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1 New Zealand, November 2005 Mark R. Bartlett, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pharmanex Research & Development.

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1 1 New Zealand, November 2005 Mark R. Bartlett, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pharmanex Research & Development

2 2

3 3 Green Tea and Longevity Green Tea Consumption (Cups/Day) Prospective, 11-year cohort study of 8,552 subjects in Yoshimi, Japan, From: H. Fujiki et al., Ann. N.Y.Acad.Sci., 928:274, 2001; used with authors permission

4 4 HOW LONG WILL YOU LIVE? HOW LONG WILL YOU LIVE? … there is a correlation of the concentration of a number of different antioxidants in serum with increasing lifespan of mammalian species. Dr. Richard Cutler, National Institute of ageing, Washington, D.C. Dr. Richard Cutler

5 5 Highly reactive, short-lived molecules Damage cells and genetic material (DNA) 70,000 free radical attacks on DNA every day in a cell Ageing process Implicated in most health conditions Many different types of free radicals Free Radicals

6 6 Most Vulnerable to free radicals…

7 7 Where do Free Radicals come from? Environmental pollution (smog, ozone, NO 2 ) Radiation exposure: –sunlight (UV-light), X-rays, etc. Smoking: –10,000,000,000,000,000 free radicals/cigarette! Eating and Breathing : metabolism in your mitochondria

8 8 Antioxidants fight free radicals Slow down ageing processes & improve health: over 30,000 research studies on antioxidant health benefits affecting over 50 health conditions, including cardiovascular function, eye health, CNS health, skin health, etc. Many antioxidants work together: Antioxidant defence System Relies on a steady supply of dietary antioxidants Stop Free Radicals with Antioxidants

9 9 … low levels of the antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, E, and C) may increase risk for several chronic diseases. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) June 2002 Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc; Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, DrPH, Harvard University Journal of the American Medical Association 2002; 287: A Landmark Endorsement

10 10 Antioxidants: More than just One… Vitamin E: 8 natural forms Vitamin C Metallo-enzymes (cofactors) – Selenium, Zinc, Manganese Flavonoids: – Catechins, polyphenols etc Carotenoids: –Β-carotene, lutein, lycopene, α-carotene

11 11 Antioxidant protection Vitamin C Lutein Lycopene Betacarotene

12 12 LifePak ® 40+ Antioxidants All 8 forms of natural vitamin E Buffered vitamin C Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese 6 Carotenoids: –as found in 5-10 fruits & vegetables per day Over 20 Flavonoids: –6 Catechins, Quercetin, naringenin, hesperidin, 3 Soy isoflavones, Over 10 grape seed polyphenols Alpha-Lipoic Acid: 25 mg

13 13 LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin! What is LifePak ®

14 14 You Choose Spend all day eating this Or add LifePak to your lifestyle

15 15 LifePak ® Science is Measurable First to show antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits in double-blind studies 200,000+ published studies on LifePaks antioxidants Nearly 800,000 published studies on LifePaks 50+ ingredients First multivitamin/mineral supplement to pass top 3 safety certification tests

16 16 LifePak ® Clinical Study Smidt CR, Seidehamel RJ, Devaraj S, Jialal I. FASEB Journal Vol.13 No.4, p.A546, March LDL Protection* Vitamin E Beta-carotene Antioxidant and Cardiovascular Health

17 17 The Questions Skin Carotenoids – the Most Reliable Predictor of Antioxidant Status CarotenoidsVitamins C & E Bodys Internal Antioxidant Systems Carotenoids are the bodys first line of defence against free radicals. Carotenoid levels are most sensitive to oxidative stress

18 18 VITAMIN C cycle VITAMIN E cycle THIOL cycle NAD(P)H + H + NAD(P) + Lipid–water interface ROOH ROH PUFA O 2 – and other r adicals Metabolism, strenuous exercise, cigarette smoke, pollution, eating ROO RO The Antioxidant Network Carotenoids

19 19 Antioxidant Status can be measured …

20 20 Pharmanex has the two most powerful tools of the entire nutritional supplement industry worldwide: LifePak: one of the best multi-nutrient supplements BioPhotonic Scanner: the best consumer test for antioxidant nutrition.

21 21 See YOUR antioxidant score in 3 minutes! Measures your own antioxidant protection (skin carotenoids). Measure antioxidant effect of LifePak in your own body! Easy & non-invasive. Scientifically and clinically validated.

22 22 Invented by Werner Gellermann, Ph.D. (U. Utah) Patent rights licensed to Pharmanex Scientifically validated (4 clinical studies) Measures carotenoid antioxidants in skin –Important part of the bodys antioxidant defence system –good indicator of your antioxidant status Highly specific for carotenoids Based on Raman spectroscopy

23 23 What is Raman Spectroscopy? Intense monochromatic light (one colour only) interacts with molecules that have vibrational energy (e.g., carotenoids) and gets scattered at a higher wavelength (colour). Sir C. V. Raman, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1930 Carotenoid molecules shift blue laser light colour to green: from 473 nm to 510 nm

24 Data 33,000 People Frequency LifePak 5-9 Fruits & Vegetables Average (2-3 Fruits & Vegetables) Smokers Obesity LifePak Fruits & Vegetables 10, ,000 20, ,000 30, ,000 40, ,000 50,000+

25 25 Knowing LifePak is working

26 Data: Eat Fruits & Vegetables V. Low | Low | Mod.| High

27 Data: Dont Smoke!

28 : Maintain Normal Body Weight! Overweight people need extra antioxidant protection through diet and supplementation.

29 29 Carotenoid Correlation Study Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol.23, p.468, Oct 2004

30 30 Accepted by the Scientific Community New York Academy of Sciences, Feb 2003 Oxygen Club of California, Feb 2003 and Feb 2004 FASEB/American Society of Nutritional Sciences - April 2003 and April 2004 Gordon Research Conference, Jan 2004 Review paper published in Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research, May 2004 American College of Nutrition, October 2004

31 31 Skin Carotenoid Scale BLUE BLUE 50,000+: Truly outstanding diet and lifestyle habits. Long term. Excellent supplements, good genetics. GREEN GREEN 40, ,000: Excellent diets high in fruits & vegetables and excellent supplements. YELLOW YELLOW30, ,000: Better lifestyle. Healthy diet with fruits & vegetables and/or good supplements. ORANGE ORANGE20, ,000: Average lifestyle RED RED Under 19,000: Poor diet. Unhealthy lifestyle, no/ineffective supplements, poor genetics. Smoking?

32 32 Advice from The Expert Advice from The Expert Everyone should use the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner to learn their optimal body defence score. Once you have your number, work to increase it and maintain it with a rich diet in fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements. Dr. Lester Packer CNN Money

33 33 Motivation

34 34 What is LifePak ® ? A comprehensive nutritional wellness program delivering the optimum amounts of all essential and generally beneficial nutrients for long-term health and well-being.

35 35 LifePak ® - Anti-ageing Formula Health Benefits Optimum supplementation for general well-being 1. Addresses nutrient deficiencies 2. Cardiovascular benefits 3. Complete bone nutrition 4. Promotes healthy immune function 5. Supports normal blood sugar metabolism 6. Protects against ageing symptoms 7. Raises your antioxidant defence

36 36 1. Nutrient Deficiencies

37 37 1. Nutrient Deficiencies

38 38 Over 20 Antioxidants : protect blood lipids (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals 2. Cardiovascular Benefits LifePaks silent benefits: You dont feel them at first, but you will appreciate them years later! Oxidized LDL clings to artery lining, causing plaque build-up Artery

39 39 Calcium & Magnesium: maintain normal blood pressure & heart rhythm B-Vitamins: maintain normal (low) blood homocysteine (a risk factor for heart disease) Flavonoids: promote blood circulation (platelet aggregation and microcirculation) 2. Cardiovascular Benefits Over 40 Antioxidants: protect blood lipids (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals

40 40 Age (years) Bone Mass 3. Bone Nutrients

41 41 Bone Mineralisation US & EU: 23 million bone fractures per year due to osteoporosis = $27 billion medical costs

42 42 3. Bone Nutrients Calcium and magnesium are building blocks of bone health and involved in development and maintenance of bone structure and strength. Vitamin D helps proper calcium absorption, and regulates calcium and magnesium bone metabolism. Vitamin K helps transport calcium to the bones. Vitamin A helps in the building of strong bones. Copper assists in maintaining normal bone strength. Zinc is involved in bone metabolism.

43 43 4. Immune Function LifePak supports normal immune function Vitamins C & E Multi-Carotenoid Blend Vitamin A, Vitamin B 6 & Zinc

44 44 LifePak promotes normal blood sugar, glucose tolerance and insulin metabolism Chromium : – essential for normal insulin function – most diets are low in chromium (<50 mcg/day) 5. Blood Sugar & Insulin Vitamin C Vitamin E Alpha-Lipoic Acid Magnesium Zinc

45 45 Spock, did somebody say Anti-ageing? Pharmanex has a logical approach

46 46 LifePak Addresses a Major Cause of ageing: DNA Damage DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is your genetic blueprint DNA enables healthy cell renewal into old age 6. Ageing Symptoms

47 47 DNA is damaged by free radicals, which are cell toxins: A Antioxidants catch free radicals before they cause damage

48 48 Extent of DNA Damage 73,000 DNA damage events per cell every day! DNA repair enzymes fix most of the damage

49 49 Reduce DNA Damage 1. Reduce your exposure to free radicals! dont smoke avoid excessive sun exposure (use sunscreens) avoid polluted areas 2. Improve your antioxidant defence! eat more fruits & vegetables take LifePak

50 50 A LifePak provides an arsenal of nutrients that fight DNA damage, protect DNA, and enhance DNA repair

51 51 LifePak & DNA Damage

52 52 LifePak & DNA Damage

53 53

54 54 Recent Study in Am. J. Clin. Nutr.

55 55 How Can I Improve My Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory protection? Take Optimum Omega with LifePak ® – LifePak + Optimum Omega = Foundation – comprehensive benefits –enhances absorption of LifePak ®* – 600-1,200 mg omega-3 fatty acids mg EPA mg DHA

56 56 Make sure all your meals contain antioxidants & phytonutrients! – Take LifePak + Optimum Omega with your two main meals! – Include fruits & vegetables into your other meal(s) and snacks!

57 57

58 58 Live Better, Longer Pharmanex Products Solutions And Weight Mgmnt Optimal Nutrition - LifePak Family Inflammation protection – Optimum Omega Optimal Health Free Radical Protection – LifePak Family

59 59 Primary Benefits of LifePak Prime OPTIMALLY FORMULATED FOR MEN OVER 40 AND POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN 1.Helps protect the body against symptoms of ageing 2.Protects cells with an advanced antioxidant network including over 40 different antioxidants 3.Promotes optimal bone health and maintains bone strength in mature users 4.Promotes healthy immune function 5.Supports normal blood sugar levels and healthy blood 6.Supports a healthy cardiovascular system 7.Assists in brain functions 8.Helps maintain eye function and health 9.Assists in sexual function and energy production 10.Corrects nutritional deficiencies

60 60 Primary Benefits of LifePak Women FORMULATED FOR PRE AND PERIMENOPAUSAL WOMEN 1.Corrects nutritional deficiencies 2.Supplies an optimal level of bone nutrients and helps prevent osteoporosis 3.Promotes healthy immune function 4.Supports normal blood sugar metabolism 5.Supplies a comprehensive blend of nutrients to support a healthy cardiovascular system 6.Offers anti-ageing benefits and cell protection against damaging free radical attacks by providing a powerful antioxidants network 7.Helps provide premenstrual syndrome symptom (PMS) relief 8.Assists in relief of menopause symptoms 9.Helps prevent urinary tract infection (UTI)

61 61 Jungamals ® LifePak for Kids A comprehensive childrens multivitamin/mineral supplement A balanced bone support formula including calcium for strengthening bones Promotes healthy immune function with vitamin C, zinc, and other essential nutrients Provides a complete balance of vitamins optimally formulated to assist in important normal functions of building the body and utilising the bodys resources Provides chelated minerals magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc Chewable, great orange, berry & cherry flavours It is LifePak for kids aged 2 and up!

62 62 Fruit Phytonutrients At least 1,000 phytochemicals identified with cell protective effects Very few (25) studied Fruits and vegetables – more than meets the eye We dont eat enough fruits and vegetables

63 63 –R&D evaluated hundreds of fruits for… Extraordinary antioxidant power (Scanner) Extraordinary nutritional contents Quality of scientific efficacy data Impeccable safety data History of traditional folklore usage 3 years ago… Pharmanex began Searching the World for Superfruits

64 64 = gâc fruit + 3 superfruits = 3 years of Pharmanex research = 3 Pharmanex research labs 1.Gâc fruit (Chinese Bitter Cucumber) 2.Chinese Lycium (Wolfberry) 3.Cili fruit 4.Siberian Pineapple (Seabuckthorn)

65 65 Lipocarotenes Natures unique nutrient delivery system in Gâc & Siberian Pineapple: –contain fatty acids (unique among fruits) –with carotenoids & vitamin E pre- dissolved –Gâc carotenes: 40 % improved uptake* *compared to beta-carotene powder. Vuong LT et al., Am J Clin Nutr 2002;75:

66 66 ot âc? New G3 Super Juice Coming in 2006

67 67

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