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G enerations Characteristics and Their Role in the Workplace Presented by Frank Hufnagel.

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1 G enerations Characteristics and Their Role in the Workplace Presented by Frank Hufnagel

2 Introduction Currently the workforce in the United States encompasses four generations. Due to world events and the proliferation of technology there never before has there been such a diverse grouping of workers This presentation will display the character differences, events that helped shape each group, how they learned, and how we as work experience coordinators can deal with them.

3 The Working Age Population Source: accessed 4/3/05

4 Identifying the G enerations Veterans Born: 1922 - 1943 Baby Boomers Born: 1943 - 1960 Generation X Born: 1961 - 1980Millennials Born: 1980 - 2000

5 Veterans were born into….. World Affairs Great Depression and World War II Economy Converting from laissez-faire to a federally regulated system Science 1939 World Fair, Creation of Nuclear Weapons Education Schools fought to stay open amidst unpaid taxes

6 Characteristics of the V ETERANS Exhibit Civic Pride Loyal Respect for authority Careful/Risk Adverse

7 Work-based Learning Program for Veterans Strong Desire for Structure + Willingness to follow C ooperative A pprenticeship P rogram

8 Dealing with a Veteran Employer Be polite Let them lead the way Be conservative Appreciate the experience and learn from it!

9 The Baby Boom Generation was born into….. World Affairs Korean War; Cold War Economy Corporate expansion; Job growth Science Polio vaccine is developed; 1 st orbiting satellite Education Brown v. the Board of Education, Integration

10 Focus on Self Reject Authority Workaholics Greedy Characteristics of the B ABY B OOMERS

11 Work-based Learning Program for Baby Boomers Desire to Succeed + Focus on Accomplishments C areer E xploration I nternship P rogram

12 Dealing with a Baby Boomer Employer Give immediate attention Be equal and fair Promote heart & humanity in the company

13 Generation X was born into… World Affairs Vietnam War, Iran Hostage Crisis Economy Inflationary Period; Energy Crisis Science Man on the Moon; Personal Computers Education Students rights are fought for in court

14 Individualistic Informal Risk-Embracing Pragmatic Characteristics of the G ENERATION X

15 Work-based Learning Program for Generation X Individualism + Need to Have Fun C ooperative O ccupation Work Experience P rogram (Co-OP)

16 Dealing with a Generation X Employer Use hands-on explanations Offer elbow-room Be prepared to answer many questions and prove your knowledge

17 Millennials were born into… World Affairs Persian Gulf War, 9-11 Economy Increased Budget Deficits Science Proliferation of Computers Education A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform

18 Confident Trusting Collaborative Optimistic Characteristics of the M ILLENNIALS

19 Work-based Learning Program for Millennials Self Confidence + High Priority on making $ E ntrepreneurship

20 Dealing with a Millennial Employer Give supervision & structure Offer more attention Relate the students involvement in the company to economic improvement.

21 What does the future hold? The U.S. Population Is Aging and the Proportion of U.S. Working Age Population Is Shrinking In 2002, there were 4.4 people in the working age population (25-64) for every retired person (65+); by 2025, it is predicted to drop to 2.7. Source: accessed 4/8/05

22 Summary Regardless of which generation we are from, it is important to understand and respect what shapes todays employers and workers. It is important to think less about changing the other person and more about learning from the other person.

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