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2 Chancellor Paul B. Beran, Ph.D University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Chancellor


4 Jim Walcott Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. President and CEO

5 UAFS Workforce Leadership 188 Graduates from the program since 1994. Mandatory for all new Supervisors, or for promotion into a leadership role. 2014 marks a 20 year partnership with UAFS in training WW&L leaders.

6 UAFS - WW&L Supervisor Training To date, 117 hours of on-site training per Supervisor. Since 2000, UAFS has delivered eight custom training programs for WW&L. Topics included leadership development, finance, grammar and a “boot camp” for all Supervisors.

7 UAFS Graduates While continuing to work, nine employees of WW&L have earned their bachelor’s degree from UAFS since 2000. In the last twelve months, WW&L has hired eight new employees, five are UAFS alumni.

8 Expectations for the Future Continued improvements in all educational outcomes/employment in the River Valley. Customization of programs to create opportunities for talented employees with limited educational backgrounds. Continued partnership with local employers to meet the technical and professional needs of the community.

9 Questions

10 Judy McReynolds ArcBest Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer

11 Sue Brucker o Joined ArcBest in 1999 at a clerical level o Began pursuing a degree from UAFS in 2001 o Promoted to analyst level role in 2004 o Graduated in 2009 with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration “I am convinced that gaining my degree positioned me for advancement within ABF. I have been able to make a positive contribution back, not only to our Company, but to our community as well.”

12 Stephanie Kimberlin o Joined ArcBest as a student worker in 2007 o Promoted to coordinator role in 2012 o Graduated in 2012 with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration o Promoted to Account Manager in 2013 o Promoted to Operations Supervisor in 2014 "It was about accomplishing a goal I had set for myself many years ago - to be the first member on both sides of my family to graduate college with a bachelors degree. And with the education from UAFS and the support from ArcBest, I turned that dream into a reality. "

13 Jeremy May o Joined ArcBest as a student worker o Promoted to a part-time analyst role while he was still a student o Graduated in 2008 with bachelor’s degree in Marketing o Earned promotion to full-time role immediately upon graduation o Promoted to a Lead Analyst two years after graduation o Promoted to a Senior Analyst five months later o Promoted to a Manager position in 2012 (4 years after graduation) “Without question, I wouldn’t be where I am today without a degree from UA Fort Smith. In addition to technical knowledge, I developed soft skills that have helped me navigate the challenges I face each day. ” Video was removed due to size. – UAFS University Relations Office You can view the video via YouTube here: h?v=EGbHP_9zhYE&feature=you h?v=EGbHP_9zhYE&feature=you

14 Questions

15 Melissa Hanesworth Pernod Ricard Managing Director

16 In 2013, manufacturers contributed $2.08 trillion to the economy. This is up from $2.03 trillion in 2012. The $2.08 trillion represents 12.5% of GDP. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.32 is added to the economy. This is the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. Source: National Association of Manufacturers What role does manufacturing play today?

17 Manufacturing supports an estimated 17.4 million jobs in the United States – about one in six private sector jobs. In 2013, the average manufacturing worker in the United States earned $77,506 annually, including pay and benefits. The average worker in all industries earned $62,546. Manufacturers in the US perform 2/3 of all private-sector R&D in the nation, driving more innovation than any other sector. Taken alone, manufacturing in the US would be the 8 th largest economy in the WORLD! Source: National Association of Manufacturers

18 Manufacturing Employment by State



21 Fort Smith the Corporate City

22 Regional Demographics

23 Fort Smith 1.Manufacturing Executives Association (MEA) 2.43 companies are members of MEA 3.$2,988,474,000 in annual revenues 4.$53,104,100 in annual capital investment 5.18,000+ employed in this sector 6.18% of our MSA population work in manufacturing Fort Smith is Arkansas’s Manufacturing Hub

24 Traditional Economic Development Projects ◦ Fort Smith Chamber worked over 40 projects in the region with new capital investments over $285 million and 2,517 new jobs 2013-2014 Economic Development

25 Fort Smith Recent Successes ◦ Umarex North American HQ’s – (Office) ◦ Answer Fort Smith – (Office) ◦ Phoenix Metals – (Manufacturing) ◦ Community Health Systems (SSC) – (Office) ◦ Thermold Magazines - (Manufacturing) ◦ Mars Pet Care - (Manufacturing) ◦ Georgia Pacific - ( Manufacturing) ◦ ArcBest HQ’s – (Office) 2013-2014 Economic Development

26 Fort Smith Recent Successes ◦ Gerber – (Manufacturing) ◦ Butler & Cook – (Manufacturing) ◦ Georgia Pacific – (Manufacturing) ◦ OK Foods – (Manufacturing) ◦ Trane – (Manufacturing) 2013-2014 Economic Development Cont.

27 215 Employees Approximately 200 local companies Economic impact tens of millions Pernod Ricard USA Fort Smith

28 In order to retain the manufacturing business we have and attract new manufacturers to our area, we must have a skilled workforce. Technology improvements offer great impact to improve manufacturing processes. However, in order to capitalize on those advancements in technology, we must have a skilled workforce. -Technical -Problem solving -Management -Communication The responsibilities of a production worker today are far different than they were even 20 years ago. Today an employee is expected to not only operate their machinery, but also have the technical skills and knowledge to troubleshoot and make basic repairs. Retain and Attract

29 Center for Business and Professional Development (CBPD) at UAFS served over 100 companies and 4,000 of their employees in 2013. Facilitation Consulting Continuing education programs Customized training and development Workforce leadership Quality systems, Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma Portable computer laboratories Pre-employment testing and training Project management Strategic planning Professional Services

30 Recent global clients of CBPD @ UAFS include CompanyHeadquarters ABB (Baldor)Zurich, Switzerland Bekaert CorporationFortrijk, Belgium GerdauRio Grande do Sol, Brazil Mars PetcareHackettstown, NJ, USA Pernod RicardParis, France Saint-GobainParis, France UmarexGermany Nestle-GerberVevey, Switzerland CBPD Partnerships

31 Start with a foundation of education: Degree Programs: Of our approximate 215 employees, 54 have Bachelors Degrees 10 have Masters Degrees 5 employees are pursuing their Bachelors 3 employees are pursuing their Masters 11 employees graduated from UAFS Our Demographics

32 We must build upon the foundation Customized training programs: Supervisor/leadership training ◦ 10 supervisors received 16 weeks of on-site training ◦ Each employee earned college credit for this course Computer skills training Future opportunities: Robotics training PLC training Controls/Servo Motors Training (Beginning/Advanced) Our Demographics

33 Hiring the best candidates is only the start We must focus on continuing to advance the skills of our workforce This applies to not only production operators and skilled trades but also all levels of leadership We can’t allow technology advancements to outpace the skillsets of our workforce Commitment to continuously advancing the skillsets of our workforce is our responsibility to our community, our companies and most of all – our employees! Building Success

34 Strong manufacturing workforce Continuous commitment to skills advancement In order to attract new manufacturing opportunities and retain our current manufacturing base we must have both….

35 Questions

36 Lunch Break Thank You Lunch Sponsor: Stephens Productions Lunch will be provided in the galley for committee members and staff.

37 Dr. Leroy Cox College of Applied Science and Technology Interim Dean, Associate Professor

38 College of Applied Science and Technology Vision Statement: “The College of Applied Science & Technology at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith will be regarded as an innovative center for education based on the superior quality of graduates from its academic programs.” Mission Statement: “Utilizing a dynamic, hands-on approach to instruction, the College of Applied Science & Technology creates educational opportunities for students that positively impact their potential for employment as well as the economic development of the community, state, and region.”

39 CAST at a Glance CAST supports students, business and industry through our two-year technical programs, Center for Business and Professional Development, four-year completion degree program, and Western Arkansas Technical Center (WATC) Number of Declared Majors: 735 Confers Certificates of Proficiency, Technical Certificates, Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees, or four-year completion degrees

40 CAST Programs Animation Technology* Applied Science* Automotive Technology Administrative Professional and Office Technology Computer Graphics Technology Computer Maintenance and Service Technology ATMAE Accreditation Electronics Technology Organizational Leadership* Paralegal Studies Robotics Technology Welding Technology Workforce Leadership (* - Completion Degree Program)

41 CAST Partners in Education Partnerships with 150+ companies in the region ◦Internships ◦Part-time and full-time employment ◦Advisory board participation ◦Employee training and certification

42 CAST – Employment Partners Some Regional Employers: o ArcBest o Weldon Williams & Lick Inc. o Pernod Ricard o Rheem o Baldor Electric o Army Corps of Engineers o Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Company o Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company o Arvest Bank o Cities of Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma o E-Squared Architecture and Interior Design, P.A.

43 CAST – Unique Programs Energy Auditing Sustainable Conservation $15 - $25/hour performing audits Teaching STEM through hands-on approaches

44 Certificate of Proficiency Technical Certificate Associate Degree Workforce Leadership is a college credit program that allows employees to take gradual steps up.

45 Associate Degree Bachelors Degree Our grads can step up to the Bachelors degree through our Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Organizational Leadership

46 CAST – Workforce Springboard Graduates of our completion degree programs have moved on to higher positions within their workplaces, new job opportunities, and graduate school ◦Masters of Business Administration – UA Fayetteville ◦Masters in Operations Management – UA Fayetteville ◦University of Arkansas School of Law ◦Thomas M. Cooley School of Law (Michigan) ◦University of Tulsa School of Law ◦Parker College of Chiropractic Medicine ◦University of Memphis

47 CAST – Two Year Partners

48 Questions

49 Chris Rink (WATC) Western Arkansas Technical Center (WATC) Director

50 Who We Are Area technical center Provide on-campus college classes at UAFS No cost for students to attend Students come from 6 counties and 21 high schools

51 Programs of Study Automotive Technology Broadcast Journalism Computer Engineering Computer Graphics Technology Criminal Justice Early Childhood Education Electronics Technology Graphic Design Health Sciences Welding Technology

52 What we do Served more than 6000 students and awarded more than 80,000 college credit hours since 1998 Capture students from various walks of life Help students be successful Provide students with tuition, books, transportation, and integrated instruction

53 WATC Goals To aid students in making an informed career choice To prepare students to enter the workforce upon high school graduation To encourage students to continue their education after high school

54 Questions

55 Dave Robertson Center for Business and Professional Development Director

56 Workforce LeadershipOpen EnrollmentContract TrainingConsulting

57 What about workers that just need a specific skill?

58 Open Enrollment Business & Office Computer Applications Presentation Skills Business Writing Time Management Inclusion Six Sigma Lean Enterprise Industrial Maintenance Electronics Hydraulics Robotics Commercial Drivers License

59 Contract Training (Customized, Scheduled, Onsite) Business & Office Computer Applications Presentation Skills Business Writing Time Management Inclusion Six Sigma Lean Enterprise Industrial Maintenance Electronics Hydraulics Robotics Commercial Drivers License

60 Consulting Strategic Planning Pre-Employment Training Family Business Consulting Out Placement Services

61 JD NEG Grant Award In cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Winrock & WAEDA $337,000 per year to UAFS for training Dislocated Workers & Veterans Supportive Services & OTJ Training Funding Three Tracks with proven demand for workers o Medical Billing & Coding o Multi-Craft Technician o Commercial Drivers License

62 Questions

63 Tour Schedule Baldor Technology Center o Automotive Service o Animation Technology o Welding o Robotics Pernod Ricard o 3:30 p.m. - meet at bus on 51 st street west side of Baldor Technology Center.

64 Thank You for Attending WELCOME TO UAFS



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