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Love at a Loss Catherine Trotter

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1 Love at a Loss Catherine Trotter

2 Catharine Trotter 1679 –1749 Autodidact Wrote plays from 1696 until her marriage in 1708 Known as a philosopher more than as a playwright

3 Wrote in other genres, notably fiction and poetry Encouraged by Congreve and others Satirized in The Female Wits (Anon. 1698) with Mary Pix and Delarivier Manley

4 Rational morality: morality originates in reason alone Evidence in text? PhilosophyPhilosophy

5 Stock characters Libertine, Fop, Wily servants, True and False lovers

6 Stock tropes Flirtations, intrigues, letters, mistakes

7 Verbal duels Beaumine and Lesbia Miranda and Constant Beaumine and Miranda

8 PairingsPairings Miranda and Constant Lesbia and Beaumine Lucilia and Phillomell Miranda and Beaumine Lesbia and Grandfoy

9 B eaumine: We are all false alike in love, tis clear, He that dissembles best is most sincere. (II.i.254– 255) Libertinism

10 Two views set forth, one by Phillabell and one by Beaumine: I.ii.18–46; 114–130; 141–144 (pp.596–598)

11 Risks to reputation Debauching servants Ill-considered letters Listening to men

12 The Humane Libertine How does Beaumine compare with Horner and Willmore?

13 MarriageMarriage Deceit fatal/deceit necessary: L esbia: Cheating in all other cases may be only playing the knave, but any deceit in marriage must be egregiously playing the fool, when the very injury we do gives the power of revenging it. (II.i.97–104) Lucilia: Who can condemn this harmless artifice? (V.ii.162–163)

14 For discussion What does this play say about the institution of marriage? How does it compare with other plays we have read?


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