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The most dynamic Product Building, Rating engine and Sales distribution tool available Assistance and Claims handling with incorporated Providers Network.

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1 The most dynamic Product Building, Rating engine and Sales distribution tool available
Assistance and Claims handling with incorporated Providers Network - all workflow management controlled

2 Nordic Insurance Software - Background
Founded in 1996 Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark Extensive operational knowledge within the Travel, Expatriate and Health Insurance lines of business Integrated flexible and user friendly applications Unique modular approach allowing future expansion and enhancements Full B2B, B2C and B2E integration with web entry Built on standard Microsoft.NET technology NIS solutions are live in over 25 countries

3 Countries with live NIS solutions
Denmark Netherlands UK Thailand Chile Norway Belgium Ireland Iceland Uruguay Finland France Estonia Brazil Cyprus Sweden Malta Latvia Venezuela US Greenland Turkey Lithuania Argentina Canada

4 NIS - Unique in the Market !
End-to-end Travel, Expatriate & International Health Insurance Solutions Simple approach to custom-build and maintain products Agent / Web shop can be set up in a matter of minutes Policy conditions may be modified and updated at will Premium can be changed and version-controlled on the fly Policies integrated with assistance and claims administration Full assistance case management including supplier network administration Comprehensive claims handling and cost containment Workflow driven SLA based on client/product/cover type/place of incident – your built-in manual Integrated system with on-line, real-time control providing status of sales, reserves, claims and recoveries

5 The NIS End-to-End Solution
Product Builder: - Build and maintain products - Select distribution channels desired and launch product live Sales solutions: - Call centre solution - B2B – for Brokers and Agents - B2C – your own brands or white labelled - Web services – easy integration to external sales systems Assistance management: - Workflow management drives appropriate SLA - Providers Network fully integrated Claims handling: - Automated, semi automated and manual claims handling - Repricing and supplier / client settlement - All information stored on the relevant case MIS: - KPI´s for company, branch, team or even individual employee - Drill down reporting for trend spotting and financial analysis - Standard report generators utilized allowing for individual ad-hoc reporting - XML full dimension output for OLAP Dataware house solutions

6 The Product Building Concept
”Build your products in a matter of minutes, the NIS system creates both your B2B, B2C and B2E presentations automatically – no other product is this dynamic!” A broad and wide variety of product types Build custom tailored products in an easy way Full range of products including annual and top-up Complete rating engine included Comprehensive calculation methods ability Ability to select your required sales channels Set and define product defaults or exceptions Specify product type, details and policy holder type Determine and control valid sales and cover period Control maximum cover period Simulate and test products prior to publishing Select actual renewal dates for active products Attach special clauses directly to the product Determine tax and commission methods Connect product conditions Select types of cover to include Easy graphical overview of insurance types available

7 Call Centre Solution The standard NIS Agent / Broker website can be set-up within 24 hours complete with product availability, commission handling and automated billing All products can be white labelled and distributed by your agents Handling and full down-line set up for brokers and agents Full policy administration including quotations, policy issuance, renewals as well as cancellations, amendments and refunds Display of policy conditions and automatic electronic policy delivery Commission handling On-line agent statistics Black listing with reversal of commission payment News section for immediate action, special discounts or sales campaigns Handling of national agency chains available as standard set-up Multi language capability – English delivered as standard Multi currency capability Electronic banking and payment integration Automatic agent billing in electronic file format or hard copy Content section for general information

8 Integration Examples - Sales
Travel Agents Tour operators Portals Closed User Groups Brokers

9 B2C – Consumer Website The standard NIS direct to consumer website can be set-up in 24 hours to put all of your products automatically and immediately on the net The ability to put all, or some of your products on-line Full policy quotation and policy issue functionality Display of policy conditions Policy terms acceptance Automatic electronic policy delivery Distribution of multiple brands Availability as standard set-up Availability as frame set-up Multi language capability - Multi currency capability Electronic banking and payment integration EFT and Giro integration with OCR labelling Commission tracking by linking to external URL site Discount set-up and tracking for various user group URL´s Encrypted data exchange

10 NIS - Portal Framework Examples
Insureds Corporate Clients Insurers Suppliers View, extend or cancel policy Maintain basic personal data Process outstanding payments Access and direction to the preferred Provider Network Driving directions to the nearest in-network facility Receive automated benefit approvals Commence a claim Upload bills Monitor claim status Access administration of all branch/employee policies Add new or delete terminated employees Update employee data Settle outstanding balances Ability to upload policies Automatic notification of Large Loss Cases Receive reimbursement notifications on outstanding settlements Receive invoices for case settlement and fees Up-to-date information on statistics by scheme, current case data Access in accordance with privacy provisions to verify policy information Seek payment, request confirmation of coverage Upload medical reports and invoices, Update details and services in the Provider network database, Maintain basic data

11 NIS - Portal Framework End Client Example

12 Client Services on the go
NIS - Mobile Framework Client Services on the go Deliver automatic self-service access, Call assistance, find a provider, call/ provider and get directions turn by turn and graphical presentation, and much more...!

13 NIS - Mobile Framework continued...
Client Services on the go Show policy certificate and cover, get travel warnings for specific country or region and much more...!

14 Assistance & Claims with integrated Network
All case information stored directly on the relevant case Incoming / out going s Letters and faxes Internal / external notes Telephone audio files Scanjobs Policy cover information Reserves Recoveries Medical information Contact information Beneficiary information

15 Incident Location and Provider Search
Geomapping of providers Ability to show providers and key suppliers with individual ratings Financial data for cost and savings can be maintained Notes on providers and previous case references can be included Local level mapping abililty to provide insureds with turn-by-turn directions to provider

16 Assistance and Claims Fee Management
Calculate fee charges individually by client / profit centre – chose from fee by case opened, by case closed, by time used, by number of payments, by number of actions, letters, medical notes. You can set the combination – the system calculates the fee !

17 Claim Assesment Automated Flow

18 Claim Handling – Bill Manager
The Bill Manager is one of the bill entry points in the NIS Solution

19 Business Intelligence – MIS & Reporting
The NIS solution utilizes the most up-to-date and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) module on the market enabling you to control and cross reference all your data, exactly the way you want and the way your client needs. Standard XML full dimension output for data ware house Extensive MIS available instantly Claims percentage per agent controls Claims percentage per product controls Profit per agent after commission and paid claims Reserve movement and status Open claims calculated with average claims percentage Fully open standard report generators build-in; MS Reporting Services and SAP Business Reports User rights and password protected information

20 Business Intelligence – Data Widgets
The NIS solution includes Data Widgets which can be applied in the Sales, Assistance and Claims modules. Ability to set Key Performance Indicators for the individual user, team, department or company

21 NIS Customer Individual Configuration
You can implement your SLA-specific work flows, our user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy to test them Implement new workflows change existing ones to test optimum efficiency and effectiveness Example of business rule application for program profitability check prior to renewal Internal logic set up to determine whether the policy is up for automatic renewal or needs to be queued for manual intervention

22 Back-office Integration
Real-time or batch integration Two way integration Full dimension hand-off Reserve check and adjustment Claims sign-off procedure Settlement sign off Payment procedure and sign-off Automatic bank transfers Automatic cheque printing Data ware-house management

23 NIS Context Sensitive Help
A comprehensive ”Help” manual is available at your fingertips It is is built-in and context-sensitive

24 NIS Standard Documentation
Available as Context Sensitive Help from within the application and available from the NIS Customer Universe at

25 Customer statements Director Club Insurance, Carlos Coutinho, CAA Canada: “We scanned the global market for a suitable solution supporting our travel and medical sales as well as future related products. We found the standard package from Nordic Insurance Software to be the most comprehensive, innovative and cost effective solution available – and we have not been disappointed” Director of Development, Neil Heasman, Cega Group Services UK: “One of the greatest benefits is that NIS understands our business down to the detail. By implementing the NIS standard solution we have streamlined our business and our services to reflect what Cega Group Services stand for – exclusive and non-rivaled assistance and claims services on behalf of our insurance clients”

26 Customer statements Steve McClung, Director of Information Systems, Global Excel: “We have achieved significant increases in our processing times. Our process time has decreased by nearly 35% over the past two years and that, with slightly decreased number of staff per claim processed. The team from NIS have helped us achieve some significant improvements to our claims processing, thanks in part to their professionalism, knowledge and experience” Jesper Kjeldsgaard, Managing Director, Gouda Travel Insurance: ”With innovation and IT from Nordic Insurance Software, we have become the most efficient travel insurance company in the Nordic countries”

27 Some of our Clients...

28 NIS – The Software Solution for your Organization !
Questions? Head Office, Claus Tophoej North America, Lambert Boenders

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