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2 Technology Many jobs today require that you understand basic technology. There are some great opportunities out there for you if you can use a computer. Did you ever think of becoming somebody’s assistant? If you would like to become an assistant, often times you will be asked to put together presentations. You might even be asked to make a small presentation for a company. In this workshop I will teach you how to create a power-point presentation and then you will present your presentation to your peers. (You will work in pairs!)

3 Ok Lets Get Started!  Open up Microsoft Power-Point 2013  When you open up Microsoft, you will have to make a choice from background designs, once you have chosen one, click create.  Now your presentation will be open  Go to your student drive and Save ! Name file Careers Workshop 2  If you decide you do not like the initial design you have chosen that is fine, you can change it! Go up to the tool bar, click on design, and choose new design!

4 Possible Themes for Presentation :  Favorite Vacation  Favorite Movie  Favorite Food Criteria for Presentation: Slide #1: Your Topic, your name, your partners name, and a picture Slide #2: Person A’s favorite__________ and a picture. Slide #3: Person B’s favorite __________ and a picture. Slide #4: Why this is person A’s favorite? Slide #5: Why this is person B’s favorite? Slide #6: Do you and your partner have a movie that you both like? If so what is it? Slide #7: What is the next movie that you would like to go and see at the movie theater?

5 Features you need to use in Microsoft Power-point to receive full credit for your final project…  Different Transition between each slide  Insert  Online Pictures  Change Text size and Font Style  Change Text Color  Add an animation to one of your pictures

6 Favorite Vacation Ms. Fisher

7 Ms. Fisher’s favorite vacation spot is on ANY TROPICAL ISLAND!

8 Why do I like to vacation on islands? I find the ocean and beach relaxing!

9 Florida

10 Extension to lesson: For Ethan Rubric: Slide 1: If you could buy any type of car, what car would you buy? Slide 2: Why do you like this type of car? Slide 3: If you could own a motorcycle as well, what kind of motorcycle would you buy? Slide 4: Find a boat that you think would be relaxing enough to take a cruise on. Slide 5: Look up different models of planes & jets. Choose a picture that appeals to you. Tell me what in that picture you thought was neat.


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