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Maxine Danaro Associate Director Finance & Business Services.

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1 Maxine Danaro Associate Director Finance & Business Services

2 2 The Claims January 2003 Canberra Bushfires Mt Stromlo (RSAA) $44m Weston Creek (RSBS) $9m December 04 Theft from the Classics Collection Fine Arts Policy $550,000 (for one item) August 05 Explosion in RSC (Chemistry) $4m No fatalities $4 m claim December 05 Water event – Mouse House Event agreed Section 2 loss didnt get up 27 Feb 07 Storm event over Canberra Hail / rain Claim is ongoing

3 3 All Different Total loss versus partial loss Single underwriter Multiple underwriter Single loss assessor Multiple loss assessors Domestic underwriter International underwriter Sometimes Claims Manager appointed

4 4 27 February Storm Event CGU ISR Underwriters Lumleys – Vehicles Separate Fine Arts Policy Travel policy (VC costs)

5 5 The Players CGU – Underwriters Crawfords Appointed as the Loss Assessors Willis was ANUs broker (from 28 Feb 07) ANU Appointed Claims Manager – MSM And a myriad of experts

6 6 Quick Overview Happened at 10.20 pm on a Tuesday 100 buildings damaged 10 – greater than $1m University closed for 3 working days Classes resumed on Monday 5 March Some pictures to set the scene

7 7 Where to Start Claim formally notified at 6.30am on the 28 th Loss assessors travelling to Canberra by 9am Signed with new brokers by lunchtime 28 th ANU requested advice on Claims Mgt Services Signed MSM on 1 March

8 8 How Did We Manage the Event Facilities & Service take control VC overseas (travel policy) Controller – Director F&S BCPs existed Priority was to get teaching back underway Minimise the impact (therefore minimise the loss)

9 9 We Were Lucky No fatalities Libraries were open to 11pm so staff still on deck Primary computer centre stayed operational Power was cut to many buildings (deliberately) Early in the semester Minimal impact on student accommodation (2100 beds) 2 largest research schools – minimal damage Major lecture theatres were cleanable

10 10 Traded on Existing Relationships Outsourced cleaning contractors so they helped commandeer more cleaners, more equipment Staff helped (ANU has a mixture of permanent Facilities staff and contracted staff) We harnessed the power of all our suppliers The damage in Canberra was patchy so resources were not needed everywhere We utilised our previous experience!!

11 11 Teachng Resumes & then ….. The claim evolved into 2 components buildings (we included floors in building) Damaged equipment But F&BS / F&S worked closely together 50 business units Decentralised administration Insurance function sits in Finance & Business Insurance – FTE of 1.3 (& 10% of my time) Not appointed to the claim full time

12 12 The Strategty Evolves Agreed an approach with the loss assessors Four major project managers agreed to help – budgets, tenders & costing reviews approach Specialist projects run for mechanicals, flooring, skylights, glasshouses, acousticians, roofing experts Equipment recovery team of 12-15 bought onto Campus Equipment thresholds agreed with the loss assessor Remember = Replaced equipment belongs to the underwriter (therefore storage, disposal procedures required) F&BS Storm page

13 13 Some Stats Carpets15650 square metres Vinyl8500 square metres Split Systems475 split and packaged units damaged (total 750-800) Chillers24 condensers damaged in major chiller Sky lights84 damaged out of a possible 102 Fume Cupboards97 damaged out of a possible 487 Timber Flooringsports hall, aerobics floor, wshops & gallery Building160,000 square metres of damage out of a possible 435,000 Buildings 100 out of 150 Landscapeeverything was pruned Meetings days and days of them Paper/ thousands of emails Invoices = ? thousands

14 14 One Major Project School of Music Significant damage Significant impact on the UG students No where else to teach them (no relief from DEST dates) Major facility – damage done to the acoustic integrity of L. Hall (our 1300 seat concert / graduation/ etc facility) Five flats for visitors - damaged

15 15 School Of Music Continued 2 Steinway grand pianos damaged (plus many others) L. Hall – new roof? Could we fix the acoustics from below or did the roof have to come off Scaffolding project Chair project Acoustic engineers Structural engineers Then ANU decides to do $6m worth of work at the same time

16 16 School of Music Continues Section 2 loss July Piano Conference July & December graduations the opera!!

17 17 Mechanicals Size of the job Difficulty getting labour and parts Complexity of technical issues Mild summer 07/08

18 18 Insurance / Claims Issues Very few insurance issues Good policy We rarely got the policy wording out On site visits – weekly, then fortnightly, then monthly Saw the Underwriter on Campus!! 36 months

19 19 The Claim Reserve $75 million $58 million $42 miillion $35 million!! Work is still continuing Impact of reserve on renewal

20 20 Why Not $75 m ANU always thought about $50m Our section 2 loss has been much smaller We have utilised extensively our relationship with our panel contractors Gone to tender where possible Some work done by ANU staff Carpet bought up front & stored on Campus Not always possible to utilise externals or replace people eg Insurance staff time – not charged to the claim – the hidden cost

21 21 What Would We Do Different Insist on a senior ANU employee being formally appointed, full-time as project manager More forceful on equipment recovery and disposal More forceful on our 50 business units – see insurance & pass the buck Just accept that repair is more work than a total loss Try to manage the claim fatigue better

22 22 Post the Storm Trying to ensure standards are complied with for skylights, roofing etc Continuing our stormwater strategies Still formatting/ submitting the claim Still doing carpet, mechancials & glasshouses L. Hall, in the School of Music re-opens tonight Living with a poor claims record & the impact on our premiums/ level of cover etc

23 Questions?

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