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Hillsborough - the human side of information work Jan Parry HonFCLIP, CILIP Vice President.

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1 Hillsborough - the human side of information work Jan Parry HonFCLIP, CILIP Vice President

2 The Hillsborough Disaster The Hillsborough Independent Panel – my role The role of information Hillsborough – the human side of information work

3  The disaster took the lives of 96 people  94 on the day itself  95 th three days later  96 th in 1993  The 97 th victim Saturday 15 th April 1989



6 Warnings of potential disaster 1981- serious crushing injuries, no fatalities 1987 – crushing 1988 – crushing alleviated using barriers to create queues to turnstiles AND once the pens were full, the central tunnel was closed

7 Leading up to the disaster - 1989 Hillsborough chosen for FA cup semi final despite known safety issues Experienced Match Commander moved jobs New Chief Supt. promoted less than 3 weeks before the match = new Match Commander

8 Leading up to the moment Police Operational order not amended Roadworks on the M62 – delayed fans Leppings Lane not closed to Sheffield traffic until 2.22 p.m Crowd not managed into queues for turnstiles

9 Leading up to the moment Central Pens 3 & 4 full at 2.50 p.m Tunnel to the central pens remained open Lack of signage and stewarding to other standing areas

10 Leading up to the moment Kick off due at 3.00 p.m. but crowds still outside the turnstiles 2.47 p.m Police outside radioed to Police Control Box asking for Exit Gate C to be opened Match Commander gave the order to open one of the large exit Gates - Gate C

11 Leading up to the moment Police inside the ground unaware Tunnel to central pen remained open 3.04 pm - a crash barrier in pen 3 gave way 3.06 pm - Match stopped

12 What happened next? Confusion Gymnasium - temporary mortuary Senior Officials were told fans had forced Exit Gate C Witness statements taken

13  Lord Justice Taylor – Interim report July 1989 - Final report January 1990  West Midlands Police - investigated South Yorks. police  The Inquest - Dr Stefan Popper, Coroner 19 November 1990  Lord Justice Stuart Smith scrutiny – Feb 1998 The Official Investigations

14 15 April 2009 20 th Anniversary Memorial Andy Burnham Early release of all documents? The Hillsborough Independent Panel

15  My Role – Research, Families, Disclosure  The Panel ◦ Terms of reference ◦ Information experts - Sarah Tyacke & Christine Gifford How the Programme Developed

16 The Hillsborough Independent Panel

17  Finding family information ◦ Hillsborough Family Support Group ◦ Hillsborough Justice Campaign ◦ Hope for Hillsborough ◦ All the others  Managing expectations & sensitivities The families

18  Which organisations?  Scanning, digitising, cataloguing & redaction  Secure System – Lextranet  Researchers  Medical knowledge Finding the documents

19 What was found? 1979 – last valid safety certificate Poor communication between all agencies Minimal medical treatment at the ground Witness statements were changed Re-examination of all Post Mortems revealed differences

20  FAMILIES FIRST  Panel disclosure  41 could have lived Disclosure Day 12 September 2012

21  Disclosure Day – David Cameron apology  The Report & the Website Disclosure Day & beyond k




25 More impact Apologies Resignations Original inquests quashed on 19 Dec 2012

26 What did we do next? Post disclosure support for families The Permanent Archive of documents Video & Audio footage Recommendations for record keeping for police and coroners

27 What is happening now? New inquest - Lord Justice Goldring IPCC investigation - misconduct or criminal behaviour by police officers after the tragedy Operation Resolve – Asst. Commissioner Jon Stoddart All decisions made (or not) and actions undertaken by those agencies/organisations who had responsibility of duty of care to those attending the match on 15 April 1989

28  Information Professionals  The Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report is backed by documentary evidence  Records and information delivered the truth “And truth must now lead to justice.” Rt Rev James Jones, Bishop Of Liverpool (retired) Information and the Truth

29 Useful Websites Hillsborough Independent Panel Hillsborough Inquests IPCC investigation Operation Resolve

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