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Can Nuclear Power Meet the Challenge

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1 Can Nuclear Power Meet the Challenge
U C Muktibodh Executive Director (Engg.) NPCIL 6th Nuclear Energy Conclave, New Delhi 14 Oct. 2014

2 Can Nuclear Power Meet the Challenge ?

3 NPCIL Plants Performance





8 Present Status of Nuclear Power
CUMULATIVE CAPACITY(MW) CAPACITY (MW) REACTOR TYPE AND CAPACITY 20 reactors (18 PHWRs+2BWR) , ,780 PHWR Projects under construction , ,980 KAPP-3&4 (2x700 MW) RAPP-7&8 (2x700 MW) GHAVP-1&2 (2x700 MW) PWR projects under advanced stage of , ,980 completion : KK-1&2 (2x1000 MW) PWR projects under Construction , ,980 KK-3&4 (2x1000 MW) PFBR under construction at ,480 Kalpakkam (1 X 500 MW) 8

9 Nuclear Capacity - Planned
2 x 700 MW PHWR : Chutka, MP 2 x 700 MW PHWR : Kaiga, Karnataka 4 x 700 MW PHWR : Mahi-Banswara, Rajasthan 2 x 700 MW PHWR : Gorakhpur, Haryana (Additional Units) 4 x 700 MW PHWR : Bhimpur, MP 2 x 1000 MW LWR : Kudankulam, TN (Additional Units) 6 x 1650 MW LWR : Jaitapur, Maharashtra 6 x 1500 MW LWR : Kovvada, AP 6 x 1100 MW LWR : Mithi Virdi,Gujarat 6 x 1000 MW LWR : Haripur, WB 2 X 500 MW FBR : Kalpakkam, TN 1 X 300 AHWR : Site being identified

10 Implementation of this large capacity build-up requires equity support from the Government

11 Implementation Aspects

12 PHWR Programme Standardised design of 700 MWe plant having enhanced safety features, including post-Fukushima upgrades Seismic designs for rock sites and soil sites Plant detailed engineering in digitised form

13 Stages in Nuclear Power Project Implementation
CRITICALITY Power Operation Engineering Pre-project Activities Financial Sanction In-principle approval Procurement Construction & Commissioning 4 to 6 Years 1 to 2 Years 6 To 7 Years 11 To 15 Years Land Acquisition MoEF Clearance Geological & Seismo-tectonic studies Siting Clearance Site-specific seismic parameters Supply of Major Equipment

14 What needs to be done… Reduce time for pre-project activities
Encourage and support the National Institutes to carry out geological & seismo-tectonic studies in a time bound manner Expeditious land acquisition – Government support Policy decision on advance procurement of long-delivery equipment for the projects approved in-principle Financial support from Government The programme needs to be implemented in a National mission mode.

15 Thank You

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