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EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 The Growing Importance of India as a Global Player in Business and its Social Relevance And Joint Ventures by Small Organizations.

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1 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 The Growing Importance of India as a Global Player in Business and its Social Relevance And Joint Ventures by Small Organizations by D.T.Barki January 25, 2006

2 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Creativity & Discipline Creative mind is more indulged on the end results, the destination Discipline is akin to the how to achieve, the journey Creativity and Discipline are two poles of a useful magnet Self and others

3 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 SWOT of India! India should be disciplined, otherwise, its creative force will be wasted India is highly diversified, and therefore versatile and vulnerable too India is and will remain important in the growing global scenario. Two reasons: Its vastness and ability to adapt to the changing needs of the modern times, and its outstanding creative manpower No TEAMWORK (Weakness and hence strength) Indian Software manpower – At its creative best! (The other pole is computer!) Potential Entrepreneur: But his bad approach makes him misfit

4 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 India as a global player Ancient wisdom Alexanders great and final journey Colonial race of British Monarchy & the Non-violence struggle of India India is the ultimate destination of NIRVANA (software) India is blessed with rich resources of minerals and manpower. But its diversity hinders the growth rate.

5 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 The Impediments India is in villages and it will cont. to be so Even the Indian town and cities Access to Coke or Mobile phones cannot be the barometers for modernization Convert villages into cities!? In the global perspective: Technological, social and political No generalized solution to India would work. (Our traffics represent our industrial status! Not just funny… Stress…Benz… Man-pulled rickshaw!) Its not just the advent of Technologies for global change- Local political & Bureaucratic system, Governance, And several social issues w.r.t extreme hunger and poverty

6 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Socio-economic Growth India boasts of technological independence with respect to nuclear energy, telecom and host of other technologies, but where are the mod technologies to effect overall social change across the country? Technology-savvy CM! (2 American Bills!) The state boasts of taking computers to 40% of the villages. But there are more than 65% villagers who are deprived of clean drinking water Technologies: to meet basic amenities and push the national economy up. Otherwise, India will not become a developed nation in the near future India provides huge market base for global operators. But it will welcome those who understand the Indian scenario well in the context of overall growth, not the skewed one.

7 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Part II: Joint Ventures by Small Organizations Indian Products are not generally accepted in intntl mkt (lack of intnl std & esthetic. Efficient but ugly!!) Also, Indian prod arent competitive in intnl mkt. Cater to the whole, you cater yourself too. Cater to yourself, you cater to none! Do it in abundance – Japan! Two ways of achieving it: Doing all alone (time consuming) Vs going for alliances (quick & assured results)

8 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Advantages of JV Complimentary, assured results, (good for small businesses with limited resources) Small businesses can secure resources they need to grapple with rapid changes in demand, supply, competition and other factors Flexibility to move on to different projects upon completion of the first, or restructure agreements to continue working together Joint ventures and other collaborative arrangements can inject partners with new ideas, access to new technologies, new approaches and new markets, all of which can help the involved businesses to grow. Indeed, establishing joint ventures with overseas firms has been hailed as one of the most potentially rewarding ways for companies to expand their operations. At times, some firms realize growth by acquiring other companies.

9 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Small Business & ElephANTology! Big or small: think big Ant has more legs – infrastre - than the Elephant SIZE of the dog in the fight, Vs size of the FIGHT in the dog! The small firms should build up their fighting strength by getting into joint ventures. Indian work force is good but requires aligning forces to reach their potential. Remember, an ant also measures six feet when its measured with its own feet!

10 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Social Entrepreneurship Small Enterprises preferred to bring in flat economy to effect healthy economy and to make poverty - truly a –history CSR, Kyoto Protocol (UNFCC) and MDG Sustainable development and small enterprises go together Finally, The singing boy in a train!? A social entrepreneur is the one who does not just give a fish to eat nor just teach how to fish. He will not rest until the whole fishing industry is revolutionalized!

11 EURISKO/PWS W-S/DTB/05-06 Thank you

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