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Murder at Notre Dame: The Football Stadium Narrated by Mr. Azar.

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1 Murder at Notre Dame: The Football Stadium Narrated by Mr. Azar

2 The Low Down Nevin Longenecker was murdered on the football field during the run through for his honorary doctorates from Notre Dame. This gruesome murder is being investigated by 3 teams. These teams are the foremost experts in the field of DNA fingerprinting. YOU are a member of one of these teams!

3 DNA Fingerprinting This technique is relatively new to the field of Biology. The concept behind the procedure is looking at specific sequences of DNA base pairs between a sample DNA segment and possible suspects DNA samples. Normally the entire DNA sequence is started with and then cut with restriction enzymes to isolate specific sequences to compare.

4 Suspects There are 3 suspects who have been identified for this particular murder: Suspect 1: Dr. V Suspect 2: Charlie Weiss Suspect 3: Mike Brey

5 Forensic Procedures 1)Construct DNA – each member of team is responsible for a specific persons sample. 2)Use Restriction Enzymes – cut DNA at sites identified by NoRoI and NoRoII. 3)Use Gel Electrophoresis – use template gel and separate DNA segments by base pair size.

6 Forensic Procedures 4)Denature DNA – Separate double strands into single strands. 5)Radioactive Probes – Create probes and identify place on DNA strands. 6)Autoradiography – Record the location of the radioactive probes. 7)WHO DID IT??

7 Discussion Ideas and thoughts.... Demo model No H bonds no 5 3 Build only 1 strand Different dna for each table Mark/identify the 3 5 bead to avoid flipping Transcription or translation Green should be guanine Sticky notes, as replacing the beads

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