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January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore1 Practice EPICS Start up and MEDM Tatsuro KEK January 2009.

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1 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore1 Practice EPICS Start up and MEDM Tatsuro NAKAMURA @ KEK January 2009

2 EPICS Seminar in Indore2 Start up with the Live DVD We use Ubuntu Linux with EPICS Live DVD for the practice. –After booting Linux, login with username ubuntu. (Automatically login with ubuntu when timeout.) –Open a terminal window. Menu “Application”  “Accessories”  “Terminal” –To avoid record name collision, set your PC name. USER=PCname export USER Note: PCname : use your own PC name. After that, you should use your own name instead of “ PCname ” in this slides.

3 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore3 First EPICS Application Let’s build the first EPICS application. –Make your application directory ( ~/app/ ) and create a new application ( myExample ) as followings. cd mkdir app cd app –t example myExample –i –t example myExample –This command inquires target architecture. Enter appropriate architecture name (linux-x86). –It also inquires application name. Just type return (use default). –Then make make

4 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore4 Run sample IOC program Sample IOC program (iocsh) is ready in your application directories. The IOC program can be run by st.cmd script. Let’s try to run this program as follows. cd ~/app /iocBoot/iocmyExample chmod +x st.cmd./st.cmd

5 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore5 Commands in iocsh After some messages are printed, EPICS iocsh command prompt is shown epics> Try to type dbl command to show the list of the record (PV) names. epics> dbl Then try to use dbpr command to show the field values of the specific record. epics> dbpr PCnameHost:aiExample Note: use your own PC name instead of “ PCname ”.

6 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore6 More Commands in iocsh Second argument of dbpr is interest level ( 0  4 ). Higher level shows more fields. epics> dbpr PCnameHost:aiExample 4 To terminate IOC, use exit command. epics> exit help command shows the list of the commands. epics> help Note: Do not run multiple iocsh in same PC. If multiple iocsh run, you may encounter confusing situation.

7 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore7 Channel Access to the IOC Let’s try to access the record (PV) from outside of the IOC. While keep running iocsh, open another terminal window. Try to read the record (PV) value using caget command. caget PCnameHost:aiExample Try to monitor the record (PV) value using camonitor command. camonitor PCnameHost:aiExample –Type Ctrl-C to stop monitoring.

8 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore8 Start MEDM Open new terminal and type medm to start MEDM. medm Create new blank display –Menu “File”  “New” Open Object Palette –Menu “Palettes”  “Object”

9 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore9 Monitor Objects Try to create “Text Monitor” object on the new display window. –Set Readback Channel to “PCnameHost:aiExample” –Then try to execute You need keep iocsh running. Tips –After typing characters in the field of the Palettes, you need to type return key to complete entry.

10 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore10 More Monitors Try to create … Bar Monitor Meter Scale Monitor –Then try to select Color Mode to “alarm”. Try to create Strip Chart –To enter channel names, push Channel/Color button to open “Strip Chart Data” palette

11 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore11 Controller Objects Try to create “Text Entry” object –For example, set Control Channel to “PCnameHost:aiExample.HIHI” Try to create “Choice Button” object –Set Control Channel to “PCnameHost:calcExample.SCAN”

12 January 2009EPICS Seminar in Indore12 Graphics Try to create Oval, Rectangle, etc. Try to set visibility –For example, select Visibility to “if not zero” and set Channel A to “PCnameHost:aiExample”

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