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L IBRARY –U P D ATE Library Committee March 11 th 2014.

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1 L IBRARY –U P D ATE Library Committee March 11 th 2014

2 LAMB L IBRARY C URRENT C APACITY  3 libraries:  2 at Missouri (basement and Upper level hallway)  1 at SD (A small room assigned as library)  Formal weekly library program (read aloud and book loan) for primary classrooms in both campuses  Elementary students can check out books for casual reading  Run completely by parent volunteers

3 G OAL 1 –L IBRARY A UTOMATION Our libraries (in both locations) are arranged by categories but have no electronic inventories. Also, due to its small size only the broadest of LOC subject headings are used for categories. Library automation would: 1. Provide better inventory and control of the book collection 2. Allow us to see what books are in the library, the # of copies and at which campus 3. Create more efficient check-in/check-out process: will replace index cards as each student will have a LAMB library card that will be scanned at check-in/out

4 LAMB LIBRARY CATEGORIES ARE :  Picture books  Fine Arts (sub-categories: Music, Drama, and Visual Arts);  Science (7 sub-categories for Elementary: Weather, Human Body, Outer Space, Animals, Ocean Life, Dinosaurs, Environment/Earth Science)  Poetry  Story Collections  Biography (Elementary)  History (Elementary)  Folk Tales  Culture  Basic Concepts (Primary) Spanish books have orange stickers

5 G OAL 2—B OOK A CQUISITION Our book collection does not currently reflect LAMB’s goal for bilingual literacy. We have a much smaller collection of books in Spanish compared to books in English. By looking at our inventory and identifying our greatest needs, we can develop a book acquisition plan that would: 1. Better support bilingual literacy 2. Enhance our current library and create a process for integrating new books that spark student interest

6 G OAL 3—H IRE A P/T L IBRARIAN Our libraries are currently run by several parent volunteers with limited central oversight or management. Having a librarian would allow us to: 1. Have one person charged with overseeing and maintaining the library system 2. Designate a point person to manage a library budget and create acquisition plans to continuously improve the libraries

7 D ESCRIPTION OF W HERE W E A RE  We have purchased Alexandria library software to catalog and organize our books  Training on the library software was conducted and included parents from both campuses  We visited the Oyster library and met with the librarian who explained her system and shared lessons learned from a bilingual education perspective  Cristina has started a book wish list  Job description for a P/T Librarian was drafted  Book fairs are being planned to help support our library

8 N EXT S TEPS FOR G OAL 1 Goal 1-Library Automation  We need to scan and create labels for our current books  Oyster librarian recommended we get the book LOC Subject Headings for Children which has been ordered to help refine our categorization system  We need to re-shelf libraries based on a new organization following the recommendations of Oyster librarian and reflecting a more refined system

9 N EXT S TEPS FOR G OALS 2 & 3 Goal 2-Book Acquisition  Set goals for the number of books we need to have in English and Spanish comprehensive collection  Develop a list of books we want to purchase  Develop a budget for books in English and Spanish Goal 3-Hire a P/T Librarian  Develop a budget for a P/T Librarian  Complete job description  Recruit good candidates

10 H OW C AN P ARENTS H ELP ? 1. Sign-up to help with library time for Primary students to read and help students check-in/out books (both campuses use sign-up genius) 2. Donations of new or gently used books in Spanish and English are always welcome and can be dropped off at the front desk of either campus. We "Donated by..." labels that are put in the books. 3. Scan books 4. Reshelf and weed books 5. Manage library wish list or provide your suggestions 6. Support book fairs/events  Politics and Prose book fair, September 20 Chair: Kerri Poore  Bookworm Central book fair, Late Nov./early Dec. (date TBD, in coordination with Oyster Book Fair and LAMB PTO)  Literacy Night (TBD)

11  Q and A

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