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Tourism in Tuscany Facts and figures

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1 Tourism in Tuscany Facts and figures

2 INDEX Why Invest in tourism in Tuscany 3 World trends in tourism 4
Tourism in Italy and Italian regions 5 Trends in tourism industry in Tuscany 6-9 Diversification of tourism industry 10 Human capital 11 Policy support 12 Tuscan tourism website 13 Key Contacts 14-15

Unique and highly recognized cultural and landscape assets Tuscany is one of the Italian leader regions in tourism industry 3rd Italian region in terms of tourist presences 22.5 millions of days spent by tourists Tourism demand is expected to increase expected annual growth by 2% between 2010 and 2030 Tourism industry is well developed highly diversified Many “tourisms”: seaside, cultural, rural, mountain, sports, thermal & wellness, cruise, business & conferences,… High quality of hospitality structures Increasing share and attractiveness of upscale hotels and resorts Excellent localization, accessibility and infrastructure availability localized between Milan and Rome presence of two international airports, high-speed rail, highway network Skilled workforce available dense network of technical and professional educational structures

4 Tourism in the world economy
Tourism accounts for - 9% of global GDP and 3.2% of GDP growth in 2012 - 30% of global services export - 6% of World exports - 235 millions jobs worldwide 1.035 billion tourists in 2012 1.8 billion tourists forecasted in 2030 International tourisms receipts are around billions US dollars Asia and Pacific areas record the strongest growth in arrivals in last years China is the first source market in the world, spending 102 billions US dollars Source: World tourism organization (UNWTO) 2013

5 Tourism specialization index in Italian regions
Tourism in Italy and Italian regions Tourism specialization index in Italian regions Tourist arrivals, 2012 rank Country Tourist arrivals 1 France 83 2 USA 67 3 China 57.7 4 Spain 5 Italy 46.4 6 Turkey 35.7 7 Germany 30.4 8 UK 29.3 9 Russia 25.7 10 Malaysia 25 Italy is one of the world leaders in tourism Tuscany is the 4th Italian region in terms of specialization in tourism sector and the 3rd Italian region in terms of tourist arrivals and presences. Tuscany attracts 13% of foreign tourists visiting Italy and 11% of Italian tourists. 43 millions of tourist presences in 2013

6 Tourism in Tuscany in age of crisis: outlook
Tourism market in Italy has been hit by global economic crisis. Demand from Italian tourists has been declined, while demand from foreign tourists is increasing, especially from emerging Countries. Tourist expenditure is generally decreasing, but demand for luxury structures is increasing. Tuscany responded positively to the crisis. by reinforcing its international vocation, by attracting more foreign tourists than other Italian regions. Foreign share of tourists is 50% (Italian average is 44%) by attracting tourists from new markets, such as developing Countries by adapting to changes in consumer preferences (diversification of offer, increasing role of B&B, farm tourism,…) Cultural tourism attracts foreign tourists, while seaside tourist is the main driver for Italian tourists. However, other forms of tourism are developing such as, rural and thermal and wellness, attracting in particular foreign visitors Non European and emerging Countries show the highest growth rates in tourist arrivals and presence 6

7 Jobs created or destroyed by sector in Tuscany (2008-2013)
Tourism in Tuscany in age of crisis: impact on the economy Tourist presences Tourist presences in Tuscany have shown a growth pattern from 2009 to 2013 (with exception in 2012). In 2013 presences reached 43 millions in 2013, after a decline in 2012. Tourism sector employs directly 8000 firms and workers. 5% of labor force work in tourism industry. Share of tourism in Tuscany economic value has grown by 1% in Jobs created or destroyed by sector in Tuscany ( ) Tourism Services Trade Constructions Industry Agriculture During last years tourist has shown anti-cyclic effects on the Tuscan economy. Activities linked with tourism created job positions, while the other sectors in the same period other economic sectors lost jobs.

8 Firms operating in tourism
Structural changes in tourism in Tuscany Variations in tourist offer Firms operating in tourism Short run ( ) Long run ( ) Hotel ***** 67,3 328,9 Hotel **** 13,1 92,4 Hotel *** -3,8 32,5 Hotel ** -9,9 -40,1 Hotel * -17,0 -48,8 Residence 29,9 119,0 Farmhouse 27,7 345,9 Camping 5,3 35,5 Other structure 13,9 172,3 Total 8,9 63,5 Upscale hotels, residences and farm houses have shown high growth rates

9 Tourism in Tuscany in age of crisis: forecasts
Tourist arrivals are expected to increase by 44% from 2010 to 2030. Most of the demand will come from foreign tourists. Overnight stays in Tuscany Expenditure in Tuscany Impact on regional economy World arrivals in 2030 (millions) 2030 (millions) Var.% 2030 (millions) Tourist turnover/GDP Var.% turnover/GDP Central Scenario 1.800 124 44% 10.878 48% 7,0% 24% Pessimistic scenario 1.400 105 22% 9.118 5,9% 4% Optimistic scenario 2.000 130 54% 12.027 60% 7,8% 37% 9

10 Diversification of tourist offer
Cultural tourism Conference, studies and business tourism Almost 9200 archeological, historical and museum sites Links with Universities and research centers activities 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Seaside tourism Healthcare and thermal tourism 581 km of coastline Tuscany is the most specialized region in Thermal tourism National Park of Tuscan Archipelago 23 thermal spas across the region Rural tourism Hill areas cover the highest share of Tuscan surface Pilgrimage and religious tourism 4200 rural tourism structure (Highest share of “agriturismi” in Italy) Via Francigena (375 km across Tuscany) Links with food tourism and wine production Sports tourism Mountain, skiing and geotourism Horseback tourism and cycling tourism are increasing Several ski resorts across Appennini and Mount Amiata Alpi Apuane Regional Park 10

11 Per ogni affermazione diamo cifre di evidenza (+ 1 slide)d
Human capital in tourism to access and distribute for major European Markets Major R&D centers and Universities in Tuscany Per ogni affermazione diamo cifre di evidenza (+ 1 slide)d MILANO ROMA U GENOVA - FRANCE A1 Highway Milan/Florence/Rome/Naples A12 Highway to Genoa and France Florence International Airport Pisa International Airport 23 Tuscany offers a wide network of institutions offering education and/or research applied to tourism U Universities & Research University of Pisa (Campus Lucca): Bachelor degree in Tourism Sciences Master degree in Planning and Management of Tourism Facilities University of Florence Master degree in Economics and Management of Tourism University of Siena High Schools and professional training 56 schools offer 90 technical and professional courses in tourism studies, with students enrolled S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S Livorno harbor Carrara harbor Piombino harbor

12 Policy support Tuscany Region provides support in localization investment. Regional Incentives Regional Administration granted Euro billions over the last 5 years to firms for research and innovation activities in tourism industry. Incentives are mainly financed by EU Structural Funds resources. Main support have been given to investments in ICT A comprehensive guide for investors aiming to start business in Tuscany is available at

13 Tuscan tourism website
The official website of tourism in Tuscany promotes the several kinds of tourism within the region. All tourist sectors are promoted, from mass tourism to market niches It provides information and also allows direct accommodation bookings Tourism is promoted by means of dedicated website and profiles on social network channels

14 Services for investors
The Promoter Under the President of Regione Toscana, the government of the Region, an investment promotion program was undertaken to facilitate investments from foreign companies in the field of Cultural Heritage Along with Toscana Promozione, we support foreign companies willing to locate in Tuscany Our service is free of charge and strictly confidential Our experts can help you do business in Tuscany by: Providing investment opportunities Scouting and groundwork for potential investors Establishing leads Assisting investors: assessment, contacts, negotiation and after-care services Services for investors We provide information services for investors wishing to locate their business in our region on issues ranging from incentives and market information to location opportunities The service is free of charge and confidential Take advantage of our network. It is at your disposal to give you detailed information, including: Availability of location opportunities Macro - economic and sector data Start-up information Bureaucratic procedures European, national and regional incentives and grants

15 Contact Details: INVEST IN TUSCANY Region of Tuscany Directorate General for Presidency Regional policies for attracting inward investments Piazza Duomo, Florence, Italy Tel: / 5033 / 4896 Fax:

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