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بِسمِ اللہِ الرّحمٰنِ الرّحِیمِ

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1 بِسمِ اللہِ الرّحمٰنِ الرّحِیمِ

2  The Company  Today’s challenges and their causes  Today’s most essential needs  The Product  The Marketing System Kindly switch off your cell Phones, and listen carefully This is an important presentation for you.



5  Imbalanced society measures  Low income  Low purchasing power  Lowest lifestyle with highest depression  Theft, robberies, terrorism, family problems, social problems  Hard to get good education, food, health facilities and peace of mind


7  Marketing/Advertisement  Education  Savings  Health Concerns  Preparation for future challenges by learning advance skills  And off course no need to mention “ Money”


9 1. Online Advertisement/Earning And lots of splendid products are coming… We are focusing on your needs and tried to select all of these as our products so you may fulfill your needs along with unlimited earnings by our unique, excellent and most powerful Marketing System

10 The average person is exposed to approximately 2000 ads each week. Do you see that many or more? Advantages: › Internet is where audience is moving › Ad targeting › Greater opportunities for interactivity › To sell products or ideas by presenting its message so well that the customer will buy the product or accept the idea presented.

11  Advertising is any paid form of personal and non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. › The time or space devoted to it is paid for. › It uses a set format to carry the message. rather than personal, one-on-one selling. › It identifies the sponsor of the message.


13 We are using a pure Natural and most powerful system to expand our business network around the globe… Yes… it’s Word of Mouth Referral System” “ Word of Mouth Referral System”

14 Traditional Marketing System Marketing budget 65% to 80% Word of Mouth Referral System Company saves its marketing budget and distribute it as commissions among its users Advertiser Company Sole Distrbtr DistributorWholesalerRetailer User CompanyUser

15 1. Basic Net 2. Advance Net 3. Rainbow Net 4. Special Task Bonus

16 Minimum Purchase of Rs. 3000 only and get an income opportunity for free Refer only 2 friends Each referral 250x2= Rs.500 No limit of your direct referrals That means…. When you refer 2 friends into Basic Net y ou q qq qualify for outclass and unbelievable earning system of Advance Net User Id: Password: @ YOUHamidZubair AliAliya RubabSana

17 Basic Net Advance Net Your 1 st step completed Qualified for next step Rs. 3000 1/1=1 Step 1 Step= Rs. 3000 2 1 4 3 YOU 2 1 4 3 Zubair Hamid Your 2 nd step completed Qualified for next step Your 3 rd step completed Qualified for next step YOU Zubair 1 Hamid 4 3 7 8 11 13 12 14 2 9 10 YOU Rs. 3000 YOU Hamid YOU Zubair Hamid The faster your team Completes their steps the faster your steps will complete

18 Yo u A Ali Rubab Aliya Hashir Shaheer Zubair B K L IJ GHEF C D Rubab Ali E F G H I J Yo u A B K L I J GH E F C D Aliya Shaheer Hashir Basic Net When you refer a friend into the system he will be placed into rainbow net too By this splendid system all team members supports each other, success of one is success of everyone. Your Referrals will be placed into rainbow net automatically by left to right formula After 3 referrals the next referral will be placed at the vacant position from left to right Boost Up International We assure you won’t find such a great, easy and most profitable earning system like Boost Up International When you join the system your entry places into basic and rainbow at the same time Rainbow Net

19 Lev el No. of People Commis sion Incentives 13300- 29900- 3272700Leaders Dinner 4818100Mobile Phone 52432430 0 Motor Bike 70cc 67297290 0 Pakistan Tour 721872187 00 Internation al Tour 3279 00 Grand Total Rainbow net is another fantastic, easy and profitable system like Basic and Advance net Let us show you how easy you could achieve all these benefits

20 LevelMonthNo. of People CommissionIncentives 113300- 229900- 33272700 Leaders Dinner 44818100 Mobile Phone 5524324300 Motor Bike 70cc 6672972900 Pakistan Tour 772187218700 International Tour 327900 Grand Total If you refer just 3 friends once in a whole life and they do the same and duplicate this action, can you imagine you can achieve this target in just 7 months. you will earn Rs. 46,842 average per month in just 7 months. Isn't it amazing ?



23  Right time  Right Place  Right Decision  Right Platform Everything is Perfect,

24 1. Contact the person who refer you to this presentation. 2. Log onto: 3. Email us: 4. Skype: boostupint


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