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Welcome to Fifth Grade Mr. Shahriari Sit where you would like.

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1 Welcome to Fifth Grade Mr. Shahriari Sit where you would like.

2 To Do Before You Leave: Sign in by Writing your email address on the list. Register on Parent Connect for the online grade book (directions on your desks) Sign up for classroom volunteer opportunities on line Make sure your VIPS certification is up to date. Find out about New HISD absence rules. Find out about Middle School applications and deadlines.

3 Mr. Shahriari’s CV Bachelors of Art in Psychology with a minor in Biology: State University of New York, Stony Brook 1979 Juris Doctor: The American University, Washington College of Law, 1982 –Partner Gilberg and Kurent and then Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur – Washington, DC –Member Emeritus of the California, District of Columbia, and Virginia Bars –Member of the Bar of 5 Federal Circuits and the United State Supreme Court.

4 Mr. Shahriari’s CV Masters in Education, Marymount Univeristy, 2001 Certified to teach –K-8 Generalist –K-8 English as a Second Language –K-12 Gifted and Talented 3 years – 3 rd grade – Tuckahoe Elementary, Arlington Virginia 7 years – 5th grade at Roberts 1 year -6 th grade world cultures- Lanier Middle School

5 Our Goals Meet Texas Requirements Provide Needed Skills –Writing Skills –Analysis Skills –Research Skills –Organizational Skills –Interpersonal/group skills –Metacognition skills Prepare students for Middle School Joy of learning Individual improvments

6 Our Team –Mrs. Audi –Ms. Berens –Ms. McClintock –Mr. Shahriari

7 How we work as a team Co-plan instruction We are not clones, so classes are not exactly the same. –Teaching styles –Student needs Learning Lunch and Tutoring

8 In addition to previous year’s curriculum Independent Investigation Method Program (IIM) –Focus on developing self directed research skills. IB Action projects –Exhibition Spanish Teacher Science Lab Co-teach

9 IB Learner Profile

10 Fifth Grade IB Units of Study

11 How the World Works Central Idea: Interactions generate order. Matter Colonization

12 Sharing the Planet Central Idea: Societies make decisions based on resources. American Revolution Earth and Space Science Economics

13 October-December Independent/Small Group Research Project Sharing our research through the arts Many more details to come How We Express Ourselves Exhibition

14 How We Organize Ourselves Central Idea: Relationships drive organization. Life Science Government

15 Where We Are in Place and Time Central Idea: Movement impacts society. Urbanization Technology

16 Who We Are Central Idea: People envision their future, set goals, and take action to achieve their dreams. Goal Setting Financial Literacy

17 Exhibition Designed to be completed by students –Self-inquiry –In class –Teacher’s role is to guide, not do –That is your job too A flash drive is essential for backing up student work –8 GB best

18 My Classroom Management System: Class Dojo What is it? Who makes it? Its goal is to provide Instant Feedback for Parents and Students. Points go back to Zero each week, but Dojo keeps a running tally for me to see. Reporting is not as precise as I would like. Upgrades should fix this over time.

19 Conduct Plan “I am responsible for my actions and behavior” Student Name: _______________________________________ Date: ____________________ What did I do? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What happened as a result of my action? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What classroom Attitude, Profile Attribute, Essential Agreement, or procedure did I not follow? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What will I do next time to make a more responsible choice? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Student Signature: ____________________ Teacher Signature: _________________________ Parent Signature: _____________________ Principal Signature: _________________________

20 Middle School Info Oct 16 Middle School Info Night at Roberts Nov 18 CogAT GT test (replaces NNAT) –Timed paper and pencil test –Nonverbal –Published by Riverside –Some resources are online New GT matrix coming soon –Teacher recommendation completed online

21 State Mandated Testing - NNAT replaced by CogAT - STANFORD replaced by IOWA - STARR Testing -Reading -Math -Science We prepare students for

22 Students are prepared for these tests through self- directed learning in our IB units of inquiry. This allows for differentiation to meet individual student needs.

23 We have high expectations for our students. We expect: Self – Directed Learning Self – Reliance Self – Regulation Self – Assessment Self – Motivation Self – Monitoring PRIDE in work

24 We expect (and will work on) teamwork, cooperation, and the fun of learning.

25 Essential Agreements

26 Homework 50 minutes per night plus 30 minutes of reading for their reading log Homework will be as follows: –Spelling, Wordly Wise, Reading, and Math will be assigned daily –Science and Social Studies will be assigned as needed.

27 Homework Some assignments will require a computer with internet connections. Please contact your teacher if this is not available to your child.

28 Grading Policy Lower than 70, it may be redone for a higher grade (not to exceed 75) –At home –Student’s responsibility –Must be completed in a timely manner Zero in grade book indicates –Missing work –No name Projects/Tests are 2x the value of other assignments

29 Breakfast –Must be finished and thrown away by 8:03 before announcements Morning Snack –Send a closable water bottle –Healthy snack (per HISD policy) No chips, cookies, candy Birthday Treats –Please notify teacher in advance if you intend to send a treat to celebrate a birthday. –28 students –Celebrate before dismissal – at 3:00

30 How you can help your child Never do your child’s work Let natural consequences work for you; a low grade can teach a lot to a student. Provide the tools and place needed to do school work. Help them check the website and grade book online Personal hygiene – deodorant please!

31 PTO Fundraising Drive Goal: 100% participation by parents in my class Any amount, even $1, is a powerful contribution The first 3 classes that gain 100% participation will be eligible for $100 in classroom supplies

32 Volunteer Room Parents? Tuesday Folder Parent? International Presentations?

33 – –Dojo messenger –Email –Parent Connect (formerly gradespeed) –Scheduled conference times –Impromptu Conferences Keep up with our classroom:

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