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Using Market Research to get Sales, Inspiration & Understanding from your Customers Part 1: Surveys/Interviews Borrowed liberally from: Goodthinking, A.

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1 Using Market Research to get Sales, Inspiration & Understanding from your Customers Part 1: Surveys/Interviews Borrowed liberally from: Goodthinking, A Guide to Qualitative Research & Hitting the Sweet Spot, How Consumer Insights can Inspire Better Marketing and Advertising

2 Consumers Say: Give Us What we WANT! How do we find out what that is??? MARKET RESEARCH!

3 Who Are Your Customers? What Are 3 things Somebody Ought To Know About Me? How would you answer that? Go beyond basic demographics & purchasing habits Every sale is a personal Find the revealing things that show you want to really understand your customer Make sure you know your Heavy Users (80/20)

4 Understanding Your Customers… Am I defining my customers the way they think about themselves? Am I looking at life from their point-of view? Am I thinking about ways to bring my products & services to them, rather than expecting them to come to me? What do they pick up & put down, what excites them?


6 Creating Surveys-Quantitative Research SURVEY QUESTIONS (See handout) Its a start to getting to know your Customers….Involvement Device Open-ended, Long or Short Answer, Multiple Choice, True or False, Likert Scale (1-5), Fill in the Blanks, Matching, Image Check out, and more if you need help

7 Whats Your Objective Be clear what you want to accomplish Brand or Product Quality, Personality, User, Service, Advertising Recall, etc. Customer Demographics, Psychographics, Behavior, Usage, Media Habits

8 Group Interaction Write a survey using questions suggested from the grouptry for open-ended answers that give you the whys & hows Be creative & engaging in creating your questions. Have a sense of humor & dont be afraid to get bad news.

9 Sample Survey CUSTOMER SURVEY-Please answer these questions as best you can and turn this survey in at the register. How frequently do you shop at Annas Linens? Every 2-3 months____ Every month____Twice monthly____ Every week____ First time____ How long have you shopped at Annas Linens? 1 yr or less____ 1-3 yrs_____ Over 3 years_____ Over 5 years____ Do you shop at the same Annas Linen location all the time? Yes____ No____ If no, how many locations do you shop? ____ Do you get our ads? Yes____ No_____ What do you usually buy? (Check all that apply.) Sheets____ Comforters ___ Towels____ Curtains___ Window Treatments___ Tablecloths___ Pillows_____ Frames/Accessories____ Other____ (Please name) Do you come to Annas Linens for the (Check all that apply.) Values____ Selection____ Customer Service____ Famous Name Brands_____ Other______ (Please name) Where else do you shop for Linens and products Annas offers? Target____ K-Mart ____ Walmart ____ Linens and Things ____ Mervyns ____ Macys ____ Other______(Please Name) Would you join a Frequent Shopper Club at Annas if we had one? Yes___ No___ If you were a member of Annas Frequent Shopper Program, would you rather be rewarded with a small discount on every purchase or a $5 gift certificate every time you spent $100? Discount______ Gift Certificate_____ Would you carry an actual frequent shopper card from Annas? Yes____ No____ Would you shop more often if you had an Annas Frequent Shopper Card and got rewarded for shopping? Yes____ No____ Thank you so much for your help today! Name___________________________________________ Address_________________________________________ City__________________ State______Zip__________ E-mail address____________________________________ Add Privacy Statement here…

10 Qualitative Research Individual Interviews Group Interviews (i.e.., Focus Groups) Observational Methods

11 Depth vs. Breadth? Individual interviews provide more detailed info on attitudes & behavior of individuals Group discussions provide breadth in terms of the range of behaviors & attitudes between individuals attending the group Maybe a mix of these methodologies is really what you need

12 Group vs. Individual? Why the Group Interview? Less Intimidating Environment (Safety in numbers & generates anticipation, excitement, energy) Encourage people to build on each others views Highlights the range of behaviors, attitudes, POV of group in relatively short time Window into the cultural/social experiences of the group

13 Negatives of Group Interviews People have different levels of knowledge & understanding-could create unbalanced groups and intimidation Social norms & the need to conform to an ideal which is socially or politically correct will predominate

14 If detailed behavior and attitudinal histories are required… Intimate subject matter Difficult to recruit respondents Complex political/social issues Matters of fashion & taste where personal preferences are likely to be extremely varied

15 Interviews Respondent selected according to agreed criteria (age, life stage, gender, social class, marital status, usership profile, etc.) Usually 20 minutes (focused issue)-1hour in length & conducted in an agreed venue- -place will influence nature of responses- may need to be in real context Can help reconstruct process of decision- making

16 Planning The Interview Important to plan beforehand Needs to have an introduction, a warm-up, open-ended questions to find the unexpected, a topic outline and stimuli to generate response From the Surveys and Interviews Handout: Its not easy to ask or answer questions Hard to Recall What is truth? Hard to put into words May not want to tell you May tell you what you want to hear May not know themselves HOW do you talk to customers face-to-face? Representative of target Look into their eyes Keep interviewing until you find the underlying insights

17 Interviews: More Tips The STAR of the interview is the Consumer Keep it comfortable for consumer/Treat like a guest, not a subject Dress the way your consumer is dressed Dont take notes if you can possibly avoid it Tell the consumer WHY he or she is there Tell him or her you have no vested interest in her answers Act interested in what he has to say Make the first questions easy to answer Tell them they dont have to answer every question

18 Interviews: and just a few more… Move in from the general to the specific Most important question: WHY? Watch someone who interviews people for a living Listen HOW people express themselves Listen for what people DONT say Listen for patterns across interviews Dont take everything a customer says too literally Dont filter what people say through preconceived ideas

19 Projective Questioning/Guided Fantasy: Can be used in Interviews or Group Discussions Situation or stimulus that encourages a person to project part of him or herself or an idea system on to an external object or bring to interview. Light-hearted and safe exercises. It encourages people to disown their thoughts & feelings by attributing them to a hypothetical average person or group & to voice beliefs & opinions in complete safety that they might have otherwise withheld. What if …? leads to better understanding, heightened sensitivity, trust, process

20 Projective Questions Word association, Picture Association, Collages, Brand mapping, Stereotyping Projective questioning is a useful way to challenge a group or person by using a hypothetical POV or to test out hypotheses …. People are so different, arent they? I was speaking to some students (faculty) yesterday and they said …. … What kind of person do you think they were & why would they say that?

21 Projective Questions PRODUCT & BRAND PERSONALITY If ____ were a person or an animal, what would he or she be like? Strengths or hidden weaknesses, up and comer or passé Can tell you about the users personality/aspirations It is essential for the group members to explain the reasons for their choices and push the explanation towards traits and characteristics.

22 LADDERING (Think of a child who keeps asking why and do the same thing) For every response from the person you are interviewing, ask why until you get to the level of detail/involvement that gives you insight Attributes: Property of a product/brand Benefits: How product relates to a person Values: Needs internal to person Why, Why, Why? ????????

23 Great guided fantasy for Branding Your ______ Let your mind go back to the last time you visited the______. Put yourself back into the situation and imagine yourself thinking about being there. How does it look? What do you see? Hear? Smell? Feel? What kind of thoughts are you having? Now you are in the ____-what do you see/hear/feel/smell? What kinds of thoughts run through your mind? Now you have left the _____-What do you see, hear, feel and smell? What are your thoughts now?

24 Guided Fantasy See if theres a way you can use this fantasy to elicit feelings about your brand OR …do for brands like Visiting a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, etc.

25 Some examples of projective questioning Thinking back on your life, is there anything youd go back and do differently? If you could go forward or backward in time, which way would you go? Where would you go? Why? Have you ever seen a movie that could have been made about you? Is there any movie that really captured your life? How would you like to be remembered? If you could change places with anyone for a day, who would it be? Ask some of your friends or customers these questions and then think how would you position your ________ to them?

26 Comparing Brands/Projective Cont. Imagine that you are walking down a grey passage. You are going to come to three doors that lead into three worlds & you are going to visit each one in turn and let whatever is in your head come to the surface. The first door you come to has Coca Cola on the door. Go inside and take a look around. What do you see? What kinds of colors, what kind of people, what are they doing, what is the scenery like, where is this place? What do you hear? How loud or soft is it? What do you smell? What do you taste? How do you feel in this space-is it a place you feel comfortable in or is it one you want to go away from? What atmosphere and mood does it put you in? Now you are going to leave and go to the next door which has Pepsi Cola on the door….[repeat prompts]

27 Surveys and Interviews Now try it, and do surveys or interviews with potential customers or users. Use these ideas going forward to create better research and insight about your projects, etc.

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