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Mainframe Systems Management CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Frank White.

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1 Mainframe Systems Management CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Frank White

2 2 Agenda >What is CA SYSVIEW? >CA SYSVIEW CICS Option >Integration Example >What’s Coming in r12

3 Introduction to CA SYSVIEW

4 4 Introducing CA SYSVIEW >Base Product  z/OS  JES2  USS  Parallel Sysplex  Workload Manager  System Condition Monitor  Graphical User Interface >CICS Option >IMS Option >TCP/IP Option >WebSphere MQ Option >CA-Datacom Option >Event Capture Option

5 5 Data Collection and Monitoring >Environmentally friendly  Low resource usage –Typically 3 - 5% >Customized collection levels >User-defined exceptions  Thresholds  States >Alerting and actions  Central exception alerts  Log for events  Issue warning  Trigger REXX exec –CA Common Services –CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation  Send SNMP trap


7 CICS Monitoring >Overall health summary of all CICS regions >Full support for all IBM supported releases >One product to install and maintain >Single point of control for all CICS regions >Does not use CICS resources >CICS Status, Storage, Resource, Historical information

8 8 CICS Resource Monitoring >Global user exits >Files >Journals/Logs >Kernel tasks >LSR pools >Programs >SIT >MRO/ISC links >Transaction classes >Transient data >Terminals >Timers >Transactions >VSAM files

9 9 CICS Status >Active and suspended tasks >Degradation wait analysis >CICS domains >Dump statistics >Connections >Enqueues and enqueue pools >Automatic initiate descriptors (AIDS) >Interval control elements (ICE)

10 10 CICS Region Status

11 11 Degradation Analysis

12 12 CICS Storage >Dynamic Storage Areas (DSAs)  Extents  Subpools  Elements >Subspace areas  Transaction isolation >Temporary storage

13 13 Dynamic Storage Areas

14 14 CICS Historical >System interval analysis >Detailed transaction log >Transaction interval summary >Exception log >Log historical records to SMF

15 15 Transaction Log Detail

16 16 CICS Toolkit >Resource management functions  Automated response time management  Transaction cancellation at shutdown –DFHTM1781 CICS shutdown cannot complete  CICS dump management –Suppression policies  CICS SMF 110 record suppression –Suppress records by transaction ID

17 Integration

18 18 Integration Example – CA OPS/MVS >CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation  Direct interface between products  Initiate automated actions before performance or service levels have been impacted –Performance alerts –Performance data collected and correlated –Take corrective actions  Include powerful CA SYSVIEW commands as part of the automated response –Take corrective actions


20 Enhancements – Some r12 Highlights –CA Vantage GMI –Persistent Data Store –Audit Events – CICS Highlights

21 CA Vantage GMI Component – Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design as a extension to existing User Interfaces – Initial delivery is windows base – CA Vantage GMI Servers to perform Display Filter Sort Graph ………

22 22 CA Vantage GMI Component

23 23 CA Vantage GMI Component

24 Persistent Data Store of Product Settings  The CA SYSVIEW persistent data store is a mechanism that allows dynamic updates to be saved or hardened. Data can be saved and retrieved from the persistent data store. The persistent data store is a new CA SYSVIEW facility that preserves changes to data objects across multiple executions of CA SYSVIEW and across an operating system IPL.  This environment lets you do the following  Roll out product settings across multiple instances of CA SYSVIEW running in the same system or within the same SYSPLEX.  Maintain data objects that contain various types of data collection, statistics, and configuration options that control the operation of the product.  Save, retrieve, and copy the data from the persistent data store.

25 Audit Event >Events occurring within CA SYSVIEW that change resources. The Audit Event can view and control the historical audit activities. >When an Audit Event occurs, you can do the following:  Write record to SMF recording the event  Write record to logstream recording the event  Notify CA OPS/MVS of the event  Issue a WTO message recording the event

26 r12 CICS Changes >CICS Dynamic Library Definition  DFHRPL dynamic allocation with CICS 3.2  The following DDNAMES are no longer needed in the CICS region’s JCL  XPFCPARM  XPFCLOG  XPFCDUMP (no longer used)


28 Future Direction  Product integration –Wily –CA OPS/MVS (more applications)  CA Vantage GMI –Extensions  Provide more intuitive analysis –Thresholds  Historical –Extensions  Inter-Operability

29 Mainframe Systems Management CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Frank White

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