about, they are what your guest cares about. Differentiate yourself as an independent your own real review forum on a neutral review website that you ultimately control Meeting Calculator/Estimator on-line-the RFP is dead for the meeting planner. This is what is alive for the Meeting Planner - an instant estimate. Brings new business. Handles many "qualifications" so that the Sales Person can close the business.

Group Business: New Business Development Prospecting / Telemarketing with skilled Senior Sales Managers. With our lists and our researching or your lists. Our team of Senior Sales managers with exceptional probing and prospecting skills work your leads, your lists, or ours. Meeting Planner sends to your and our databases with all copy, artwork, and web landing pages for deeper, measurable response. To corporate and leisure, The Americas, UK and Europe. Completely personalized. Meeting Calculator/Estimator on-line, again - see above.

25 E-COMMERCE | GDS | IDS Group Training Programs - with 6 months of follow-up Sales Team training with 6 months of after care for each trained manager. One on one training for a Sales Manager taking over a new market: 6 months follow-up Revenue Management Training and Strategy Development - for the whole team or one person joining. 6 months follow-up Marketing Training for the DOS who is now tackling the marketing, as well. These are delineated, high ROI programs for hotel and resort marketing.

26 Hotel Commitments One year commitment is required
Our Basic Sales Packages starts from Rs per month plus VAT We are including : 50 monthly Sales Visits Territorial ings Direct Marketing Participation to Workshops and Fairs in your behalf when required One our sales representative available every month for three working days in your hotel to create strategies and planning all new sales activities Basic costs for promotion and sales when scheduled from our Team Are not included Transfer cost from our base to your Hotel and back Accommodation and meals Additional costs for fair’s participation in your behalf Additional costs for exclusive Sales Calls and escorting Additional cost for Sales Training Elements required to start Get familiar with your property Hotel brochures, CD, photo booking for presentation Hotel -account to check in real time all sales activities

The Hotelity – TEAM A new company with full of energy and excitement, ready t0 take another label with their associates. Lead by its first member – Arun Singh who has approx decades of experience in the hospitality industry & well connected with their travel partners. Your contact at The Hotelity is M: E: The Hotelity Address: ©HOSPITALITY SALES SOLUTIONS 2010



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