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Campus Virtualization Initiative Dave Vernon Don Sevey Laurie Collinsworth Tom Knight (Hewlett Packard)

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1 Campus Virtualization Initiative Dave Vernon Don Sevey Laurie Collinsworth Tom Knight (Hewlett Packard)

2 Agenda Overview Approach The VM Services Advisory Board Services: Current and Planned Resources Industry Trends and Virtualization, Tom Knight, Hewlett-Packard 2

3 Overview Administrative Streamlining Program Infrastructure Virtualization –Objective: From Ted Dodd’s ITGC Presentation: “Reduce overall IT costs and risks, and improve service reliability and sustainability, by consolidating and virtualizing 80% of the distributed physical server infrastructure that is not related to research.” 3

4 Approach Partner and find savings Put services in most cost effective environment possible Options: service retirement, cloud VM services, community cloud services, central virtualization (Cornell cloud), central hosting services (e.g. LAMP), or stay on physical servers Cash for Clunkers incentives 4


6 Monthly not to exceed pricing includes backup: Up to 150 GB Disk Up to 500 GB Disk Up to 1000 GB Disk Up to 2GB Memory $105$147$207 Up to 4GB Memory $115$157$217 Up to 8GB Memory $135$177$237

7 VM Services Advisory Board Charge & Purpose Created by Ted Dodds. Charged with: –Helping to coordinate and communicate the infrastructure virtualization program with units and stakeholders across Cornell. –Providing feedback on VM services operational quality targets and service level agreements. –Providing feedback on prioritizing virtualization efforts. –Providing feedback on cost recovery strategies, funding models and rates. –Providing feedback on Cloud and Community Cloud resources, especially as pertains to policy, privacy, security and service architectures. 7

8 VM Services Advisory Board Approach Monthly board meetings. Quarterly meetings with Ted Dodds to share general perspectives about the successes and/or shortcomings of the larger infrastructure virtualization initiative. Full access to all CIT budgets, management reports, operational reports, meeting minutes and any other information that the board feels would assist them in carrying out their charge. 8

9 VM Services Advisory Board Membership Chair –Don Sevey, Student and Academic Services Members –Brian Cornell, College of Art, Architecture and Planning –Debra Howell, Facilities Management –Shari Kearl, College of Veterinary Medicine –Dean Krafft, Cornell University Library –Tim Lynch, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences –Randi Rainbow, College of Human Ecology –Laura Robinson, Industrial & Labor Relations, Hotel and JGSM –Frank Strickland, College of Arts and Sciences –Scott Yoest, Computing & Information Science and College of Engineering Ex officio members –Craig Adams, University Audit –Celisa Manly, Program Communication & Coordination –Dave Vernon, Program Director for Infrastructure Virtualization 9

10 Services – Current and Planned CIT –Active Directory –Email –Backup –Central hosting (Brio, LAMP, Oracle ) –Virtual Machine Onboarding –NAS File Services (Planned) Internet2 cloud 10

11 How to engage the Onboarding team Laurie Collinsworth (, 255-8305) Brian Messenger (, 255-1558) Laurie and Brian will work with your unit to form a virtualization team with expertise and skills matched to your unit's individual needs. There is no cost to engage this service. 11

12 Onboarding Steps 1. Initial meeting with Laurie and Brian. 2. Department creates initial inventory of servers / services. 3. Triage meeting to talk about options for each item in the inventory. 4. Create a timeline to meet department goals. 5. Split into sub teams to work on Active Directory migration, hosting options, or virtualization of servers. 12

13 Active Directory Migration Functional improvements and hardware savings. Additional AD based services such as CA. Additional resources to help departments plan and implement the migration (CIT & consultants). 13

14 CIT Hosting options CIT Hosting Brio-Hyperion ColdFusion Fedora LAMP Oracle Static Web uPortal Cloud Hosting in the works 14

15 CIT Virtualization Facilities –2 independent datacenters, raised floor, UPS, generators, regulated environment. –2 external internet paths in 2 datacenters, 2 redundant network routers, 2 tiers of networks switches. –Fiber Channel SAN with independent disk arrays in each datacenter, NAS (NFS, CIFS) cross-building. –NOC, 7X24 human intervention, alert escalation. 15

16 CIT Virtualization System Administration –7X24 SysAdmin on-call, incident response. –Configuration planning, Performance consulting, troubleshooting. –Hardened, standardized OS install, automatic OS patching, anti-virus protection, backups. –Monitoring of environment, network, SAN, OS, hardware infrastructure (VMware, HP blades), Central logging. 16

17 CIT Virtualization Enterprise Services –High Availability: Vmware, load balancers, Sun/MS/Oracle clustering. –Security: firewalls, 2-factor authentication, security scanning, UDCI, environments for PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, FISMA in the works. Conform to University policies on confidential data. –Disaster Recovery: 2 datacenters, independent Vmware clusters, NAS data duplication, additional backup copy at Weill. –Cloud Services: Internet2 cloud, public cloud options. 17

18 Resources Infrastructure Virtualization Initiative – 18

19 HP Presents 19

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