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1 #gearupgirl @gearupgirl @bicyclensw @sophiebartho


3 7% of Australian women use a bicycle for transport. Heart Foundation Women and Cycling Survey 2013


5 Gearing up to shift the gender imbalance

6 More males ride than females and the imbalance is more pronounced with age 55% of Women On Bikes Survey 2 respondents indicated that they don’t have access to safe on road facilities 52% of women ride on their own, and would like access to women who ride at the same level 3 1 in 5 women felt uncomfortable riding outdoors due dealing with traffic and the perception for the required apparel 3 Challenges to cycling for women 1.ABC National Cycling Strategy 2013 2.Cycling Australia Women’s Stakeholder fndings 2013 3.Heart Foundation Women and Cycling Survey 2013

7 Riding does not provide the capacity to transport children Heart Foundation Women and Cycling Survey 2013

8 3 in 5 adults are overweight or obese = 12 million people 1 in 4 children are overweight or obese and these rates are rising 80% of our children aged 5-17, not getting enough exercise Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card recognised the direct link that fewer children are walking or riding to school Bicycle riding will be an essential part of Australia’s future We need more women riding

9 More bums on bikes

10 Events – love your ride

11 Nickers or no nickers – that is the question!

12 Ambassadors

13 Role Models

14 Inspiration

15 80% very or extremely valuable in encouraging everyone to ride more often.

16 Gear Up Girl participants “who cycle daily” have more than doubled

17 58% they would cycle more as a result of the ride



20 Leadership

21 “Being on my bike is better than sitting next to some drunk on the train…and I can cycle in heels!"

22 Heart disease is the No.1 killer of Australian women




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