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Agricultural Business Tools 1 Name Shaun Ferris and Deepak Jannu s: ;

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1 Agricultural Business Tools 1 Name Shaun Ferris and Deepak Jannu Emails: ; Company size: CRS - 4000 employees, 70 countries, Techno Brain - 800 employees, 15 countries Profit - Techno Brain : Non profit - CRS Farmbook

2 Why Farmbook? Farmbook is designed to provide Farmer facing business planning tools To support our work in “Value Chains for Vulnerable Farmers”. Provides a systematic process that helps field agents and farmers to improve decision making about food and financial security: Helping field agents and farmers to monitor productivity gains and measure support to food security Helping farmers to develop business plans and measure costs, income streams and profits within local and national markets 2

3 What does Farmbook do? Register farmer groups Assess profitability Develop and maintain business plan Generate reports Collect information on farmers e.g. household and land sizes Register individual farmers within farmer groups Gather production cost information for specific products Estimate gross margin based on product pricing Produce a business plan for a specific product. Gather and capture information as a target for sales, product attributes, market strategy, target market, a profitability analysis and a basic implementation plan Generate printable reports on profitability assessment and business planning outcomes to be handed to farmers at project levels Generate revenue reports at a cross project level CURRENT FARMBOOK CAPABILITIES Identification of products with market opportunities Upgrade of production system to meet market needs Develop business plan and an implementation plan Facilitate collective sale of produce to identified buyers Assess profitability of marketing strategies Use results from one season to improve marketing activities in subsequent seasons ENABLES 3

4 Project manager Project staff GenderNutrition Project staff Farmer Groups 5000 + Theme managers CRS Project Field staff Local Partners Field Extension Agents 200 + Current management and information structures Partner Staff Finance, productivity, marketing Partner Staff


6 Operating Model CRS Local Implementation Partners Techno Brain PARTNERSHIP Strong agriculture methodology Skill building through training Ability to work closely with farmers through of understanding of local cultures Enhancement of product to provide more functionality Provide a stable technical platform We want to adopt a partnership model for Farmbook to ensure long term sustainability that will benefit local partners and primarily the target farmers we serve 6 TO SERVE Target farmers who: Produce on farms of two to five acres of land Do not own mechanized tools Use limited inputs Are not well organized Have no formal financial links nor opportunistic trading relationships with buyers

7 Roadmap 7  Register farmer group  Analyze profitability  Develop & Maintain Business Plan  Generate Reports  Farm logs, to record training & assets delivered  Skills acquisition assessments  Production scheduling  More than one agricultural crop product  Non-crop products  Link to impact survey analyses  New languages Developed in-house by CRS Developed as a commercial product by a TechnoBrain CURRENT RELEASE SUBSEQUENT RELEASE Together with a technology partner, we envision to deliver additional capabilities within Farmbook to fully support an entire project lifecycle

8 Business Model There are various sustainable business models for Farmbook:

9 Techno Brain Overview Trained more than 100, 000 people including Government and Corporate Executives Capacity Building: Hire, train & employ fresh local talent across locations Introduced Employee Exchange Program between India Development Center & Africa Started operations in 1997 by setting up state-of-the-art IT Training Center at Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Expanded operations to Kenya & Uganda by setting up IT Training centers Inception (1997 - 2002) Set up a Research & Development center in East Africa Started offering ICT Solutions in the Africa region Expanded business operations across West, East, South & Central Africa Set up training centers in Ethiopia and Malawi Strategic Move (2003 - 2008) Started operations in USA Setup an office in UAE Global Expansion (2009 - 2011) Set up a Software Development Center In Hyderabad, India Started New Business Operations: BPO / ITES Set up a Software Development Center in Nairobi, Kenya

10 Current Operations: 13 Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi Mozambique, South Africa, UAE, India, USA, UK New Expansions: 14 South Sudan, Congo, Angola, Burundi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mali Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin Geography / Location

11 Reference Clients NSSF TanzaniaKEPHISMalawi Local Government Uganda Revenue Authority Tanzania Police Force PUBLICPUBLIC Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa UNDPFamily Health International Kick Start International Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre NGONGO Chemi & CotexKenya Airways Serengeti Breweries BERCOPepsi Co PRIVATEPRIVATE

12 Case Study QUICK FACTS Organization  Name: Tobacco Control Commission, Malawi  Location: Lilongwe, Malawi  Industry: Public Sector  Products / Services: Growers Registration  Revenue: N/A  Employees:200+  Website: Challenges and Needs The Tobacco Control Commission Malawi wanted to implement a Smart card based Tobacco grower’s registration system and hired Techno Brain for implementing such a system Solution The implemented solution consisted of the following: A web based application connecting all the regional offices of TCC with a centralized database. A terminal application running on a handheld small device, capable of carrying out registration, renewal and capturing of finger prints for ordinary members at district field sites. A GPS device integration, which captures and stores the GPS co-ordinates of the tobacco growing fields for the purpose of identifying duplicated field registrations. An offline Grower Finger Print Identification system, to identify multiple registrations by the same grower. The storage of all the related information will be done in a centralized Database. Scalable to add new offices, new users, new handheld devices and integrate with other external systems with minimum change and effort Benefit Accuracy and accountability to tax collection. Improved control and information flow between departments. Increased overall functionality and improved organizational performance.

13 Future Working Relations CRS is a humanitarian development organisation seeking software solutions that improves our service efficiency, quality, scale. TechnoBrain is a technology company seeking to help clients deploy existing software solutions and craft new solutions to meet client needs. This partnership is seeking to build new opportunities to design and deploy solutions in a more sustainable manner. 13

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