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Senior Director, Pharmanex Research & Development

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1 Senior Director, Pharmanex Research & Development
New Zealand, November 2005 Mark R. Bartlett, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pharmanex Research & Development

2 People my age and older, who are, by the way, the largest group of consumers on the planet, can no longer hide from the fact that we’re getting older. We don’t want to grow older, we don’t want to look older, and we certainly don’t want to face the health problems that are associated with getting older. There have been lots of articles in the media lately about this subject. This article in time magazine explores the possible secrets of escaping the ravages of ageing. Although genetics – how long your parents lived – is reported to be part of the equation, the evidence suggests that lifestyle and nutrition factors are even more important contributors to how long we’ll live, how healthy we’ll be, and how good we’ll look.

3 Green Tea and Longevity
Consumption (Cups/Day) While there aren’t all that many human studies on ageing, here’s an interesting one. This study associated the consumption of green tea – known to be rich in polyphenol antioxidants – on human ageing among more than 8,000 subjects. It shows that those individuals consuming more cups of green tea lived significantly longer. Just imagine the effects of a more comprehensive antioxidant cocktail. Prospective, 11-year cohort study of 8,552 subjects in Yoshimi, Japan, From: H. Fujiki et al., Ann. N.Y.Acad.Sci., 928:274, 2001; used with author’s permission

4  HOW LONG WILL YOU LIVE? “… there is a correlation of the concentration of a number of different antioxidants in serum with increasing lifespan of mammalian species.” Dr. Richard Cutler, National Institute of ageing, Washington, D.C. Dr. Richard Cutler From the nutrition side, the evidence is mounting rapidly that antioxidants play a significant role. Read quote. Scientists have thought for at least 20 years that a chemical family called free radicals are the root cause of ageing, and that antioxidants may be the answer. I’ll explain later what antioxidants are, but look what scientists are telling us now!... (next slide)…

5 Free Radicals Highly reactive, short-lived molecules
Damage cells and genetic material (DNA) 70,000 free radical attacks on DNA every day in a cell Ageing process Implicated in most health conditions Many different types of free radicals Before speaking about antioxidants, you need to know what free radicals are. They are highly reactive, short-lived molecules inside your body that can damage virtually all important biomolecules inside your cells, including your genetic material, the DNA.

6 Most Vulnerable to free radicals…
Cell Membrane As I mentioned, some parts of the body are more vulnerable to damage by free radicals than others. Here is a cartoon depiction of a typical cell. Your body is the sum of trillions of cells. Each cell has a cell membrane on the outside. It is a semipermeable membrane. That means it can regulate what is allowed into the cell, and what goes out. On the surface you see proteins in a sea of fatty acids. The proteins are receptors for hormones and other chemical messengers. In all the cell membrane is very complex and allows each cell to communicate with others, respond to messages from the cells of the rest of the body including the brain. The cell membrane is highly susceptible to damage by free radicals which will impair its ability to regulate what goes in and out of the cell, and its ability to communicate with other cells of the body, leading to ageing, death What could be worse than the cell’s death? Perhaps mutation of the cell. Within the cell is another membrane and within that, the DNA. The DNA is the cell’s blue-print. When its time for the cell to divide and replace itself, the DNA provides the plan. The DNA, like the cell membrane is highly electron-dense, and therefore highly susceptible to damage by free-radicals. Once damaged, the cell cannot divide in such a way as to provide a faithful replica of itself. The resulting abnormal cell is commonly called a mutation and this can lead to disease. DNA

7 Where do Free Radicals come from?
Environmental pollution (smog, ozone, NO2) Radiation exposure: sunlight (UV-light), X-rays, etc. Smoking: 10,000,000,000,000,000 free radicals/cigarette! Eating and Breathing: metabolism in your mitochondria Free radicals can come from two places – outside your body, or inside your body. What are the sources of free radicals in our body? The major source of free radicals is through your normal energy metabolism. Inside your cells are many little structures called mitochondria. These mitochondria are the power plants of your cells. They take the oxygen we breathe and the food calories we eat and convert them into usable cellular energy called ATP. Unfortunately, the mitochondria also produce a lot of free radicals: about 2-5% of the oxygen we breathe is converted into free radicals. Free radicals also come from environmental pollution, such as ozone gas, as well as from radiation exposure (UV-light, X-rays) and of course from cigarette smoking. Each cigarette releases 10 quadrillion free radicals into your lungs! This is the main reason why smokers age so much faster than non-smokers.

8 Stop Free Radicals with Antioxidants
Antioxidants fight free radicals Slow down ageing processes & improve health: over 30,000 research studies on antioxidant health benefits affecting over 50 health conditions, including cardiovascular function, eye health, CNS health, skin health, etc. Many antioxidants work together: “Antioxidant defence System” Relies on a steady supply of dietary antioxidants Antioxidants, on the other hand, are there to protect the body from this free radical damage, because antioxidants can neutralize or scavenge free radicals. As a result, antioxidants have many health benefits and they can slow down the ageing processes. There are over 30,000 research studies showing how antioxidants can affect over 50 health conditions, including cardiovascular function, eye health, central nervous system function, skin health and more.

9 A Landmark Endorsement
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) June 2002 “… low levels of the antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, E, and C) may increase risk for several chronic diseases. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone.” “It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” As a result of nationwide nutritional intake surveys, and research in the last decade on antioxidant vitamins, the Journal of the American Medical Association released a landmark editorial in June of 2002 recommending that ALL adults take vitamin supplements. Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc; Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, DrPH, Harvard University Journal of the American Medical Association 2002; 287:

10 Antioxidants: More than just One…
Vitamin E: 8 natural forms Vitamin C Metallo-enzymes (cofactors) Selenium, Zinc, Manganese Flavonoids: Catechins, polyphenols etc Carotenoids: Β-carotene, lutein, lycopene, α-carotene There is more than one type of free radical, and likewise, there are many types of antioxidants. The many different types of antioxidants are needed to combat the different types of free radicals. Here you can see some of the types of antioxidants.

11 Antioxidant protection
Lutein Lycopene Betacarotene Vitamin C Vitamin E And here’s a cartoon of how they work together. The carotenoids and vitamin E protect the fatty parts of the cells in the body. Vitamin C and the flavonoids protect the watery parts inside the cells outside the cells in the body spaces.

12 LifePak® 40+ Antioxidants
All 8 forms of natural vitamin E Buffered vitamin C Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese 6 Carotenoids: as found in 5-10 fruits & vegetables per day Over 20 Flavonoids: 6 Catechins, Quercetin, naringenin, hesperidin, Soy isoflavones, Over 10 grape seed polyphenols Alpha-Lipoic Acid: 25 mg LifePak provides many different types of antioxidants to combat many different types of free radicals - this is how LifePak promotes your entire antioxidant defence network. It provides clinically-significant doses of your antioxidant vitamins, mineral cofactors, multiple sources of carotenoids, over 20 flavonoids, and novel antioxidants, such as alpha-lipoic acid. These antioxidants protect the cells from damage by free radical attacks.

13 LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin!
What is LifePak® LifePak is not a typical multivitamin. LifePak is much more than that, as you will see in this presentation. LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin!

14 Or add LifePak to your lifestyle Spend all day eating this
You Choose Or add LifePak to your lifestyle Spend all day eating this

15 LifePak® Science is Measurable
First to show antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits in double-blind studies 200,000+ published studies on LifePak’s antioxidants Nearly 800,000 published studies on LifePak’s 50+ ingredients First multivitamin/mineral supplement to pass top 3 safety certification tests Hundreds of thousands of independent studies verify the positive effects of LifePak’s antioxidants and nutrients. The LifePak U.S. formula was the first multivitamin/mineral supplement to be clinically tested and show positive results for antioxidant and cardiovascular health. LifePak (U.S. formula) is the first multivitamin product in the world to receive certifications from three major independent testing groups, reaffirming the quality and labeling accuracy of the product. These third-party testing companies include NSF International,® and the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG™) which are all considered having reputable dietary supplement product testing programs.

16 LifePak® Clinical Study
Antioxidant and Cardiovascular Health Beta-carotene LDL Protection* Vitamin E LifePak U.S. formula was subject to 2 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies. Results from these studies showed that LifePak significantly increases serum levels of our antioxidant vitamins - so they are bioavailable - and was also shown to decrease LDL cholesterol oxidation - a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Smidt CR, Seidehamel RJ, Devaraj S, Jialal I. FASEB Journal Vol.13 No.4, p.A546, March 1999.

17 Skin Carotenoids – the Most Reliable Predictor of Antioxidant Status
The Questions Skin Carotenoids – the Most Reliable Predictor of Antioxidant Status Carotenoids are the body’s first line of defence against free radicals. Carotenoid levels are most sensitive to oxidative stress Carotenoids Vitamins C & E Body’s Internal Antioxidant Systems I have been asked, How does measuring skin carotenoids predict antioxidant status? I like to use an analogy of soldiers in an army. This is the same case with measuring carotenoids; we track carotenoids as a biomarker, which helps us learn about other antioxidants in the body. Its also important to understand that a very good independent study showed that only carotenoids are a good indicator of the health of the entire antioxidant network in the body.

18 The Antioxidant Network
NAD(P)+ Carotenoids THIOL cycle NAD(P)H + H+ VITAMIN C cycle ROOH ROH VITAMIN E cycle ROO• RO• Lipid–water interface PUFA Here is a more complicated explanation. Carotenoids are involved in an entire antioxidant network in the body. A number of nutrients must work together in synergy to afford effective antioxidant protection. Carotenoids are sacrificial antioxidants and help to “save” other antioxidants by absorbing free radical hits. One carotenoid molecule can absorb up to 15 hits, thus helping this redox reaction continue without interruption. Quoting Dr. Lester Packer, if one member of the antioxidant network is weak, then the entire network is weak. O2– and other radicals Carotenoids Metabolism, strenuous exercise, cigarette smoke, pollution, eating

19 Antioxidant Status can be measured …

20 LifePak: one of the best multi-nutrient supplements
Pharmanex has the two most powerful tools of the entire nutritional supplement industry worldwide: LifePak: one of the best multi-nutrient supplements BioPhotonic Scanner: the best consumer test for antioxidant nutrition. I’ll spend the next 25 minutes talking firstly about Pharmanex’ answer to this growing nutrient deficiency problem. Pharmanex has had, for many years now, the world’s most advanced antioxidant, nutrient supplement And now Pharmanex has the technology to measure the antioxidant nutrition in your body This combination is powerful – powerfull enough to motivate people to improve their diet, their health and their lives.

21 See YOUR antioxidant score in 3 minutes!
Measures your own antioxidant protection (skin carotenoids). Measure antioxidant effect of LifePak in your own body! Easy & non-invasive. Scientifically and clinically validated. Beyond the clinical studies that we’ve performed, Another validation of LifePak, which you are probably more familiar with, is the BioPhotonic scanner. This is a way that consumers of LifePak can prove the effects of LifePak in their own body. Pharmanex has completed 4 clinical studies, with more in progress, to validate the biophotonic measurement as an important health indicator, and to validate the effect of LifePak on Scanner scores.

22 Invented by Werner Gellermann, Ph.D. (U. Utah)
Patent rights licensed to Pharmanex Scientifically validated (4 clinical studies) Measures carotenoid antioxidants in skin Important part of the body’s antioxidant defence system good indicator of your antioxidant status Highly specific for carotenoids Based on Raman spectroscopy

23 What is Raman Spectroscopy?
Intense monochromatic light (one colour only) interacts with molecules that have vibrational energy (e.g., carotenoids) and gets scattered at a higher wavelength (colour). Sir C. V. Raman, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1930 Carotenoid molecules shift blue laser light colour to green: from 473 nm to 510 nm The biophotonic scanner has its scientific basis in a type of spectroscopy discovered by Sir CV Raman. He discovered that if you shine a particular wave length of light on a substance it may give off another wave length of light. It will absorb one and give off another wave length of light. Today this is called the Raman Effect, and the substance that does this is “Raman Active.” Raman discovered that based on the intensity of that light that is fed back into the spectrometer, we can quantify the exact amount of molecules in that substance. So what does that do for us, but to allow the measurement of the exact number of carotenoid molecules in someone’s tissue. The specific wavelength of light that we are looking for is a green wavelength of light. You’ve all seen the blue light that comes out of the scanner. But did you know we are looking for a green light that is fed back into the scanner off of your palm. And based on the brightness of that light we can tell how many carotenoid molecules are in your tissue.

24 2004 Data — 33,000 People Smokers Average (2-3 Fruits & Vegetables)
Obesity 5-9 Fruits & Vegetables LifePak Frequency LifePak Fruits & Vegetables Based on clinical studies with the biophotonic scanner, we have identified a number of factors that may influence your score. These include diet, antioxidant supplements, lifestyle, body fat level, and one uncontrollable factor - your genetic ability to absorb carotenoids. These data are from the US, and have since been confirmed in subsequent studies in Singapore and Thailand. 10, ,000 20, ,000 30, ,000 40, ,000 50,000+

25 Knowing LifePak is working

26 2004 Data: Eat Fruits & Vegetables
V. Low | Low | Mod.| High Importantly, we found that skin carotenoids are not influenced by age, gender, or skin pigmentation (melanin).

27 2002 Data: Don’t Smoke!

28 2004: Maintain Normal Body Weight!
Overweight people need extra antioxidant protection through diet and supplementation. There is an interesting link between body fat levels and scanner scores - as body fat levels increase, scanner scores decrease.

29 Carotenoid Correlation Study Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Vol.23, p.468, Oct 2004

30 Accepted by the Scientific Community
New York Academy of Sciences, Feb 2003 Oxygen Club of California, Feb 2003 and Feb 2004 FASEB/American Society of Nutritional Sciences - April 2003 and April 2004 Gordon Research Conference, Jan 2004 Review paper published in Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research, May 2004 American College of Nutrition, October 2004 Pharmanex Scientists have presented the science behind LifePak and the BioPhotonic scanner and attended a number of scientific meetings this past year. In February 03, Pharmanex Scientists joined with Dr. Werner Gellerman and Dr. James Rippe in a presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences. In February 03 and 04, Pharmanex Scientists attended scientific meetings on antioxidants organized by the Oxygen Club of California in Cadiz, Spain, and Santa Barbara, CA. Dr. Lester Packer is the founder and honorary president of the Oxygen Club and chaired these meetings. Dr. Carsten Smidt presented a scanner study at the Santa Barbara meeting. In April 03 and 04, Dr. Carsten Smidt attended the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) meetings in Sand Diego and Washington DC, and presented the results of two different scanner studies. In January of this year, Dr. Carsten Smidt attended and presented the scanner/serum correlation study at the Gordon Research Conference on Carotenoids in Ventura, California. Dr. Smidt also scanned 60 of the top antioxidant researchers in the world at this conference.

31 Skin Carotenoid Scale BLUE 50,000+: Truly outstanding diet and lifestyle habits. Long term. Excellent supplements, good genetics. GREEN 40, ,000: Excellent diets high in fruits & vegetables and excellent supplements. YELLOW 30, ,000: Better lifestyle. Healthy diet with fruits & vegetables and/or good supplements. ORANGE 20, ,000: Average lifestyle RED Under 19,000: Poor diet. Unhealthy lifestyle, no/ineffective supplements, poor genetics. Smoking? When an individual is scanned, this is what his score will mean…

32  Advice from The Expert “Everyone should use the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner to learn their optimal body defence score. Once you have your number, work to increase it and maintain it with a rich diet in fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements.” Dr. Lester Packer CNN Money

33 Motivation At Pharmanex we’ve used science as our cornerstone ever since the company began. There is ample evidence that antioxidants are an important strategy for improving our health. We even have our own LifePak clinical studies. But people aren’t always excited or motivated by facts. Sometimes (usually) and emotional impact makes a bigger difference. Sometimes it even takes a near-death experience to wake us up and get us motivated. The best kind of motivation may be an emotional experience that is based on a solid, scientific foundation. When a person receives their scanner score, it can be much more motivating than just getting the scientific facts.

34 What is LifePak®? A comprehensive nutritional wellness program delivering the optimum amounts of all essential and generally beneficial nutrients for long-term health and well-being. LifePak is a comprehensive nutritional wellness program delivering the optimum amounts of all essential and generally beneficial nutrients for long-term health and well-being. LifePak is unique, because it is a complete wellness supplement!

35 LifePak® - Anti-ageing Formula Health Benefits
Optimum supplementation for general well-being 1. Addresses nutrient deficiencies 2. Cardiovascular benefits 3. Complete bone nutrition 4. Promotes healthy immune function 5. Supports normal blood sugar metabolism 6. Protects against ageing symptoms 7. Raises your antioxidant defence Because LifePak provides optimum supplementation, it has many more health benefits than typical multivitamins: It addresses all possible nutrient deficiencies, has cardiovascular benefits, provides complete bone nutrition, promotes healthy immune function, supports blood sugar metabolism, protects against ageing symptoms and raises your antioxidant defence. These are the 7 main health benefits of LifePak.

36 1. Nutrient Deficiencies
What is optimal nutrition? As I’ve already mentioned, it means getting all of the nutrients that you need in the right amounts, every day. This slide represents a study done including over 21,000 people. It shows that most people don’t get the nutrients that their bodies need.

37 1. Nutrient Deficiencies
This slide is self explanatory, and demonstrates the main function of LifePak – to provide the micronutrients that your body needs so that it can perform in the best possible way.

38 2. Cardiovascular Benefits
Over 20 Antioxidants: protect blood lipids (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals Oxidized LDL clings to artery lining, causing plaque build-up Artery Now, let’s talk about the cardiovascular benefits. LifePak provides the optimum amounts of over 20 different antioxidant nutrients that work together in the body to protect the LDL blood lipids from oxidation by free radicals. You probably know that LDL-cholesterol is the bad cholesterol you want to keep low. But what’s even worse is when this LDL-cholesterol becomes oxidized in the body. As you can see here--oxidized LDL particles stick to the inner artery walls and cause plaque build-up. LifePak U.S. formula is clinically proven to make LDL particles more resistant against oxidation by free radicals. This is shown on this graph. LifePak makes the LDLs less clingy, and that’s a huge cardiovascular health benefit! I call this one of “LifePak’s Silent Benefits;”they are silent, because you can’t feel it at first, but trust me: you will reap the benefits years later. LifePak’s silent benefits: You don’t feel them at first, but you will appreciate them years later!

39 2. Cardiovascular Benefits
Over 40 Antioxidants: protect blood lipids (LDL) from oxidation by free radicals Calcium & Magnesium: maintain normal blood pressure & heart rhythm B-Vitamins: maintain normal (low) blood homocysteine (a risk factor for heart disease) Flavonoids: promote blood circulation (platelet aggregation and microcirculation) LifePak has many other cardiovascular benefits. It helps maintain normal blood pressure and heart rhythm with calcium and magnesium. It also provides the right B-vitamins to help maintain low blood levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is a risk factor for heart disease. And finally, LifePak supports good circulation in all parts of the body due to its high levels of well-researched flavonoid phytonutrients. As you can see, LifePak is a powerful cardiovascular formula.

40 3. Bone Nutrients Bone Mass Age (years)
Now, let’s talk about bone health. This is a major concern in Taiwan. This graph shows how our bone mass changes with increasing age. The white line shows a person who does everything right: She eats right and exercises. Her bone mass increases until about age 35, and then it steadily declines with age. But her bone mass never gets low enough to be at risk for osteoporosis. The yellow line shows a typical person, who does not get optimum bone nutrition. We typically see a lower peak bone mass at age 35, and a faster rate of decline afterwards, so that at about age 65, your bone is eroded so much that you may be at risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures. Age (years)

41 Bone Mineralisation Here, you see the enlarged structure of a healthy bone. You see a strong architecture of bone substance. Unfortunately, many of us have bones like this, where the structures are thinner than normal. When you have osteoporosis, your bone structure is very weak, as you can see here. There is a high risk of bone fractures. Osteoporosis is a growing concern in Taiwan. There are now over three times more people diagnosed with osteoporosis in Taiwan than 15 years ago. US & EU: 23 million bone fractures per year due to osteoporosis = $27 billion medical costs

42 3. Bone Nutrients Calcium and magnesium are building blocks of bone health and involved in development and maintenance of bone structure and strength. Vitamin D helps proper calcium absorption, and regulates calcium and magnesium bone metabolism. Vitamin K helps transport calcium to the bones. Vitamin A helps in the building of strong bones. Copper assists in maintaining normal bone strength. Zinc is involved in bone metabolism. Most people know that calcium is important for healthy bones, and that getting enough calcium from the diet can prevent osteoporosis. Unlike typical multivitamins, LifePak contains 500 mg calcium to make sure that virtually everybody taking it will meet the optimum calcium recommendations by the major health authorities. But calcium alone is not enough. You need to have ALL other bone nutrients as well: Magnesium, another major bone mineral, Vitamins D and K, which regulate bone metabolism, and the Phytoestrogens from soybeans, which promote the incorporation of minerals into the bone. LifePak has the right amounts of these and more nutrients to make sure your bones stay healthy throughout your life.

43 4. Immune Function LifePak supports normal immune function
Vitamins C & E Multi-Carotenoid Blend Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 & Zinc

44 5. Blood Sugar & Insulin LifePak promotes normal blood sugar, glucose tolerance and insulin metabolism Chromium: essential for normal insulin function most diets are low in chromium (<50 mcg/day) Vitamin C Vitamin E Alpha-Lipoic Acid Magnesium Zinc

45 Spock, did somebody say “Anti-ageing”?
Perhaps we have learned the secrets to living long while we prosper! Its difficult to perform ageing studies on humans because by the time a good study is done, you and I may not be here. But I’m putting my bets on the antioxidants, based on the animal and cell studies that have been done, and based on the thousands of human studies that implicate free radicals in all of the degenerative diseases associated with ageing. Pharmanex has a logical approach

46 6. Ageing Symptoms LifePak Addresses a Major Cause of ageing:
DNA Damage DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) is your genetic blueprint DNA enables healthy cell renewal into old age Now let’s turn to the benefits of LifePak. It’s really important for you to understand that LifePak addresses the root processes of ageing, and that is DNA damage. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acids. DNA is present in every body cell and it stores all your genetic information. DNA is the blueprint from which new cells are created and old ones regenerated. DNA enables healthy cell renewal into old age. Let me give you some more background information...

47 DNA is damaged by free radicals, which are cell toxins:
Now let’s look at how DNA gets damaged. Most often, DNA is damaged by free radicals, which are short-lived, highly reactive cell toxins. This is a DNA molecule that’s being attacked by 2 free radicals… …leading to a DNA break. How does the body prevent this free radical damage? It prevents DNA damage with antioxidants, which are compounds that can mop up or neutralize free radicals before they can hurt us. Antioxidants “catch” free radicals before they cause damage

48 Extent of DNA Damage 73,000 DNA damage events per cell every day!
DNA repair enzymes fix most of the damage Now, here is a scary fact: Every day, the DNA in a single body cell gets damaged 73,000 times! Fortunately, our cells have DNA repair enzymes that fix most of this damage. So ageing depends on a balance of DNA damage and repair.

49 Reduce DNA Damage don’t smoke
1. Reduce your exposure to free radicals! don’t smoke avoid excessive sun exposure (use sunscreens) avoid polluted areas 2. Improve your antioxidant defence! eat more fruits & vegetables take LifePak

50 an arsenal of nutrients that fight DNA damage,
LifePak provides an arsenal of nutrients that fight DNA damage, protect DNA, and enhance DNA repair A Transition: Let’s look at a few of these nutrients!

51 LifePak & DNA Damage

52 LifePak & DNA Damage

53 Now, I want to add to my talk by giving you another secret of preserving your health and living longer. Scientists have been studying a process in the body called inflammation for the past couple of hundred years. It’s the process by which the body fights disease-causing organisms that invade the body and helps to restore any damage to normal. But only relatively recently scientists have become aware that chronic, low-grade inflammation can lead to disease. Such inflammation can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other problems. Should you and I worry about this? The answer is probably yes. The problem is that our diets can lead to an imbalance in our immune systems leading to inflammation. What aspect of our diets? Eating less green leafy vegetables, eating too much fried foods and foods high in certain types of fats, and eating not enough of the right kinds of fats can lead to this problem. Finally, just plain eating can also lead to inflammation. Shorter version: I have been studying a process in the body called inflammation for 20 years. While inflammation is a necessary part of your immune response, in many people chronic, low grade inflammation festers in your body. It does this partly because of our diet – too much of the wrong kinds of foods, especially fats, and not enough of the good.

54 Recent Study in Am. J. Clin. Nutr.
Recently a study was published that highlighted this fact. Indeed, the study showed that each time you eat a meal – one high in fat and low in fruits and vegetables – that your body will experience a surge in free-radicals and inflammatory factors about one-two hours later. Previously studies showed that if you consume antioxidants with that meal, this effect is lessened. Other important studies show that the more you eat, the shorter your lifespan will be, the less you eat (lower calories, healthy diet), the longer. This study seems to suggest the reason for this. Each time you eat, free radicals and inflammation increase.

55 How Can I Improve My Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory protection?
Take Optimum Omega™ with LifePak® LifePak + Optimum Omega = Foundation comprehensive benefits enhances absorption of LifePak®* 600-1,200 mg omega-3 fatty acids mg EPA mg DHA How do you take your LifePak? Studies have shown that carotenoids and other fat soluble antioxidants are absorbed in the body much more efficiently if you have a little oil with your food/LifePak. Optimum omega is the perfect solution. Take this with your LifePak and it will increase the absorption of carotenoids and other fat soluble antioxidants. Because of its far-reaching health benefits, Optimum Omega is recommended for everybody along with LifePak. Used together, Optimum Omega and LifePak® constitute the foundation supplements, and are a highly comprehensive regimen. Optimum Omega enhances the absorption of many antioxidants and fat-soluble vitamins in LifePak, which helps improve BioPhontonic Scanner scores. The recommended daily dosage is two (2) to four (4) softgel capsules daily, with meals. Even at the low dose, Optimum Omega satisfies the recommended daily intakes for omega-3 fatty acids. Optimum Omega also contains deodorised garlic and vitamin E. Both ingredients have documented cardiovascular benefits. They are also effective antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the degradation of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are delicate molecules which are easily degraded in the presence of heat and light. The inclusion of vitamin E and deodorised garlic prevents this degradation and maintains the purity and potency of the EPA and DHA content.

56 Make sure all your meals contain antioxidants & phytonutrients!
Take LifePak + Optimum Omega with your two main meals! Include fruits & vegetables into your other meal(s) and snacks! The bottom line – make sure that you take LifePak and Optimum Omega with each large meal – breakfast and dinner. Also, include fruits and vegies with your other meals and snacks. LifePak adds antioxidants to your diet. These are important in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are present in abundance when we have inflammation in our bodies. Optimum Omega adds a special kind of fatty acid that balances your body’s immune system and reduces inflammation. Most people get too much of the types of fats in their diets that promote inflammation (omega 6 fatty acids like Arachidonic acid, from salad oils, fried foods etc). Optimum Omega contains omega 3 fatty acids which are a building block for chemicals that reduce inflammation.


58 Live Better, Longer Optimal Health Pharmanex Products And
Solutions And Weight Mgmnt Optimal Nutrition - LifePak Family Inflammation protection – Optimum Omega I mentioned earlier that at Pharmanex our mission is to be a force for good. In this context we want people to change their lives – to eat better and to be aware of Pharmanex produces a number of products that target different areas of health so that you can live better, longer. The foundation of this health regimen provides free radical protection (click), LifePak family (click), and Optimum Omega (click). Pharmanex then provides a number of targeted health products that support your body’s systems (click), such as ReishiMax for cell protection, IgG Boost for immune health, Cordyceps for stamina and vitality, Cortitrol for cortisol control, and FibreNet for weight management. The list goes on. These targeted health products act as “pillars” on top of our nutritional foundation to lead you to optimal health (click). So, we can look at the Pharmanex product line as again at the foundation and pillars as the “House of Pharmanex.” Free Radical Protection – LifePak Family

59 Primary Benefits of LifePak Prime
OPTIMALLY FORMULATED FOR MEN OVER 40 AND POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN Helps protect the body against symptoms of ageing Protects cells with an advanced antioxidant network including over 40 different antioxidants Promotes optimal bone health and maintains bone strength in mature users Promotes healthy immune function Supports normal blood sugar levels and healthy blood Supports a healthy cardiovascular system Assists in brain functions Helps maintain eye function and health Assists in sexual function and energy production Corrects nutritional deficiencies

60 Primary Benefits of LifePak Women
FORMULATED FOR PRE AND PERIMENOPAUSAL WOMEN Corrects nutritional deficiencies Supplies an optimal level of bone nutrients and helps prevent osteoporosis Promotes healthy immune function Supports normal blood sugar metabolism Supplies a comprehensive blend of nutrients to support a healthy cardiovascular system Offers anti-ageing benefits and cell protection against damaging free radical attacks by providing a powerful antioxidants network Helps provide premenstrual syndrome symptom (PMS) relief Assists in relief of menopause symptoms Helps prevent urinary tract infection (UTI)

61 Jungamals® LifePak for Kids
It is LifePak for kids aged 2 and up! A comprehensive children’s multivitamin/mineral supplement A balanced bone support formula including calcium for strengthening bones Promotes healthy immune function with vitamin C, zinc, and other essential nutrients Provides a complete balance of vitamins optimally formulated to assist in important normal functions of building the body and utilising the body’s resources Provides chelated minerals magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc Chewable, great orange, berry & cherry flavours Each serving contains as much calcium as a full 250 mL (1 glass) of milk Delivers a more comprehensive blend of antioxidants for added protection from environmental toxins Supplies more nutrients necessary for keeping a child’s immune defence healthy

62 Fruit Phytonutrients At least 1,000 phytochemicals identified with cell protective effects Very few (25) studied Fruits and vegetables – more than meets the eye We don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables At pharmanex we take advantage of the best and most recent science to provide products that can make a difference to your healthy life. LifePak is a premium quality, absolutely well validated product with standardized levels of ingredients. Everybody should take LifePak to supplement their diet and maintain optimal health. There is, however, a certain magic, and a degree of mystery, to the power of whole foods. For example, there are at least a thousand known molecules that come from fruits and vegetables that have been discovered to have positive biological effects on your body – to protect the cells of your body. But only about 25 of these mysterious phytochemicals have been studied closely. The ones we know about are amazing – the polyphenols – strong water soluble antioxidants, the carotenoids – natures own preservatives for your body and a first line of defence antioxidant. There is certainly more than meets the eye in fruits and vegetables, and much more to be discovered about their health benefits. That we don’t know more about these wonderful edible plants is a shame. But even more of a shame is the fact that most of us – no matter what part of the world we come from – don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

63 3 years ago… Pharmanex began Searching the World for Superfruits
R&D evaluated hundreds of fruits for… Extraordinary antioxidant power (Scanner) Extraordinary nutritional contents Quality of scientific efficacy data Impeccable safety data History of traditional folklore usage Pharmanex began the search, more than three years ago, for superfruits. We were looking for fruits with … (read slide). Why? So that we could concentrate, in one product, the magic of as much of these natural phytochemicals as possible. The goal was to enhance our LifePak story with not just the measurable science, but also part of the magic of those yet mysterious and beneficial plant nutrients.

64 = gâc fruit + 3 superfruits = 3 years of Pharmanex research = 3 Pharmanex research labs
Gâc fruit (Chinese Bitter Cucumber) Chinese Lycium (Wolfberry) Cili fruit Siberian Pineapple (Seabuckthorn)

65 Lipocarotenes™ Nature’s unique nutrient delivery system in
Gâc & Siberian Pineapple: contain fatty acids (unique among fruits) with carotenoids & vitamin E pre-dissolved Gâc carotenes: 40 % improved uptake* And remember that I already mentioned that these carotenoids are complexed in g3 into lipocarotenes, making them much more bioavailable than ordinary carotenoids. This enhancement of bioavailability, or the ability of your body to absorb and make use of these nutrients, is measurable. In fact, later today we can share with you our study that proves a higher than expected uptake into the body’s cells. *compared to beta-carotene powder. Vuong LT et al., Am J Clin Nutr 2002;75:

66 ot âc? New G3 Super Juice Coming in 2006


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