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Hello people!!.

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1 Hello people!!

2 To write about yourself is one of the toughest tasks !!!
To start off, I love meeting new people and exploring new places. Also, I love clicking pictures which makes me a shutterbug although I am not a pro but I click pretty decent pictures . My other hobbies include listening to music and watching movies. My aim in life is to join an advertising agency. Being a part of this Cross Cultural Business Correspondence is an opportunity for me to be a part of a virtual business organisation which works and functions like a real one. How cool is that!! This will help me in identifying the pros and cons of working in a business organisation. Also, it will help me in improving my communication skills and recognising my strengths and weaknesses. I am quite excited about this programme. Nishchaya Sadhwani

3 !Hola amigos..!!! My name is Parul Parihar and I am currently pursuing (Advertising). I aspire to become a specialist in advertising and marketing. This is my second year with CCBC but I am still looking forward to it with great zeal and excitement..!! Well, I would describe myself as open-minded, jovial, easy-going, fun loving and as a person who loves to take up new challenges. In my free time I like to go out and hang around with friends and family. Reading books, listening to music and watching movies are also some of my leisure time activities..! :D

4 21 years and counting, each day I wake up with a dream anew
21 years and counting, each day I wake up with a dream anew. Every dream overlapped, one over the other makes me what I am.          Uncertainty, shrouds me at all ends. Sometimes I argue with myself if its my impossibly sceptical nature that makes me question all that exists. I long to be part of the crowd, never hungry for the limelight. I wish to be part of the problem, and from there on work horrendously towards the solution. Driven high, I am here to stand and deliver. Wondrous things happen everyday, I aspire to be the one that makes them happen. I don't wish to be on the forefront, I strive to be the rabid dog who makes the show. so it happens, I may not always know the answer to everything that is asked of me, but I never stop until I find that answer.    Abinav Ram.S

5 The only dream I have is to become an Economist
The only dream I have is to become an Economist. My name is Shivam Sitoke, born on (a period of inflation). I have lots of demands from God and my parents, but the only utility I have derived till now is my objective (Economist). I am a techno-savvy person and love to hack into others’ computers (a dream). I am trying to find myself and it’s the hardest thing I have ever done.

6 My Name is Palash Badal. I am from the School of Accounting and Finance at Jagran Lakecity University. I like adventurous activities, making new friends, travelling, specially to hilly regions. I am not a talkative person but I always participate in various discussions. I am an inquisitive person.

7 My name is Tanvi Gupta and all I wish is to be a successful event manager. I am sweet (according to my friends), humble, down to earth and I love to help others. I love taking risks and like adventures too. Sleeping, hanging out with friends and watching movies is all I do in my leisure time. Travelling around the world is my dream. A girl with happy go lucky nature.

8 My name is Rahul Gupta. I am studying in Jagran Lakecity University(B
My name is Rahul Gupta. I am studying in Jagran Lakecity University( 1st Year). I have taken accounting and finance as my subject. My interest lies in hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing basketball, football and watching T.V. I am too talkative but I never talk useless things. I love to go to college because I enjoy my friends’ company. Sometimes studies irritate me but at the same time I work hard also. I think I am a result oriented guy and committed towards my work.

9 I am ADITI AGRAWAL, pursuing BBA
I am ADITI AGRAWAL, pursuing BBA. I aspire to become a successful role model for this society. I am friendly, fun loving and easy going person who loves to spread happiness all round. I have done this project last year and it was really successful, it made me learn a lot of new things . I am hoping for the same this year.

10 Hi friends My name is Arpit Jain . My school life was awesome and I enjoyed a lot in my school , I will never forget my school , my teachers ,friends , and culture of my school because it was very different from other schools . After passing out from school I joined Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal for my graduation, and am pursuing Bachelors Of Management Study. My hobbies are dancing ,swimming, playing games, sports, chatting with friends. When I am alone I always prefer to play games on my mobile or try to do something creative. My ambition is to be an entrepreneur.

11 My name is Aniket Pagey. I am a student of Bachelor of Commerce ( Investment Banking) from Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. My hobbies include reading books, driving cars and playing table tennis. My favorite colors are red and black. I also love listening to music but the genre completely depends on my mood. I love to spend time with my family and special ones and sometimes love to spend time alone where I can analyze myself and think upon how to improve myself.

12 Vikrant Sharma To judge yourself through someone else’s eyes, is never an easy task to do. To define myself in a paragraph, I am someone who has always believed in the fact that your attitude is what makes you what you are and what you wish to be. I have always tried to gauge myself in terms of not what I am simply capable, but what I possess the mettle of accomplishing. Full term scholar from Delhi Public School, I graduated in International Business with honors from Leeds Met India. I am a voracious reader who enjoys to read the likes of Jeffrey Archer, Paulo Coelho, JRR Tolkien, Sheldon, Dan Brown and several others. Besides Music and Movies being the other avid interests, travelling (planned/unplanned) is a deep rooted love that has always been there since the time I gained senses.

13 Hi. I am Priyanshi Patel. I am a simple girl
Hi! I am Priyanshi Patel. I am a simple girl ! I love to make people laugh because there’s nothing more fulfilling than bringing laughter to someone’s face. I am crazy for animals, I love them a lot though I don’t have any because of my family but I would like to have own a zoo. I like to dance, sketch, play badminton, cricket, football and I love eating :P My favorite series is Supernatural. It’s my second year with CCBC. 

14 I am ANKITA GARVE, BBA 2nd year
I am ANKITA GARVE, BBA 2nd year. In my free time I try to be with my family as much as possible. I also love to dance. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading and listening to music. I consider myself as a person who enjoys taking up new challenges and working with people. I am hardworking and a responsible person. My future plans are to do an MBA and be a part of a reputed MNC. I joined CCBC project because I love to meet new people and work with them.

15 Amidst skyscraping ambitions yet apprehensions , undying willingness yet hesitance ; I , Samidha Sahoo, stand on the threshold of so called age of “ teenaged adult “ where life is full of paradox. On the edge of stepping into the big real world , I am all set to don the jetpacks and soar into the sky. Books have always been a significant part enabling to usher me into a world of mine where I can find profound peace. My aspirations know no bounds and this gives me different areas to explore and develop like my recent penchant for fine tuning my culinary skills.. Accepting and surpassing different problems in life , I seek to dream big and turn them into reality.

16 Name – Anuja Gurele Course – Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication Hobbies – singing, writing poems, watching wrestling matches and news channels. Interests- I have interest in learning different languages other than the ones which I know, I like to travel a lot and to take part in adventurous sports and activities.

17 I am Gauri Chaturvedi, and I believe in living life to the fullest and striving hard to achieve my goals. Friendly yet clear, decisive yet considerate, and a visionary yet being thoughtful is my habit. I am outspoken and aggressive however very humane and caring too. I trust in the law of nature – “What you sow, you reap”. If you define me in one word, it’ll be - LIVELY !!

18 Hello. My name is Samarth Shrivastava. I am from Bhopal M. P
Hello! My name is Samarth Shrivastava. I am from Bhopal M.P. Currently studying in Jagran Lakecity University, passed out from Rajeev Gandhi school. My hobbies are dancing, playing football , reading novels, listening to songs. And my other interest is watching TV shows and movies.

19 I am Purvi Makwe and I am a student of banking and finance.
I love to interact with new people and make new friends. I like to shop and cook. This is my 1st year of C.C.B.C. and I am enjoying it a lot. I love to hang out with friends and we all have fun together. Also, I am a foodie. I like to chat and I believe in smiling and being happy;I am very joyful. And people actually enjoy my company because I know how to make a person happy.

20 FOCUS SHOULDN’T BE ON WHERE YOU’VE BEEN, BUT ON WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. I am Aishwarya Goyal still exploring what I really want from life or rather where life wants to take me. I think nothing is impossible for the person who backs DESIRE with enduring FAITH. You just need a right plan and BURNING DESIRE to turn your DREAMS into reality. I have always enjoyed travelling to different cultures and people. Meditation and introspection is something where I can find profound peace and it helps me to connect my dots with the ALMIGHTY. I admire great entrepreneurs and its my dream to become a successful entrepreneur.

21 “life is short break the rules, forgive
Dreaming about football, thinking about becoming rich and following Bear Grylls. That’s me, KUMAR, student of Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, studying B.Com accounting and finance. I’m a simple guy who day dreams, loves to drive and hangout with friends. I also love reading romantic novels, horror stories, watching ‘Man vs Wild’. I HATE VEGETABLES AND I LOVE SWEETS. And I follow the maxim that “life is short break the rules, forgive Quickly, think slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, never regret anything that makes you smile”…

22 My name is Aditi Sharma. I’m doing my graduation from Jagran Lakecity University and I have chosen B.B.A . I did my schooling from Army Public School , BHOPAL. Coming to my interests. My interest (Sailing) is all related to LAKES , OCEANS , SEAS. SAILING is a water sports .Sailing is my hobby and now coming to my carrier there is NO fixed AIM and that is the main reason why I have joined JLU - to get known to my GOAL .

23 ABHIUDAY JHA I am pursuing MBA in international business. I am a sporty person and I love to interact with people. I am an amiable person. I am passionate about my dreams. I love music like Hip-hop, trance, and classic. I am a religious and peaceful person. I believe life is short so live it to the fullest. I joined CCBC so that I could know about different people and their culture, and also to enhance and learn business skills and experience from it will be vital.

24 Hello friends My name is Ashutosh Gupta
Hello friends My name is Ashutosh Gupta. I have completed my school education from Campion School and currently I am pursuing B.Com from Jagran Lakecity University. I love to listen to music. I love to play football and do adventure sports as well. I did bungee jumping last year. Watching movies and hanging out with friends are also my favorite pass times.

25 I am Ruchi Rashinkar, 21, from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh(M. P. ), India
I am Ruchi Rashinkar, 21, from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh(M.P.), India. I am pursuing Bachelor of Business Administration. Key Skills: Analytical Skill Observation Skill Creativity Ambivert Optimistic Decisive Curious Hobbies and Interests : Travelling Music Reading Gathering information Volunteering Photography Dramatics.

26 I am Ali Asghar. I am an M.B.A student resuming my studies from Jagran Lake city University, Bhopal. I am fond of music, adventure and food. I have opted for C.C.B.C. I am involved in my family business and am practicing the same for the last 3years. I have discovered a ton of new fascinating ideas for expanding my business.

27 Johar Husain Saify Hi friends I am pursuing MBA in Entrepreneurship
Johar Husain Saify Hi friends I am pursuing MBA in Entrepreneurship. My hobbies are playing cricket, football and I love to listen to songs and doing adventurous sports like rope climbing, trekking and river rafting. I have taken CCBC because I love to learn and experience new things in life.I do my family business and I want some new and innovative ways to expand it all over India. Through CCBC I want some good ideas and innovation.

28 I am Akanksha Wankhede. I did my schooling from Army Public School and am now doing my graduation in B.Com(Investment Banking) from Jagran Lakecity University. Apart from all this I have a very keen interest in music. I love singing and dancing. I am a very interactive kind of person and love to make new friends and hang out with them. I like adventure sports and make best of whatever time I have. I have least interest in attending the classes of the subject which I don’t like but at the end of the day I do become serious when it comes to proving myself. The ultimate aim of my life is to get into a respectful position in the Reserve Bank Of India.


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