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Bridging IT implementation with ANZs organisational culture Peter Dean Head of Technology, Personal Banking & Wealth Australia and New Zealand Banking.

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1 Bridging IT implementation with ANZs organisational culture Peter Dean Head of Technology, Personal Banking & Wealth Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Presentation to AFR 3 rd Annual Banktech Summit 7 November 2002

2 Page 2 Agenda The ANZ approach –Strategy –Technology focus Aligning IT with ANZs culture –People –Customers –Processes –Infrastructure IT Case Study: ANZs approach to project management - aligning IT with ANZs culture. Key achievements

3 Page 3 ANZs Strategy Organic out-performance Portfolio reshaping Transformational moves Extend specialisation Grow customer numbers Increase share of wallet Drive productivity Revenue growth materially higher than expense growth Take business units to sustainable leadership positions Build a range of strategic options Our targets Invest in high growth areas Build specialist capabilities Exit weak positions Risk reduction Step changes in positioning Creating new growth options Proactively shaping industry Breakout culture Create the Bank with a Human Face Build strong commitment to our people Promote team performance and cultural transformation

4 Page 4 ANZs Technology Focus Putting technology to work to: Provide our customers with a personalised, consistent experience Empower our customers and our people with real time information access and online applications via web-based technology, anywhere and anytime Ensure our technology is robust, flexible and cost effective Aggressively reduce costs, improving productivity, benchmarking, increasing straight-through processing, simplifying and automating administrative functions Provide low-risk, high-efficiency & state-of-the-art payment capabilities

5 Page 5 Agenda The ANZ approach –Strategy –Technology focus Aligning IT with ANZs culture –People –Customers –Processes –Infrastructure IT Case Study: ANZs approach to project management - aligning IT with ANZs culture. Key achievements

6 Page 6 Initial Strategy (1998) – provided focus to align IT with ANZs culture Little BU focus Poor understanding of business drivers Service levels poorly understood Leadership weaknesses High staff turnover: 18% Many cultures Poor disaster recovery Inconsistent architectures Poor project management & methodology Billing of services incomplete and inaccurate Inflexible, high cost technology 15 data networks 6 core systems Many different platforms 1998: Inward focused, low satisfaction, weak process, complex infrastructure InfrastructureProcessPeople Customers (BU)

7 Page 7 Customers - Commitment to focus technology on business unit objectives Electronic timesheet capture for IT project tracking, reporting & billing Detailed billing to Business Units for IT services Customer survey/ feedback process on 6 monthly basis. Linked to individuals performance measures. Service level agreements in place for each Business Unit Average SLA for major systems Average Average Average Clear alignment between Technology & Business Units

8 Page 8 People - Skilled & committed heavily subsidised packages for staff to acquire PCs Online training courses Management tertiary qualifications policy Half yearly staff survey with action teams to address issues raised Breakout cultural transformation workshop eVouchers provided free to staff to choose reading materials

9 Page 9 Capability Maturity Model Significant productivity & quality improvements CMM –Australia Partial level 2 certification - 1 st Australian Bank –Bangalore, India level 4 certification Project in a Box Best of breed project management tools Central repository for all project reporting Open access to all users Process – designed to improve execution capability Project management training Generic training courses tailored with ANZ specific content & latest Project in a Box tools Reengineering in a Box Standard tools, templates & process for re-design of business processes Continuous improvement programme Driving real culture change Series of workshops for all staff Resulted in significant cost savings

10 Page 10 Infrastructure - Commitment to rationalisation & standardisation 1998: 6 major systems CBS Hogan 2001 Core Systems Provide all staff with best tools possible -Low cost of ownership through standard solution OS/2 Win 3.1 Win NT DOS Servers & Desktops 1998 Multiple data networks 2000 IP network -Single IP Network provides universal connectivity Platform Focus Eg,W2K, UNIX, MVS major platforms Platforms Greater ability to leverage new technologies -Lower hardware, software licence fees & support costs -Simpler systems & platforms reduce cycle times

11 Page 11 Initial IT strategy (1998) – where are we in 2002? Explicit business partnership High Customer satisfaction 7.7 (Sep 02) Service Level Agreements Customer Survey/ feedback process Significant benefits from our continuous improvement program Improved Staff satisfaction to 83% IT staff turnover below 4% Training on-line Leadership Development program Performance culture Full DRP in all critical processes 854 staff through Project Mgt program New Processes - PiaB, One Team, CMM, Niku, RAD, Phased funding, Outcome Management Technology costs defined and regularly reported Technology governance, standards & policies Detailed billing Tandem, Unix & AS400 rationalisation 2 core systems Single IP Network Standard Win2000 desktop across Australia Intranet to all but 800 Intl staff Established strategy for standardisation and re-use 2002: Customer focused, positive culture, improving process, simpler infrastructure Customers (BU) PeopleProcessInfrastructure

12 Page 12 Agenda The ANZ approach –Strategy –Technology focus Aligning IT with ANZs culture –People –Customers –Processes –Infrastructure IT Case Study: ANZs approach to project management - aligning IT with ANZs culture. Key achievements

13 Page 13 Situation analysis - What our internal business customers expect from IT IT support of each Business Units strategy and agenda and elivery of annual Business Unit targets Dedicated IT team to meet Business Unit needs Maximisation of the return on investment in technology Accelerated, high quality, no surprises delivery of IT projects Substantial increase in output, at reduced cost Zero customer impact operating environment Increasingly aggressive use of technology in short time frames

14 Page 14 Our Project Management Challenge Situation High demand for professional staff –Resources increasingly expensive and limited –Need to move from traditional technical focus to systems & business integration focus Complexity of large specialist organisation –Projects increasingly need to cover multiple businesses Need to improve project delivery and build & maintain a project management culture –Ensure a no surprises culture Solution Develop high quality project management system to better leverage our existing project management capability

15 Page 15 Our Approach Began with pilot of 100 staff Development of ANZs Project Management practices Widespread deployment in Australia Implementation in India To ensure high quality delivery of IT projects, we implemented a two-phased approach - the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) for software development, followed by the refinement and enhancement of our project management (PM) practices Results were meeting expectations within 6 months Work has been almost entirely self funding CMMPM

16 Page 16 Project Management Practices – what we have done What Improved project delivery capability Improved project management capability Better managed the utilisation of project management skill sets to our project portfolio Key attributes Evidenced by increase in projects with green or amber status Peer reviews, training and mentoring of project managers, project review process More informed of skill levels of project managers and better understand current and future skill requirements

17 Page 17 Improved delivery capability Professional project management culture Appropriate project management skills available for all project engagements Highly developed project management skills and practices Improved risk profile for portfolio of projects Enhanced compliance to all standards and policies Project Management Practices – key outcomes

18 Page 18 Project Management Practices - advantages For our business Greater flexibility Improved exposure and understanding of project risk portfolio More predictable project start-up and outcomes Standard modus operandi Development of the correct Project Management skill set for now and the future Better and wanted project managers most appropriate candidate for an engagement Proper management of Project Management careers For team members Better development of Project Management career paths Increased choice on future engagements Focussed career management Mentoring and coaching from within/ peer support Information forums Generic measurable Project Management KRAs Participate in project peer reviews

19 Page 19 Key lessons Do this for tangible, business outcomes Use metrics to track progress and lock in results Make sure everyone is accountable for the same outcomes – and use strong incentives Strong support for teams with their customers – dates will be missed early in the program Teams go through a valley of despair in the early stages and need help through this Key challenge is change management Winning hearts and minds is difficult at outset First 6 months is very difficult – needs strong leadership & experience helps Success = excitement = more success

20 Page 20 Key achievements Aligning IT implementation with ANZs focus on people, customers, process and infrastructure has delivered: –Better outcomes for ITs business unit customers –Higher customer satisfaction –High IT staff satisfaction rate –High quality, more productive IT staff –Simpler infrastructure - robust processes supported by a continuous improvement focus

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22 Page 22 Copy of presentation available on

23 Page 23 The material in this presentation is general background information about the Banks activities current at the date of the presentation. It is information given in summary form and does not purport to be complete. It is not intended to be relied upon as advice to investors or potential investors and does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular investor. These should be considered, with or without professional advice when deciding if an investment is appropriate. For further information visit or contact Philip Gentry Head of Investor Relations ph: (613) fax: (613)

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