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The measurable difference. I am dropping out of school, I am going to be a Pro Wakeboarder!

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1 the measurable difference

2 I am dropping out of school, I am going to be a Pro Wakeboarder!


4 NuSkin Enterprises, the ideal sponsor I searched for, for 10 years!

5 I am leaving wakeboarding to do anti-aging!

6 200520072009 TIMING $1 Billion $5 Billion Window of Opportunity 2011 Small to Big Momentum Window Stability Critical Mass Pioneering

7 5 KEY POINTS 1) Market Trends 2) Products 3) Company 4) Timing 5) Compensation/Leverage

8 3 TRENDS Wellness is Growing at $250 Million Per Day Home Based/Network Businesses are Exploding Pharmanex is Poised for Massive Growth $1 Trillion $5 Billion

9 BABY BOOM WellnessIndustry The first time the entire Baby Boom generation is impacting a single market at the same time! Toys Nappies Baby food Fast Food Fast Cars Rock n Roll MortgageMini-VanKids 1950s BABIES 1960s TEENAGERS 1970s 20s 1980s 30s40s 1990s 50s 2000 The Next Trillion!

10 $1 Trillion 2010 $400 Billion 2005 Growing at $250 Million Per Day! WELLNESS

11 Home Business 1800s – Entrepreneurs 1900s – Corporations 2000s – Entrepreneurs

12 Unique Highly Consumable Target Market = Everyone Guaranteed to Work #2 Products

13 WHY WE AGE Free Radicals Cause cell and DNA damage. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals & slow the Ageing Process Free Radicals Theyre Bad! Antioxidants Are Good!

14 MISSING OUT In a national survey of 21,500 People*, not a Single Person consumed even the daily RDA amounts for the 10 most important nutrients! *Source: USDA 1994-96 CSFII

15 Nutrient Deficiency Source: USDA 1994-96 CSFII

16 University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter We have been reluctant to recommend supplementary vitamins for healthy people eating healthy diets. But the accumulation of research in recent years has caused us to change our minds regarding the antioxidant vitamins plus folic acid & vitamin B. The role these substances play in disease prevention is no longer a matter of dispute! January 1994 CONSENSUS

17 180 Degrees June 19, 2002 We recommend that ALL ADULTS take a multi-vitamin daily Enough to prevent deficiency, but not enough to prevent disease Low levels of Antioxidant Vitamins may increase the risk of several chronic diseases.

18 BOTTOM-LINE You MUST SUPPLEMENT! But how do you know if your supplement works?

19 Scientific Analysis The ability to Prove is the basis of SCIENCE - If you cant evaluate, Youre Guessing!

20 BREAKTHROUGH 1 st Ever Non-Invasive Real Time Analysis of Human Antioxidant Status Based on Nobel Prize Winning Science

21 INNOVATION Previous Winners AT&T & UPS 1 st NWM Winner Ever The Oscars of Business

22 TGA Medical Device TGA Medical Device Approved TGA Class 1 Medical Device ARTG ID118126

23 Proof Measurement Makes Markets Cholesterol Testing – 1970s Statin Drugs = $20 Billion Bone Density Scans - 1980s Calcium = $200 Million Life Scan-Glucose – 1990s Sales for 2005 $1.5 Billion

24 Proof SUPPLEMENT MARKET SIZE USA Market in 2004 = $22 Billion* 1 st Time Ever – One Company Controls Both the Testing & the Solution Antioxidant Scans – 2000s *Nutrition Business Journal – July 2005

25 DATABASE POWER 1) Modify Formula 2) Feed to Test Groups 3) Assess Results 4) Track Progress Largest Nutritional Database in the World

26 Why PHX? Scientifically Proven Evidence of Your Antioxidant Status LifePak Challenge (Our Products will Raise your Antioxidant Score or your Money back!)

27 LifePak ® Essential vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals and trace elements 40+ antioxidants included in LifePak Scientifically proven health benefits LifePak is NOT just a multivitamin!

28 g3 g3 g3 – Most Nutrient Rich Juice Ever Discovered with the Bio Photonic Scanner Unique, Convenient, & Delicious

29 70 X more Lycopene than Tomatoes 60 X more Vitamin C than Oranges 40 X more Zeaxanthin than Yellow Corn 10 X more Betacarotene than Carrots Superfruits Proven to Raise Score by 40%

30 These Products will Change your Life!

31 Retention 1 st Scan3 rd Scan5 th Scan Baseline8 WEEKS 16 WEEKS 25,000 35,000 ?????? Auto-Delivery of LifePak Provides a Free Re-Scan Every 60 Days MAS

32 Think Range Top Score Ever = 197,000 Avg. U.S. LP & g3 User =55,000 Avg. LP User = 40,000 Avg. Australian = 31,000 Avg. New Zealander = 29,000 Avg. American = 20,000 Avg. Smoker = 14,000 What Is Your Antioxidant Score? 10,000 to 20,000 20,000 to 30,000 40,000 to 50,000 30,000 to 40,000 50,000 to 100,000 Less than 10,000

33 Monopoly The Patented Scanner Technology creates a Monopoly for Pharmanex. No one else can Analyse Antioxidant Status in Real Time in Living Human Tissue for the next 19 Years

34 COMPETITION Other Nutrition Companies that can be Proven Non-Invasively 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

35 World Headquarters USA 22 Year Track Record22 Year Track Record D&B 5A-1 RatingD&B 5A-1 Rating Operating in 43 CountriesOperating in 43 Countries Over $600 Million in AssetsOver $600 Million in Assets Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS)Publicly Traded on the NYSE (NUS) Nu Skin personal careNu Skin personal care Big Planet technologiesBig Planet technologies #3 COMPANY

36 COMPANY Over 100 Scientists 13 Disciplines 3 Laboratories (USA & China) Largest Nutrition Research Globally Un-Matched Scientific Advisory Board Dr. Lester Packer – UC Berkeley - #1 Antioxidant Expert

37 200520072009 TIMING $1 Billion $5 Billion Window of Opportunity 2011 Small to Big Momentum Window Stability Critical Mass Pioneering

38 Leverage I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own. Andrew Carnegie

39 COMPENSATION Residual Income, Not A Job! Title # Execs Annual Income Executive0$5,270 Gold1$8,448 Lapis2$16,340 Ruby4$35,869 Emerald6$66,823 Diamond8$148,737 Blue Diamond12$528,314 Average Incomes in 2004 (U.S. Ave.)

40 Where do you want to be in 5 years? W2 vs. 1099 Western World Actuarial Statistics by Age 65 54% Broke Broke 36% Dead Still Working Well-to-do 4% 5%BusinessOwners Only 1% WEALTHYBusinessOwners 1% 5 8 3 8 Eat & Travel Sleep Work Play 24 Hours

41 This Business will Change Your Life

42 Your Website GWP Your Business Center

43 The Power of Packs Business Building Packs –250 points Pharmanex pack –500 points Pharmanex & Nu Skin Use the product & talk to people

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