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Aeonix & Ingate Role in Enterprise

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1 Aeonix & Ingate Role in Enterprise
The purpose of the presentation is to give an overview of what Aeonix offers for Telephony and UC&C functionality and set up a specific product demo showing the actual software tool. We will cover the each layer of Aeonix from how it sits on your network, it architecture and the applications that provide the Aeonix services.

2 What is Aeonix? A Unified Communications Solution delivering…….
Telephony Voice Mail Contact Center UM Video What is Aeonix? Aeonix is a Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) platform. The platform delivers a range of applications from basic Telephony, VM and UM and also delivers Audio and Video conferencing and collaboration, using a wide variety of handsets and IP terminals. Working together these services give your users t ability to use communications to improve the efficiency of your business regardless of where they are located or how they choose to interact with the system. Audio Handsets Collab-oration

3 Aeonix UC&C Solution Unified Communications & Collaboration solution
Software based solution Standards based platform Centralized licensing Unified Administration Non Proprietary device support Mobility ACC SeaMail How is it delivered? The Aeonix is a software only solution which is Standards based using Centralized licensing and Administration. The platform provides support for non Proprietary devices and all Aeonix applications and functions are available using mobile devices. Aeonix is designed to be easy install; to operate, easy to administrate.

4 Aeonix Value Proposition
UC&C solution designed to meet current and future challenges of distributed organizations Scalability – 25k users Resiliency Open Architecture Simplicity Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) possible with minimal IT resources required Value Proposition Aeonix was designed to meet current and future challenges of distributed organizations: Scalability – Aeonix has the ability to extend customer networks based on current demand and changing needs. The open-ended architecture allows customers flexibility to buy and install only what they currently need, and to add users, remote locations and additional applications as they become necessary. The standard system solution has the ability to provide service from 10 to 100,000 users. Simplicity – Aeonix includes unified management of all system services and applications. An intuitive GUI and a simple licensing mechanism make it easy to install, manage and maintain. Adding users, remote sites, or applications to one Aeonix server, is the same as adding them to every server in the network. Open Architecture – Aeonix supports standard protocols such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services. This architecture allows customers to seamlessly integrate a variety of common applications and to add desired devices to the system (BYOD). Security protocols are implemented to ensure the system’s integrity and prevent unauthorized operations. Resiliency – A system can consist of one or many servers while each Aeonix server provides complete 100% application functionality. In a “clustered” (multi-server) environment, automated diagnostics and recovery mechanisms deliver the highest levels of fault tolerance and failover. The Aeonix delivers powerful, flexible, and adaptable communications to enterprises both large and small. Its’ simple unified management structure ensures that customers experience the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal IT resources required.

5 Aeonix - Distributed, Cloud, VM
Small Remote Office Remote Office Headquarters First let’s look at the architecture for Aeonix . Aeonix is a pure software based Unified Communications & Collaboration solution (UC&C) that consolidates disparate business applications into a single powerful platform. It is delivered on a fault tolerant and open architecture, with intuitive management tools. Aeonix can be deployed in a private cloud environment or as an on premise solution. The architecture is designed for maximum uptime in distributed environments serving small or large remote offices or home workers. Once installed this architecture allow the administration of move/add changes easily, quickly with minimum cost by utilizing centralized licensing and administration. Remote Office

6 Aeonix – High Availability
Remote Office Small Remote Office PSTN Headquarters Aeonix provides more than s of up time due to the high available architecture in clustered environments; protecting you from failures in the network, or server failure. Each distributed Aeonix server replicates the active database continuously in real time, allowing each server to provide active/active survivability. End points register with a different Aeonix server on the fly to protect against lost call, disrupted call or even calls in queue when disaster hits your infrastructure. You will not miss calls or lose calls with Aeonix Network Connection Fails End Points register with Remote Survivable Node Server Fails End points register with default server Remote Office

7 Aeonix – High Availability
Remote Office Small Remote Office Headquarters Database Replication Real-time update Active/active survivability Remote Office

8 Aeonix - Scalability Currently - Up to 25,000 Users
R3.0 - Up to 100,000’s Users One Server – Up to 5,000 Users Each Aeonix server in the cluster can manage over 3000 users and 25,000 users in each cluster. How large is your user count. By adding an additional server you add more capacity giving you unlimited support for your user community. Most companies would never have so many users under one cluster but it demonstrates the high transactional call volumes that Aeonix can manage. One software for all sizes (users & sites)

9 The Aeonix Technology Stack
Building Blocks The Aeonix Technology Stack Let’s move on to what makes Aeonix unique in the marketplace against the competition. What you are going to see is a clean and simple architecture that sites on your network with out a complete network overhaul. Most installations of Aeonix can be completed in 5-7 days including provisioning and deployment of the handsets. Aeonix does not require a large professional services effort with the associated cost therefore there is little disruption to you operations when installing and going live with Aeonix.

10 Aeonix - High-Performance Software Platform
Mobility Unified Administration Applications (UC, VM, UM, ACD, Reporting, etc.) PSTN GW SIP Communication Platform There are 4 basic layers of the Aeonix technology stack. Each layers has its purpose on how it interfaces with the complete solution. It is an open standards stack that allows integration of any 3rd party SIP application to expand the services you can provide your users. I want to explain how each layer works.

11 Aeonix - High-Performance Platform
Mobility Unified Administration Applications (UC, VM, UM, ACD, Reporting, etc.) PSTN GW SIP Communication Platform Communication Platform

12 Aeonix Server Properties Recommended Platform Standard database
Linux operating system Software License Recommended Platform COTS (Custom off the Shelf) servers Dell R2xx-6xx 8G RAM Dual Drive Processor Customer provided or Tadiran provided Virtualization (VM Ware or Hyper V) One Server for all Applications Talk about the specs of the Aeonix server, Talk about the solution having the ability to reside in VMware. Different than any other solution in the market today is the ability for the Aeonix Telephony and UC&C to reside on the same server as our Contact Center solution. Not only does this save cost but brings together a tight integration of 2 core service of telephony and contact center into one service.

13 Session Border Controller - Ingate
Web Ingate SIParator ITSP SIP Aeonix LAN Ingate SIParator WAN PSTN With the use of a Session Border controller we can bring in your remote workers (without the use of VPN and the expensive cost) and provide a high level of security to your telephony and UC&C solution to protect the overall integrity of your network.

14 Ingate SIParator - SBC Failover
The Ingate SIParator manages the protection and communications with outsourced  applications. SIParator can be software running on a server or it can be an appliance SIParator Delivers : Session-aware access control for signaling and media Security encryption devices Protection against Dos/DDos attacks & overloads Topology hiding, privacy and VPN separation Fraud prevention deep packed inspection enables protection against malicious or annoying traffic CAC - Call Admission Control Monitoring and reporting Failover

15 Aeonix - High-Performance Platform
Mobility Unified Administration Applications (UC, VM, UM, ACD, Reporting, etc.) PSTN GW SIP Communication Platform Interface / transport / technology layer. SIP trunks, Digital, Analog Trunk gateways. Analog or Digital station gateways. SBC The Data Interface / Transport layer

16 Full SIP Handset Portfolio
EXP39 T322P T320P T328P The last part of the infrastructure but the most visible assets are the handsets. Tadiran has a full family of full featured handsets to meet the need of any customer. Talk aobut handsets or better show on or 2 and let the customer feel them VP530 T48G T46G T42G T41

17 Failover and Fallback Aeonix signals SIP telephones on server failure
SIP telephone registers to new Aeonix server or Ingate SIParator Call continue without interruption

18 Extended SIP Features (ESF)
SIP handles calls uninterrupted By default, does not handle extended features Agent Feature (LogIn/Out, Release, Calls Waiting,etc) HELP Record on Demand Call Forward while on a call Developed handling messages to SIP telephones Problem, local security and remote firewall Ingate SIParator allows ESF to work for remote telephones

19 Security Usage of Session Border Controller and Security Protocols
Encrypted Signaling using TLS GW Media Encryption using SRTP SBC VPN DMZ Internet GW

20 Aeonix Infrastructure - Summary
Phones PSTN Local LAN SBC This is the complete architect of Aeonix. I is a clean and simple design that is not intrusive to your existing network strategy. Also due to the latest technology advancements of the Aeonix solution you can reduce the overall hardware impact to the network and your TCO. If you operate a SIP environment you can reduce the impact even further as you may not need gateways. The entire design allow s for a quick install, low cost of installation and minimal disruptions to your operations. You can scale the Aeonix solution simply by adding components without a complete redesign of your network. Aeonix UC Platform Gateways ACC SeaMail ITSP

21 Aeonix - High-Performance Platform
Mobility Unified Administration Applications (UC, VM, UM, ACD, Reporting, etc.) PSTN GW SIP Communication Platform Let’s move to the Application layer. Aeonix by itself is a powerful telephony and UC&C solution. The history of Tadiran suggest that the reason many of our customers have had the same Tadiran system for years is that we have always designed systems with the provision for future growth. We can identify many application for our markets today but what about the future? Our open architecture allow for the integration of new technologies or 3rd party applications that extend your Aeonix solution past today. Let’s talk a look at some of the application we have today….. Support for HTML5 and WebRTC Bring new functionality to enterprise

22 Dispatch Console – HMTL5 based
Application for Control of remote sites Quick response and fast call divert in an emergency Two telephone support Barge-In to calls (Zone page) Group division Integration with CCTV systems

23 Aeonix Dispatch Console

24 ACC – Aeonix Contact Center
Integrated Contact Center Wide selection of Graphical and Tabular report templates

25 ACC Delivers Unique Solutions
WEB FOD IVR CSTA/TAPI Engine Aeonix Fax on demand Ingate SIParator WebRTC

26 WebRTC support Contact Centers will expand WebRTC for the following:
Video and audio from company web page Intelligence from website browsing Clear call recording and analytics No longer restricted by PSTN codecs Security Viometrics with certificate Agent efficiency Real-time speech analytics (keywords) Less time on call by agent

27 Summary Aeonix UC&C is expanding SIP functionality in the enterprise
Ingate SIParator provides key elements with the Aeonix Security Flexibility Scalability Resiliency

28 Thank you.

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