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“ Savvy Setup ” How to set up a CVM mailbox. The slides go by super fast. Promise..

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1 “ Savvy Setup ” How to set up a CVM mailbox

2 The slides go by super fast. Promise..

3 A fter this lesson, you’ll: Set up new voice mails like a pro Leap tall buildings in a single bound

4 Okay, maybe not that last one…

5 But… You will change someone’s life.

6 Ready?

7 This is Melodie. She recently escaped domestic violence. I need a lot of help.

8 She needs a safe way to keep in touch with her lawyer…

9 as well as a number to put on her housing application.

10 You want to get her a CVM number, and show her how easy they are to use.

11 However, Melodie is a tad ornery.

12 If the set-up takes too long, she’ll get bored and leave.

13 Your task is to set up her CVM number before she bails.

14 Feel free to try both answers during the module. You can always click the back arrow and try again.

15 By the way, all these instructions are also in your Agency Quick Guide. So don’t worry about memorizing.

16 All set?

17 There are three steps: 1. Choose a number 2. Reset it 3. Help the client personalize it

18 The first step is choosing a number. Let’s get one from the Client Log Book. You DO have one of these, right? They’re important ;)

19 This one looks like it hasn’t been used in a while.

20 Don’t forget to fill in Melodie’s info.

21 Great work! Now what do you do next? Click one: a) Reset the number? b) Double check the monthly report?

22 You reset the number, and then…

23 ← your coworker Oh no! I forgot to write in the person I set up last month. I already gave someone that number.

24 That means…

25 You gave Melodie someone else’s CVM number! Really?

26 …and all of that person’s messages got erased! Try Again My messages!?

27 Phew! Good thing you checked the monthly report. That number is actually being used by someone else.

28 You look through the report, and find one that isn’t in use…

29 …and give Melodie that CVM number. Easy.

30 Now we go to Step 2, resetting the number.

31 This is a perfect time to give Melodie a wallet card… and have her start thinking of a password.

32 But why give her the wallet card now? We do that right before they set their password.

33 Plus, clients follow along when we reset. (We use speaker phone, so the clients feel more involved.)

34 I thought you might ask that.

35 Speakerphone is a great way to get clients involved. But, if you leave choosing a password until the end…

36 Sometimes clients draw a blank.

37 Or they feel rushed, because they have to think of a password on the spot, while you’re waiting for them.

38 Then they might choose one that’s too easy (like 1234.) Or pick a random number they won’t remember.

39 But if you ask them to start thinking of one while you’re busy resetting the number…

40 and they have a few minutes of quiet to think...

41 …they’re more likely to pick a good password that they’ll remember.

42 It’s part of educational psychology

43 But back to Melodie! That’s my name.

44 So you’ve asked her to think of a password, and had her write it on her wallet card.

45 Now let’s go over how to reset the mailbox.

46 Remember, your phone is not on speaker yet.

47 What are you thinking? Click one: b) “Okay, let’s reset this puppy!” a) “Actually, we planned ahead and reset the mailbox after we exited the last client.”

48 Yikes! You forgot about broadcast messages.

49 Melodie had to delete 15 messages the first time she checked her voice mail. Try Again What the…?

50 Good thing you reset the mailbox! There were a ton of broadcast messages left since the last time it was reset.

51 You saved Melodie a lot of hassle. And I do not like hassle.

52 Wait! Weren’t we going to learn how to reset a mailbox?

53 Yes, indeed!

54 First you call the reset number: 206.331.4117 Then you’ll hear some instructions.

55 After you hear the instructions, do you… Click one: b) Realize this is a trick question and click on this answer after clicking on that first one just to see what happens. a) Follow the instructions without using your Agency Quick Guide.

56 Oh no! You followed the voice instructions, but it didn’t work.

57 a2 The box wouldn’t reset no matter what you tried. Which meant…

58 Melodie got tired of waiting and left! Try Again I get bored very easily.

59 Good thing you checked the Agency Quick Guide…

60 Apparently, you actually do the opposite of what the voice instructions tell you.

61 Huh?!

62 No joke. When the audio instructions say, “Enter your extension,” you instead enter the CVM number you’re resetting…

63 …and when it tells you to enter the phone number, you enter your agency extension.

64 That’s ridiculous

65 Tell me about it.

66 But that’s the way the system’s set up.

67 Luckily it’s just that one part. The rest is straightforward.

68 Here’s a nifty rhyme: My cuteness will help you remember. Resetting a voice mail Has one tiny hitch — Your agency code And the box you must switch!

69 But back to Melodie! That’s me.

70 So far you’ve: Gotten Melodie an unused number Reset it using the wacky instructions Huzzah!!

71 Now you’re ready for Step 3, setting up Melodie’s voice mail. Is this going to take long? I have a bus to catch.

72 You can put the phone on speaker now.

73 The rest of the set-up process will go much smoother if you do the dialing for Melodie during this part.

74 What are you thinking? Click one: b) I don’t want it to be too complicated for Melodie. I’ll do the dialing for her, and hand her the phone when it’s time for her to record. a) I disagree. Our agency believes clients need to take ownership and help themselves. We have them set it up on their own after they leave. It isn’t that hard.

75 Melodie gave it a shot…

76 But when she tried to set up her greeting, it was waaay confusing.

77 No, really. Clients get confused during set-up all the time. What do you mean it didn’t record?

78 Sometimes they don’t hear the instructions properly… Or they hit the wrong button at the end and erase everything… Or a million other things.

79 We already know it’s not the world’s most intuitive system.

80 So when she couldn’t get it to work, Melodie gave up… This bites. Forget it.

81 …and you never hear from her again. Try Again

82 You tell Melodie, “I’m going to help walk you through the set-up.” Okay. Thanks.

83 By the way, you’re almost finished!

84 Start by dialing Melodie’s new CVM number, just like you were calling to leave her a message.

85 You hear a strange greeting! What do you do? Click one: a) Yikes! You’ve gotten someone else’s voice mail. Quick, hang up! b) Press * You’ve reached the voice mailbox for…

86 Don’t worry. It’s not someone else’s voice mail. When you reset the number, it went back to the automatic greeting. Try again and press * Try Again

87 Nice work. Pressing * interrupted the default greeting and got you into the set-up menu. Huh. Who’d’ve thunk to press *…

88 So you’ve called Melodie’s # and hit *. Now you enter your default password. It’s written on your Agency Quick Guide.

89 To recap: Dial Melodie’s CVM number Don’t freak out at the strange greeting Hit * Enter the default password

90 This next part can be tricky…

91 The prompt will say, “ To exit, press *…” I think I see where this is going.

92 Lots of people accidentally press *, then have to start over. Called it!

93 Now it’s time to for Melodie to personalize her mailbox.

94 Melodie has a bunch of choices when it comes personalizing.

95 The standard default greeting is plain and simple. “You’ve reached the voice mailbox for 206.555.3456.”

96 It is completely anonymous. Some domestic violence survivors choose this greeting because of this.

97 The anonymous greeting is the first choice you will hear in the voice prompts.

98 To select it, when you hear: “You have no recorded name. To keep the recorded name, press pound.” …just hit pound.

99 Melodie could also use the standard greeting, and insert just her name…

100 It would sound like this: “You’ve reached the voice mailbox for Melodie Johnson.”

101 Or she could record a personal greeting.

102 If a client records a personal greeting, is there any point to them also recording their name?

103 In fact, there is!

104 When Melodie checks her messages, it’ll say: “Hi, Melodie Johnson. You have two new messages.”

105 Otherwise, it’ll say: “Hi, 206.555.3456. You have two new messages.” Which takes a lot longer…

106 Melodie decides to record both her name and a personal greeting.

107 After the prompt, you say… Click one: a) “Okay, Melodie. Don’t say your greeting just yet. Remember, this first recording is only your name.” b) Alright, Melodie. Go for it!”

108 At the prompt, Melodie says just her name, and everything is a-okay.

109 Whattup. This is Melodie. Leave a message at the beep.

110 Later, when Melodie goes to check her messages…

111 …this happens: Hi, ‘Whattup, this is Melodie. Leave a message at the beep.’ You have 2 new messages…

112 The system thinks that whole long greeting is Melodie’s name. She’ll hear it every time she checks her CVM number. Try Again

113 Now it’s time for Melodie to record a greeting.

114 I’m blanking. I have no idea what to say.

115 You tell her: Click one: a) “Let’s look at the sample greeting sheet.” b) “No worries; just say anything.”

116 Great. Thanks.

117 Hi, this is Melodie. I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave me a message.

118 Gah, I can’t take the pressure. I’m outro! Try Again

119 Great work! But it’s not fully set up until she creates a password.

120 If Melodie doesn’t set up her new password and confirm it… she’ll have to reconfirm her name & greeting every time she checks her messages. And I would not like that.

121 Remember, Melodie should have already chosen a password and written it on her wallet card.

122 Now Melodie has: Recorded her greeting Set up her password Time to take this voice mail out for a spin!

123 Call Melodie’s number and leave her a practice message. “Hi, Melodie. Welcome to Community Voice Mail.”

124 Just a few more steps! You’re almost done.

125 It’s time to: Click one: a) Have Melodie practice retrieving the message herself. b) Show Melodie how to retrieve it.

126 That sounds like it should be the correct answer, but research on learning theory actually says otherwise…

127 In fact, it’s better to show someone how to do something, then have them practice on their own. (Neato, huh?) Try Again

128 You say, “I’m going to walk you through checking your messages. Then I’ll have you practice checking on your own before you go.” Cool. Thanks.

129 Be sure to give Melodie the Client Quick Guide, so she can follow along.

130 She doesn’t have to carry the Client Guide around with her, though. The instructions are also on the front of her wallet card.

131 Go through all the steps, just like you were Melodie checking her voice mail. Say each step out loud as you do it.

132 The first confusing part might come when you dial Melodie’s CVM number…

133 and you hear Melodie’s greeting. Oh no! It didn’t work!

134 Don’t worry. It did work. Just hit *

135 Huh?!

136 Tell her: “Yup, you have to interrupt yourself. As soon as your greeting starts, press the * key.” Ahh, now I get it.

137 Also tell her: “Press * before your greeting finishes, or else you’ll wind up leaving yourself a message.”

138 Gotcha!

139 Go through each step, all the way through deleting (or saving) that first practice message.

140 Are you ready to have Melodie practice on her own?

141 Right on!

142 Now leave another message. Have Melodie try retrieving it on her own, with you there to help if she gets stuck.

143 I did it!

144 V oila! You’re done.

145 N ow, thanks to you…

146 Melodie was able to safely and confidentially get messages from her lawyer.

147 And got the housing she needed.

148 You’re a hero!

149 I’m really grateful.

150 Melodie’s life is back on track, thanks to you and her new Community Voice Mail number.

151 Quick! While the info's still in your head! Grab a colleague and go through the steps of signing them up for a voice mail. Because…

152 …right now is the best time to do it. The sooner you practice after learning something new, the better it will stick. It’s true!


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