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Pharmanex Product Training.

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1 Pharmanex Product Training

2 CordyMax Cs-4: Dietary Supplement
CordyMax Cs-4 is an all-natural supplement that promotes vitality and stamina without the use of stimulants. CordyMax Cs-4 promotes the efficient use of oxygen and increases the body’s resistance to daily environmental stresses. Vitality and Stamina.

3 CordyMax Cs-4: What is it?
CordyMax Cs-4 is an all natural supplement that promotes vitality and stamina without the use of stimulants. CordyMax Cs-4 is a proprietary natural fermented product derived from fresh, natural Cordyceps sinensis, a mushroom from Qinghai Province in China. Cordyceps sinensis is a blade shaped mushroom that grows primarily in the Tibetan plateau at altitudes above 14,000 feet.

4 CordyMax Cs-4: Benefits
Promotes vitality and stamina in all essential body organs Reduces fatigue Promotes healthy lung function Improves liver and kidney functions Positive benefit for sexual health Support of 30 clinical studies

5 CordyMax Cs-4: Advantage
Unique fermentation process Standardised HPLC to guarantee potency and consistent results by supplying minimum levels of 0.14% adenosine Clinically and scientifically proven 15 years of research; over 30 clinical studies Contains no stimulants, reduce fatigue, increase energy Not dependent on anecdotal data for efficacy Studies support resistance to free radical attack Superoxide Dismutase Mitochondria

6 CordyMax Cs-4: Advantage
Pharmanex’s exclusive CordyMax Cs-4 formula is recognised in China as the fermented Cordyceps mushroom product offering health benefits most comparable to the rare and protected wild mushroom of the Tibetan high plateau. CordyMax Cs-4 has been placed under intellectual property protection, and only Pharmanex has an exclusive license outside of China.

7 CordyMax Cs-4: Clinical Studies
Health Benefit No. of studies Respiratory 20 Sexual function 5 Cardiovascular function 4 Free radical scavenging 4 Kidney function 3 Immune function 2 Liver function 1 Anti-fatigue 2 Recent data: Improved bioenergy status in animals (JACM 2001;7: ) Elevated VO2max in frail elderly subjects (MSSE 1999;31:S174) Enhanced exercise performance in athletes (MSSE 2001;33:S164)

8 CordyMax Cs-4: Clinical Studies
Abstracts Supplementation with Cordyceps Cs-4 fermentation product promotes fat metabolism during prolonged exercise. Increased aerobic capacity in healthy elderly humans given a fermentation roduct of Cordyceps Cs-4. CordyMax Cs-4 enhances endurance in sedentary individuals.

9 CordyMax Cs-4: Clinical Studies
Pharmanex Web Site - PubMed Web Site -

10 31P NMR spectroscope (w/MDPA ref)
JACM 2001;7: Male C57-BL/6 mice (n=5-6/group) Treatment by gavage for 7days Hepatic ATP levels and inorganic phosphate by 13P NMR B-ATP and B-ATP/Pi ratio increased in both Cs-4 groups (p<0.001) “Cs-4 increased hepatic energy state” * * 31P NMR spectroscope (w/MDPA ref) * = P<0.001

11 Improved Aerobic Capacity (VO 2 max)
MSSE 1999;31:S174 30 healthy, elderly Chinese subjects Randomized to Cs-4 (3g/d/6wk) or placebo Incremental work rate cycle ergo meter protocol Increased VO2max to (p<0.05) “Cs-4 has potential for improving exercise capacity and resistance to fatigue” +9% CordyMax Cs-4 Placebo 0% Improved Aerobic Capacity (VO 2 max)

12 Percent change from baseline
MSSE 2001;33:S164 30 highly trained male endurance athletes Baseline VO2max = ml/kg/min Cs-4 (4.5g/d/6wk) or placebo 60 min sub maximal performance test at 70% VO2max “Cs-4 has positive circulatory and metabolic effects and may enhance fat mobilization and beta-oxidation during prolonged exercise” NS P=0.058 NS NS NS Percent change from baseline P=0.056 P<0.05 P<0.05

13 CordyMax Cs-4: Enhances Endurance in Sedentary Individuals
Pharmanex data demonstrates that healthy sedentary adults consuming CordyMax Cs-4 for 12 weeks can: (1) Increase oxygen consumption (+5% in VO2peak) (2) Enhance fat metabolism (-2% in RER) (3) Improve exercise performance (-20 sec in 1-mile walk) (+3% work output on bike test) This confirms previous findings in animals, frail elderly and elite athletes, showing a metabolic effect of Cs-4 supplementation to favourably influence oxygen consumption, energy metabolism and endurance performance.

14 CordyMax Cs-4: Recommended Adult Usage
For persons with busy, stressful and/or hectic lifestyles; athletes and the elderly, those desiring increased stamina. Take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily with food and drink. Women who are pregnant or are lactating, and people with know medical conditions, should consult a physician prior to taking supplements. Keep out of reach of children.

15 CordyMax Cs-4: Q&A Who should take CordyMax Cs-4?
As a food supplement for use by individuals with busy, hectic lifestyles, athletes and the elderly, and those desiring increased vitality without the use of stimulants. How are the ingredients in CordyMax Cs-4 standardised? Each 525 mg capsule of proprietary CordyMax Cs-4 is standardised by HPLC to guarantee potency and consistent results by supplying minimum levels of 0.14% adenosine. An additional test method is used to standardise to less than 6% mannitol, which is an indicator of polysaccharide content. If I’m taking CordyMax Cs-4, do I need to take OverDrive? CordyMax Cs-4 is a daily supplement for your daily stamina and vitality. OverDrive is focused more for the athlete. Even if you are not an athlete but have a busy and hectic lifestyle, CordyMax Cs-4 and OverDrive taken together is a great combination.

16 CordyMax Cs-4: Marketing Material
Pharmanex Brochure (5 pk) $8.00 Pharmanex Cap (ea) $12.95 Power of Wisdom & Knowledge Video (ea) $7.50 Pharmanex Pill Box (ea) $3.00 CordyMax Cs-4 Brochure (5 pk) $4.50

17 CordyMax Cs-4: Summary Capsules Vitality and Stamina
Increased VO2 max Healthy lung function & capacity Cordyceps sinensis proprietary ingredient Standardised Over 30 clinical studies

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