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2 A Practical Approach to Customer Centric Interactions Reinventing Global Sourcing: Cloud, Mobile and Social “…Business agility is being achieved through faster outcomes, less capital investment, greater flexibility, and a technology catalyst for introducing business process best practices…” Our discussion will cover: When and how consumers interact with companies Reality check on consumer expectations Practical examples of how companies are supporting consumer interactions to drive a better experience while achieving corporate objectives World ITO BPO Forum Theme: 2

3 HGS Core Business and Focus HGS is a global business process management company helping our customers with B2B and B2C consumer transactions and interactions Healthcare / Insurance  55 million transactions annually with claims payout of $11.5 billion  Serve 5 of the Top 10 healthcare payers and many large US hospitals Telecommunications Provide support across the customer lifecycle for wireless, land lines, satellite, IPTV, internet, security 182 million calls, 2.92 million emails and 4 million complaints and investigations annually for a single client Consumer Products and Retail Support client inquires for over 3000 consumer-branded products in 8 European countries via telephone, paper, chat, email and social media Supporting consumer electronics manufactures and retailers - purchase support to post warranty servicing 3 Financial Services Only credit card issuer to win the J.D. Power Award for customer experience 7 consecutive years driven by HGS’s best-in-class NPS customer service 18 million transactions per year

4 When Do Consumers Engage with a Business? Consumer engagement with companies usually relates to buying activities or negative experiences, with the usage of a product or service being taken for granted They want to buy something There is a consumer-driven change such as a life event, move, service change, etc. Something is broken (fix/repair) They want to cancel a service or terminate a relationship 4

5 How Consumer Interact Has Changed In 2012, new channels emerged, self-service and social channels increased, phone channel flattened * Source: North American Technographics Customer Experience Online Survey Q4 2012 (US) 5

6 How Consumer Engagement Will Rapidly Evolve More new channels, self-service and social will make dramatic gains, however, voice and IVR based interactions will drop dramatically 2014 2018 6 * Source: Gartner

7 Many Consumer Interactions Are ‘Employee-less’ 1. Customers only call if they can’t self-serve first or if the inquiry is really complex… 57% of customers tried self-service on company websites before calling in to a contact center 1 90% of consumers will always check a website first before emailing or calling 3 75% of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to use online support if it were reliable and provided accurate and complete information 4 2. Consumers are online when they call 30% of those callers were still on the website when on the phone with the contact center agent 1 Smart, mobile devices affect the in-store buying pattern in bricks and mortar stores 1 - Corporate Executive Board’s 75,000 member survey, 2 – Execs in the Know – Feb 2014, 3 -- Synthetix Customer Service Survey 2012, 4 -- Coleman Parkes for Amdocs, 2012 Survey, 5- IDC Worldwide New Media Market Model Forecast 3. More frequently consumers don’t call… Obtain info without calling… via website, smart phone, Facebook, Twitter… often while they are shopping… or are they on a competitor’s site? Global B2C mobile commerce spending will grow 6 fold between 2011 and 2016 reaching $223 billion by the end of 2016 5 Mobile care is getting HOT – 73% of companies’ websites are “easily viewed on devices”; yet only 4% provide “text for assistance” 2 7

8 Doing Business the Way the Customer Prefers Infiniti Quality Center Infiniti Chauffeur (brings showroom to your house) Infiniti Center Contact Infiniti EU 8 Customer self service portal is open for business 24/7

9 End-to-End Consistent Brand Experience Across Channels… Enabled SEO and Integrated with Social Media 9

10 Self Service with Integrated Support and Interactions 10 SEO to be easy to be found e-commerce monitoring with proactive chat to reduce shopping cart abandonment Easy to “Contact us” with operational design principles to effectively support Engaging consumers with proactive click-to- chat

11 e-Commerce Success from “Hits” to “Cash” A user-oriented approach to e-commerce and m-commerce helps drive brand loyalty, which is crucial to the bottom line…. Visits from new Search Engines Traditional Visits Incremental Revenue Traditional eCommerce Revenue 11

12 Call Driver Insights Business Intelligence Customer Sentiment Analysis Social Media Analytics Self-help Portal Social CRM IVR Optimization Call Deflection Enablers 15 call types identified 3 top call types identified Web traffic observed often on competitors site 10 IVR optimization opportunities 8 web enhancement opportunities - 5 call drivers at level 1 - 20 call drivers at level 2 - 96 call drivers at level 3 - 27% people talking about poor quality of picture - 13.5% people talking about aspect ratio Using “Voice of the Customer” to Drive Self-Service and Better Customer Experience for Consumer Technical Support 12

13 HGS supports multiple integrated channels – Voice (600+) in Philippines and email/chat (200+) in India Integrated Multichannel Services Driving Call Deflection…. Supported from Multiple Geographies 13 Customer selects the model number, then a self-serve, HGS developed video walks the client through typical trouble shooting strategies Consumer focused concept to eliminate calls… with online self serve solutions

14 Consumer initiates chat session and team leverages domain, knowledge base and Customer Experience strategy to effectively resolve query Customer-Led Interactions via Chat and Email 14

15 Positive Customer Feedback and NPS Results Consumers solving inquires via chat, not requiring a call center agent, doubled from 30 to 60% 15 NPS scores dramatically grew from a historical sub 0 score to consistently in the 30s to low 50 range

16 Complaints … as Opportunities 16 Consumers who have never had a problem are less loyal than those who had their problem resolved… Source : BenchmarkPortal Inc / Purdue University Customer Situation Re-Purchase Probability Purchased product and you had no problems Product had problems and you had a poor customer service experience Product had problems and you had a positive customer service experience 78% 32% 89%

17  451,740 escalations interactions  Cancel service save rate of 11% phone and 24% email  100% Voice-based CSAT process  Overall CSAT score of 45% Jan 2013 Jan 2014  92,581 escalations interactions  Cancel service save rate of 23% phone and 42% for email  5% Voice and 95% SMS-based CSAT process  Overall CSAT score of 96% Innovation Empowerment and Training Business Excellence 80% reduction with 359,159 escalations stopped at first level within a year 2nd level, “Cancel service” save rate nearly doubled both via phone and email Doubled overall CSAT score Business revenue and profitability dramatically increased HGS eliminated 140 FTEs through automation and transformation Business Impact Telecom Company - Email and Phone Based Service Cancellations 17

18 Value Beyond Answering 182M Calls, 2.92M Emails and 4M Investigations Annually Insight reporting provided to client’s Product and Marketing and Insight business teams  307 unique reports per month analyzing market data and 24 million provisioning transactions annually.  Providing business insight to business leaders for product development, pricing strategy, market analysis, etc  Using the technology tools like SQL, Access, Excel Macros - # FTE 10 X productivity improvement Innovation and technology robots applied to capture insight at call level by consumer and product Capturing Marketplace Analytics and Insights 18 Immense value to business stakeholders to make real-time marketplace adjustments, saving canceling clients and generating incremental revenues

19 Customer has experience at one of 14,000 franchised restaurant locations Contact Customer Service Paper, Phone, Email, Social Media Personalized interactions with “tell me about it approach” Customer sent personalized letters, coupons, gift cards Recorded conversation sent to franchise owners Franchise owners follow up with customer “The contact center is one of the most powerful means we have to capture the voice of the customer and to understand general concerns as well as particular issues,” says the Director of Customer Experience and Insights. “ Customer for Life Listening and Managing the Brand Across All Interaction Channels 19

20 Multichannel customer contact with integrated knowledge platform Single point of contact for all business, student and tourist visa inquiries Providing support in 21 languages. The customer contact portal provides full integration of intelligent forms, with knowledge and web chat. Web Self-Service/ Virtual Assistants FAQ Self-Service for Contact Forms/e-mail Call-Center Knowledge- base FAQ Self-Service for Social Networks Mobile Web/ Smartphone Apps One-to-one Live Chat UK International Visa Program Cloud-Based Multichannel Inquiry Service 20

21 UK Visa Program - Multichannel Inquiry Service The entire service is provided by HGS with a risk-based model paid for by consumers 21

22 The solution includes a self serve knowledge database with robotic responses for consumers and for support team to effectively address consumer inquiries The external customer contact portal provides customers with appropriate contact methods and access to knowledge. The internal knowledge-base provides contact- center agents with consistent knowledge and information that can quickly and efficiently support voice, chat and e-mail interactions. In a typical week of use: 33,063 - People access the portal 4,132 - Use voice to contact the service 1,236 - Use web chat 7,982 - Submit an email 1,109 - Tell us they had their questions answered through integrated knowledge base 22 UK Visa Program - Multichannel Inquiry Service

23 Customer Experience is a Journey on a Rapidly Evolving Path Easy “Know me” as well as “I know” our relationship Relevant offers that deliver real value without a shallow sales pitch Be available to sell when I want to buy Fast… if not now! Correct information the first time Education available when needed/desired Online or I’m gone… Easy to do business Customer and market Insight and control Upsell Enhance profit margins Customer stickiness Consistent brand management Loyalty (NPS) not CSAT And… drive cost out… Business’ Point of View?Consumer Expectations? With only 22% of interactions using tradition phone and IVR services, are you ready to effectively interact with Consumers? Balance automation and personal engagement for the optimized brand and customer experience. 23 Thank you… let’s continue the interaction…

24 Thank You! 24

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