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Trust Reliability Integrity. Claims Submission 0-48 hrs Follow up on claims >31 days Customized Revenue Reports Denial Management & Appeals Payment posting.

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1 Trust Reliability Integrity

2 Claims Submission 0-48 hrs Follow up on claims >31 days Customized Revenue Reports Denial Management & Appeals Payment posting & Patient Statements Verifications/Authorizations * Certificates of Medical Necessity * Letter of Medical Necessity * Detailed Written Order Dedicated fax/phone/email for your practice Business cards for your patients to call us directly statements or questions about their insurance Certified & Experienced Medical Billers & Coders Monthly or Bimonthly invoicing Flat fee Pricing offered WE CAN BILL FOR ANY STATE IN THE USA

3 Credentialing Services Consulting Services Employee Training Contract Negotiations Marketing Services New Practice Start-Up Services Payroll Services Auditing Services AR-Recovery Services-Let us Discover what we can Recover for YOU! a) Established Practices seeking to clean up outstanding AR b) Practices that are closing wanting to obtain all outstanding AR

4 DME-Durable Medical Equipment/HME/O&P Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy/ Occupational Therapy General Medicine/Family Medicine/Internal Medicine Mental Health (All Areas) SAIOP Ophthalmology/Optometry OBGYN Cardiology Chiropractic Osteoarthritis Clinics-PT/Rehab Orthopedics Urgent Care Centers Adult Care Homes/Family Care Homes Dental Podiatry Home Health/Personal Care Services AR-Revenue Recovery Services Please inquire if your service is not listed. We have a network of specialists to assist us.

5 Flat Fee Services A) Monthly fee based upon the services you require B) Fee based upon the number of claims you submit Percentage Based Fee Service A) Fee based upon a % of the Revenue collected for your practice. This includes patient balances should we do statements and soft collections for your practice. This does NOT include up front co-pays collected in your office B) Fee ranges from 4-12% depending on clinic size and services rendered. In most cases a % based platform comes with a minimum monthly fee. This covers our administrative cost for claims that we bill correctly but are applied to patients deductible, non approved services, ineligible benefits or cost not associated with our billing practices.

6 We are a USA based medical billing company offering a cost effective & efficient service Decreases overhead Focus is on your receivables allowing your staff to provide excellent care to your patients As your practice grows, our staff is readily available to meet your needs Continued Educational Training for our staff on the changes in insurances and reimbursements Reduced Denials Faster Payments-claims are scrubbed and cleaned before submissions Follow up on claims Improved Revenue Cycle Management * Fewer Claim Denials * Higher Reimbursements * Claims Scrubbing * Corrective Coding Measures

7 “Let Us Discover what we can Recover for you!”

8 o Phase I –Initial Evaluation of Outstanding AR This phase involves identification and analysis of the claims listed on the A/R Aging Report. The team will review the provider's adjustment policy from which we will identify which claims need to be adjusted off. Additional claims may be identified as adjusted claims once the analysis of filing limits is conducted in Phase II o Phase II – Analysis and Prioritizing Outstanding AR Experienced medical A/R analysts initiate this phase by identifying the various issues for claims that are marked as uncollectible or for claims where the carrier has under paid and appropriate actions should be initiated to pursue the remaining balance. We identify and resolve all claims to resolution. o Phase III – Collection of Maximum Reimbursement of Outstanding AR Based on the analysis team's findings, the claims that are identified to be within the filing limit of the carrier are re- filed after verifying all the necessary parameters such as claims processing address and the other medical billing rules.

9 Since most claims are billed electronically, the typical processing of claims is 14-30 days depending on the payer. Workers Comp claims can extend up to 90 days, therefore most consider AR to be greater than 90 days. TriMed Billing Solutions can work in conjunction with your current office staff. In many cases we will take the providers outstanding AR (60+ days) and work those claims that have not paid or processed. This allows your staff to focus on the billing and follow-up of current claims. As we work the claims we pinpoint areas that need addressing to eliminate future problems. Allowing us to help clean up your outstanding reimbursements allows the provider to see if his current biller or service can handle future claims effectively.

10 TriMed Billing Solutions offers providers AR Recovery service either on a percentage base or a monthly flat fee. There is a minimum non-refundable deposit required for services to begin. The usual percentage fee for AR-Recovery is 8-15% based upon the age of claims outstanding and the difficulty of recovery. (appeals). Providers who would like to pay a flat rate fee, we estimate the amount of claims we consider are recoverable based on the timely filing limits, the amount outstanding and the time it would take to recover those claims. The average fee is usually between $1200.00-$1800.00 per month. Our average time on provider accounts are 90-160 days.

11 Visit our website to complete a Practice Analysis Email for more Call us 866-319-3977 or 919-482-5940 Once we obtain your information we will be able to extend a quote for services It only takes 3-5 business days to get you started TriMed Billing Solutions, LLC PO Box 98574 7800 Falls of Neuse Rd. Raleigh, NC 27615 A Personal Touch, A Professional Approach

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