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1 Middlesex Community College Developmental Math Redesign Preparation For College Math, RAMP-Up

2 Previous Courses Current Course
MAT 001/002/003 Preparation for College Math Mod 1 – Whole Numbers Mod 2 – Fractions Mod 3 – Decimals Mod 4 – Signed Numbers Mod 5 – Algebraic Expressions Mod 6 – Linear Equations & Inequalities Mod 7 – Ratio, Proportion & Percent Mod 8 – Graphing Mod 9 – Systems of Linear Equations Mod 10 – Exponents & Polynomials Mod 11 – Factoring Polynomials Mod 12 – Radicals & Quadratic Equations Note: Students who test into MAT 080 take MAT 080, Algebra 2 in a traditional lecture class.

3 Students who previously placed into…
Placement Students who previously placed into… Fundamentals Of Math Now start in Module 1, Whole Numbers Algebra 1 Initially, started in Module 1 Now start in Module 5, Algebraic Expressions Algebra 2 Take a traditional lecture class

4 Preparation for College Math MCC RAMP-Up Math Program
Complete at Least 4 Modules to Pass Student must complete at least 4 modules in order to pass the class Mastery is required to pass each module (75%) Students can accelerate their progress by completing more than 4 modules Requires at Least 75% for Mastery

5 Working through the Modules
Optional PRETEST Module Workbook & Homework Assignments Review Quiz Module Test 75% or better and the student passes the module. <75% and the student does a required assignment based on their errors before retesting. 75% or better and the student passes the module.

6 Use of Khan Academy in Pilot Sections
Identified two topics that are typically challenging for students in each Module. Selected a Khan Academy video for each topic. Each video replaces a page in the Module Workbook. Watching the video is not additional work for the student. Students are asked to write out the problem(s) that are worked out in each video. Students answer a short survey after each video. Students hand in completed work for each video. At semester end, Instructors tally number of videos watched and time spent watching videos for each participating student.

7 Khan Academy Pilot Sections
Fall and Spring Semesters: 2 Day sections on the Lowell Campus 1 Day section on the Bedford Campus 1 Evening section on the Bedford Campus 1 Saturday section on the Bedford Campus Summer semester:

8 MCC RAMP-Up Math Classroom
6 hexagonal pods with 6 computers per pod Faculty instructor and tutor embedded in each section 3 hours of class & 1 hour of lab per week Attendance is mandatory 30 students per section Also room for other students who want to make up missed classes or put in additional time

9 Benefits for Students Opportunity to complete the developmental sequence more quickly. More opportunity for one-on-one help. More active learning by students. Students do lots of problems in the course. Flexibility. Students can recover from set-backs more easily. Students start where they left off the previous semester.

10 Completion-Fall 2013 Succeeded means the student finished the modules equivalent to the course they would have been placed into in the previous developmental sequence. Exceeded means the student finished modules beyond those equivalent to the course they would have been placed into in the previous developmental sequence.

11 Completion Traditional Classroom vs. RAMP-Up

12 Persistence

13 Contact Information Bert Engvall Middlesex Community College 33 Kearney Square Lowell, MA 01854 (978)

14 Outcomes Based on Placement
Course Placement Fundamentals Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Total Dev Math Fall 2010 N Placed Succeeded* N % 724 381 53% 499 248 50% 521 311 60% 1744 940 54% RAMP-Up Fall 2011 N Placed Succeeded* N % 726 491 68% 481 120 25% 42 6 14% 1249 617 49% RAMP-Up Fall 2012 N Placed Succeeded* N % 811 562 69% 321 193 60% 18 3 17% 1150 758 66% * In this context, succeeded means the student finished the modules equivalent to the course they would have been placed in the previous developmental sequence.

15 Succeeders & Exceeders Fall 2012
Course Placement N Placement Succeeded (Passed 4 to 7 modules) Exceeded (Passed at least 8 modules) Overall % N % Fundamentals 811 357 44% 205 25% 69% Algebra 1 321 147 46% 46 14% 60% Algebra 2 18 3 17% ---- --- Total 1150 507 251 22% 66%

16 Student Quotes From Spring 2012 Survey
I really like the self-paced idea of this class! Traditional math classes can be so boring but This was great being able to work on my own. Very well organized course. I learned a lot from it, and I feel like the material was a lot easier to learn in this course rather than in a classroom setting. I was in this class for two semesters, and both professors were very helpful and pleasant to work with. I would rather a teacher actually teach this class than sit in front of a computer. I think not just myself but others would learn more and faster if it were taught in a classroom environment and there was classroom participation.

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