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© Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 InnovateAutomateInsight.

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1 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 InnovateAutomateInsight

2 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 SAP FIORI 25 most used SAP scenarios that can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile Utilising SAP Gateway and SAPUI5 180 more scenarios under development Get up and running with SAP Fiori for £10k CompriseIT - SAP Gateway Design Council Partner and SAPUI5 Validation Partner

3 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 SAP SCREEN PERSONAS Modify and simplify any SAPGUI screen Gain in productivity, data entry error reduction and vastly improved user experience Non-programmatic, quick and easy to learn – no changes in SAP Get up and running with SAP Screen Personas for £10k

4 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 SAP PI to Process Orchestration Move to single stack JAVA landscape to benefit from: Improved integration performance Reduced development and operational costs Lower TCO Add human centric tasks to integrations with SAP BPM Automate further with SAP BRM Get SAP Process Orchestration up and running from £10k CompriseIT – SAP PO services partner

5 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 SAP Operation Process Intelligence Complete visibility into your holistic end-to-end process Live process KPI’s and real-time dashboards Predicative process completion forecasting – drill down to individual processes that show SLA failure Get SAP Operational Process Intelligence up and running from £10k CompriseIT SAP OPInt partner and Design Council Member

6 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 Vision Goal Proposition Positioning Mission Make life easier for people by using SAP technologies. To be the market leader for SAP Innovation Help organisations to drive every last drop of value from their SAP investment. Be recognised as the go to partner for SAP Innovation We help customers to make SAP Google Fast and Apple Cool. We learn on our own time, so customers can adopt solutions faster

7 © Comprise Limited 2007 - 2012 SAP Enterprise Business Apps and HANA WebDynpro ABAP WebDynpro ABAP PO/BPM and WebDynpro Java Gateway (Fiori) Gateway (Fiori) SAP Mobile Platform SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Connector/ HANA Cloud Platform SAP UI5 (HTML5) SAP UI5 (HTML5) SAPGUI (Personas) SAPGUI (Personas) JAVA PHP HTML5 iOS Sencha Android DUET Agentry iOS Android WP7 HTML5 SAPUI5 C# WP7 Container RIVER

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